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  • STRAY THOUGHTS Spring Newsletter 2016

    The SICSA Pet Adoption Center | 2600 Wilmington Pike, Kettering OH 45419

    18 DOGS RESCUED FROM GEORGIA SICSA typically transfers dogs from regional animal shelters. However, our intake team recently received an urgent message from a county shelter in Georgia. The shelter was overcrowded with 3 to 4 dogs crammed in each kennel, most at risk of euthanasia. “We knew we had to take action immediately to save as many lives as possible,” explained Renee Grant, SICSA’s Dog Intake and Enrichment Specialist. Renee quickly compiled a list of dogs to rescue and arranged to meet a Georgia volunteer in Lexington, KY to make the transfer.

    Tragically, several dogs from Renee’s original list were euthanized due to space needs before we even had the chance to save their lives. She then identified additional dogs and worked hard to get them here as quickly as possible. It was a long journey for the dogs, but the SICSA team brought them back to Kettering that evening and made them safe and comfortable. All but one of the dogs (Diamond, pictured below) have been adopted. This is a reminder of how much SICSA is needed and the difference we make in our community.


    Slumber parties take some stress out of the adoption process. If you’re unsure an animal will be a good fit, get along well with your other pets, or cause allergy problems, you can take a dog or a cat home overnight before committing to the adoption. Contact us for more information at 937-294- 6505, or read more on SICSA’s blog:

    SICSA is now offering exciting birthday party packages that include a variety of unique options for your “Party Animal”.

    Packages can include gourmet cupcakes, party favors, pizza, face painting, a photo booth, and more! Visit for details.


    You can help SICSA care for animals like these with your donation. Visit to learn about the many ways you can make a difference for homeless pets.


    NORA’S NOTES As I write this, the temperatures are dropping below freezing, with wind chill taking us into negative numbers. This time of year has me, and others in the animal welfare community, constantly worried about many of our furry friends. Dogs who were never provided proper training are relegated to outdoor pens and makeshift dog houses. You see them shivering and pawing at bowls with frozen water. Cats, born from parents who were not spayed and neutered, and allowed to roam freely, foraging for food and warmth underneath patios and sheds. While we are able to help some of these unfortunate souls, there are many who go unnoticed and unassisted.

    Avoidable with quality humane education and prevention such as spaying, neutering and basic housetraining, these pets suffer unnecessarily. Friends, we made great strides in 2014 and 2015 with animal rescue and adoption. The grim news, however, is that there is much still to do. We won’t stop trying to prevent animal homelessness, but we cannot do any of it without your help: Spay/Neuter. Adopt. Volunteer. Donate. You will find many ways to help throughout these pages, and on our website and social media outlets. Please help us bring these babies, literally, in from the cold.

    LIFT YOUR LEG & HELP HOMELESS PETS Please join us at our annual Lift Your Leg! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Centerville High School. Each year, over 1,200 people and their dogs join together in support of animals in need. Lift Your Leg helps thousands of animals annually by raising critical funding for their care and adoption.

    Participants can choose between 10K, 5K, and a 1 mile course. Before and after the race, experience our Vendor Village of supporting businesses. There will also be fun human and furry friend contests you can participate in while you’re awaiting course awards.

    Online registration opens March 21! You may register individually or as a team, and there are lots of terrific prizes for our top fundraisers. Teams of 6 or more receive a free upgrade to an athletic performance t-shirt, a $5 value per participant. Register by May 25 to guarantee an event t-shirt. Fees are $30 for adults (13+) and $15 for youth (12 and under). For more information, please visit

    18 / 19MARCH Spring Bazaar

    04 JUNE Lift Your Leg

    16 JULY Chip, Dip & Cheer Dog Wash

  • FRIGHTENED FELINE REHABILITATED Jean Pierre was one of four cats recently surrendered to us by his owner. The owner was diagnosed with an illness and was no longer able to care for her cat family. Three of the cats adjusted quickly at SICSA, but Jean Pierre was terrified.

    Not only would he not let anyone near him, he hid most of the time in the top of a cat tree in Feline Flat, our free roam cat room. Volunteers and staff implemented a behavior modification and training plan with Jean Pierre for several weeks.

    JULY Chip, Dip & Cheer Dog Wash

    16 SEPT The Cat’s Meow

    15 OCT Red Dog Racers Auction

    2 / 3 DEC Holiday Bazaar

    04 DEC A Night to Remember

    We love hearing from you!


    #SICSAVisit to see how your donations helped save lives in 2015!

    explained Becca Millis, SICSA’s Cat Intake and Enrichment Specialist. Thanks to our donors, Jean Pierre received the time and rehabilitation he needed to become adoptable and found his forever home in February.

    “This frightened cat needed time to be rehabilitated. In any other shelter, he may have been euthanized because they don’t have the time or the resources for rehabilitation,”

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