subsaharan africa. africa is one of the largest continents most sparsely populated and least visited...

Download Subsaharan Africa. Africa is one of the largest continents Most sparsely populated and least visited Totals 11,685,000 square miles Size handicaps development

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  • Subsaharan Africa
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  • Africa is one of the largest continents Most sparsely populated and least visited Totals 11,685,000 square miles Size handicaps development of transportation and communication linkages
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  • Subsaharan Africa Tourism in Africa is limited 3 regions attract significant world tourism, East Africa (principally Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mauritius), West Africa (Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast) and Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland)
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  • Subsaharan Africa Land of poverty, with the lowest per capita incomes in the world $100 a year or less is the norm Low literacy rates, high rates and death rates, high infant mortality rates
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  • Physical characteristics Elevations of 650 feet to 6,500 feet True lowlands, form sea level to about 300 feet Divided into low-level plateaus High level plateaus is the Rift Valley system of East Africa, which stretches from southeast Africa to the Jordan River Valley of the Middle East
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  • Physical characteristics Lowland Africa rarely exceeds 2,000 feet in elevation River systems of the Congo and the Niger as well as the major part of the drainage of the Nile
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  • Climate Patterns Characterized by too much, too little, or poorly timed precipitation Daytime temperatures average between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, and daily ranges exceed 15 degrees
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  • Climate Patterns North and South of the tropical savanna lands is transition zone of steppe climate Transitional region immediately south of the Sahara Desert is known as the Sabel, where the worlds attention has been focused because of recurring drought and related human suffering for the past two decades
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  • Climate Patterns Deserts are characterized by temperature extremes, limited precipitation and isolated settlements Recorded the worlds highest official temperatures of 136 degrees Fahrenheit
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  • Climate Patterns In southeastern and southwestern Africa, increased elevation of influence from prevailing winds creates areas of subtropical climate similar to the Southeastern US
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  • Tourism in Africa Least developed and least visited region of tourism in the world General lack of a strong tourist industry in Africa Regions long distance from the major tourist-generating countries of the world and the limited connectivity between North America, Europe and Africa
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  • Tourism in Africa Direct connectivity into some countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa; but for the region as a whole, transportation is poor and infrequent
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  • West Africa Countries include e.g. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sierra Leone etc Official languages and some African languages e.g. French, English, Congo, Nigerian, Mina, are spoken in each of the countries
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  • Tourism Characteristics Senegal and Ivory Coast are the major beneficiaries of tourism to the region Transit area connecting North and South America and Europe with many African countries Ivory Coast has the best tourist infrastructure, with fine restaurants and good hotels
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  • Tourism Characteristics Nigeria and Ghana experienced a significant increase in the number of tourists they received during the 1990s. France, a former colonial power in the region is the dominant market for the region French visitors are the largest European group of tourists
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  • Tourism Characteristics Exceptions are Gambia and Nigeria, where Germany and the UK are important sources for visitors
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  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions Focal point of tourism on the Ivory Coast is its beautiful beaches set amid plantations and picturesque fishing village Abidjan, the capital, is a colonial town providing attractions, such as the IFAN museum, the public market, and an interesting African sector
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  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions Senegal is a hub for international flights and also offers beautiful beaches Capital, Dakar, has a number of interesting museums e.g. House of Slaves on the island of Goree and a French town similar to that in New Orleans or St Louis
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  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions Finest game reserves in West Africa with a variety of wildlife and good accommodations Nigeria suffers from overcrowding, poor sanitation, and high prices in its cities, but those who visit the capital, Lagos, will find a museum of African art, the Museum of Nigerian Antiquities and one of the largest markets of Africa
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  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions Togo, near the Ivory Coast, has a tourist trade similar to Nigeria Serious attempt to improve its tourist business and draws heavily form the neighbors of Ghana and Nigeria Other countries of West Africa receive only a small number of tourists
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  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions Most countries have good beaches and their people illustrate African tribal culture, but lack of facilities and promotion combine with political unrest to prevent significant growth in their tourist trade


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