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We have prepared a presentation introducing some aspects about how to engage employees.


  • 1. Strategies to EngageEmployees

2. Strategies to Engage EmployeesIntroduction When you're starting abusiness, it is important to beprepared to deal with someunexpected obstacles. However, the moment you addemployees into the mix, thatchallenge increases manytimes over. 3. Strategies to Engage EmployeesWhat is an engaged employee? An engaged employee is aperson who is fully involvedin, and enthusiastic about, hiswork: Inspired by - I want to do this! Committed - I am dedicated tothe success of what I am doing! Fascinated - I love what I amdoing! 4. Strategies to Engage EmployeesDoes engagement really make a difference? It seems obvious that engagedemployees are more productive thantheir disengaged counterparts. A recent psychological researchconcluded that: Employee satisfaction and engagementare related to meaningful businessoutcomes at a magnitude that isimportant to many organizations. 5. Strategies to Engage EmployeesImportant A U.S. specialty mortgage banking company, found thataccount executives in the wholesale division who wereactively disengaged produced 28 percent less revenuethan their colleagues who were engaged. 6. Strategies to Engage EmployeesImportant Today, there is widespreadagreement among academicsand practitioners that engagedemployees are those who areemotionally connected to theorganization and cognitivelyvigilant. 7. Strategies to Engage EmployeesThe good news The good news is thatthere are some simplestrategies you can do toensure that your peopleare fully involved in,dedicated to, andenthusiastic about theirwork. 8. Strategies to Engage Employees01 Set up a positive partnership The best way to motivate youremployees is to create a positivepartnership. Treat each employee as avaluable member of your team,and give them the autonomy tomake decisions and do their workas they believe it is the best way. 9. Strategies to Engage Employees02 Involve your staff Involve your staff more deeplyin your company by invitingthem to join different activitiesand cross-functional teams. Such opportunity will helpthem to develop a strongbusiness awarenessregarding your company. 10. Strategies to Engage Employees03 Provide information about your company Be as transparent with your people asyou can be, in terms of providinginformation on how the companymakes and loses money. When your employees understand yourcompany main goals and theircontribution, they will view themselvesas an important, vital piece of thepuzzle. 11. Strategies to Engage Employees04 Provide feedback on performance Regularly set aside time to tell yourpeople what they are doing rightand point out any areas forimprovement. Its important that employees feelthey are supported by you and theorganization. 12. Strategies to Engage Employees05 Keep promises Never make a promise you cantkeep, and when you do make apromise, no matter how small itmight be, be sure to followthrough with it. If you arent certain that you willbe able to follow through on apromise, then dont make it. 13. Strategies to Engage Employees06 Create a positive work environment A workplace that is trusting,open and fun will be the mostproductive and successful. Be open to new ideas andsuggestions that come fromyour employees, and showthem that their voices are beingheard. 14. Strategies to Engage Employees07 Thank your employees A sincere thank-you for a job welldone can be a powerful motivator forcontinued success and is anessential tool for every manager. Thank your employees personallyand promptly when you catch themdoing something right. 15. Strategies to Engage Employees08 Make sure your employees have everything Ask each of your staff member: "Do you have everything youneed to be as competent as youcan be?" Remember, just asmarketplace and customerneeds can change daily, so canyour employees' needs. 16. Strategies to Engage EmployeesOur main sources Thank you Websites: Peter Economy: JoAnna Brandi: Holly G Green: 17. Feel free to send us an e-mail.Our Website:www.licoreis.comOur de Paula Lico JniorSkype:roberto.licoStrategies to Engage EmployeesOur Business Contacts