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Discover how to use vitamin c to quit smoking and stay smoke-free.


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2. Introduction There is no doubt about the fact that VitaminC plays a pivotal role during smokingcessation. The big question however is; howexactly does Vitamin C help quit smoking? Idiscuss the answer in this slide. Enjoy it! 3. What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitaminfound in foods including fruits and vegetables.Its called a water-soluble vitamin because itdissolves in water and cannot be stored in thebody. Unlike most animals and mammals,human beings do not have the capacity tocreate their own vitamin C. It must thereforebe obtained through our diet for the body togain access to it. 4. Rich Sources of Vitamin C Black Currant Kiwi Fruit Peppers Lemon Broccoli Sweet Lime Sweet potatoes 5. Rich Sources of Vitamin C(2) Guava Avocado Spinach Blackberry Cranberry Grape Mango Pawpaw 6. How is Vitamin C Beneficial to the Body? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, isbeneficial to the body in many ways. Its apowerful antioxidant with progressively morevaried uses in health and well-being as well asdisease prevention. This was attested to by a recent study co-ordinated by Mark Moyad, of the University ofMichigan and made available in Seminars inPreventive and Alternative Medicine. 7. How is Vitamin C Beneficial to the Body?(2) The study, which examined over 100 researches in thespace of 10 years, concluded that Vitamin C is useful indefending our health, from cancer, cardiovasculardiseases, stroke, eye diseases and protection to livelonger and healthier. For starters, we require vitamin C for the maintenanceand formation of bones, skin and blood vessels. This isbecause Vitamin C is involved in the formation ofCollagen, an important protein that joins the skeletonin one piece, connecting bones to muscles and holdingorgans in place. Collagen also helps to keep the skinsmooth and without wrinkles. Experts say collagenmakes up 1% to 2% of muscle tissue. 8. Fights Common Cold There is overwhelming evidence that VitaminC fights and prevents common cold. Since thedays of Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prizewinner, who discovered that Vitamin C couldprevent and treat colds, till now, Vitamin C hasbeen indicated for the treatment andprevention of common cold. 9. Improves Mood Recent research links vitamin C to an improvedmood. In a study of intensely hospitalizedpatients that have vitamin C deficiency,researchers observed an improvement in theiremotional state after they received vitamin C. Even though more research is needed to establishthis claim, its understandable that Vitamin C canlead to an improved mood as people who haveVitamin C deficit regularly feel exhausted ordejected. 10. Prevents scurvy A lack of vitamin C in the daily diet can lead toscurvy. Scurvy is a form of avitaminosis that ischaracterized by surface bleeding, shakyteeth, weak blood vessels, poor healing andimmunity as well as a mild form of anaemia.Avitaminosis, according to Wikipedia, is acondition resulting from a deficiency of one ormore particular vitamins. 11. Facilitates the Absorption of Iron Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that isutilized in many tissues of the body. Itfacilitates the absorption of iron, a nutrientrequired for the production of red bloodcorpuscles and the movement of oxygenthroughout the body. It also helps inregulating the bodys capacity to soak up,convey, and stock up iron. 12. Helps in Fighting Cancer, Regulating Diabetes and Asthma Vitamin C has also been indicated to assist in fightingcancer, diabetes and asthma. This is attested to by LifeExtension Magazine which states matter-of-factly thatadditional research is discovering that vitamin C canbe helpful in preventing asthma, protecting againstcancer, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels indiabetics. It therefore urges that vitamin C be given a pride ofplace in individual diets to perk up cardiac health andavoid degenerative diseases or disorders (any diseasein which deterioration of structure or function of tissueoccurs). 13. Boosts Immunity Vitamin C leads the pack of immuneboosters. Immune boosters operate byincreasing the number of white cells in the bodyand training them to fight better. Boosters alsoassist to get rid of the dead cells in the immunesystem as well as elements that drag the bodydown. They (immune boosters) are able toachieve this by stimulating the production ofdisease-fighting white blood corpuscles andantibodies, which prevent the entry of viruses orillnesses into the body. 14. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases Vitamin C also lessens the threat ofcardiovascular disease according tothe University of Maryland Medical Center.Even though outcomes of scientific researcheson the role vitamin C plays in preventing heartattack or stroke are diverse, the fact stillremains that Vitamin C plays a vital role in theprevention of heart or cardiovascular diseases. 15. How Does Vitamin C Help Smokers? Smoking depletes the bodys supply ofVitamin C even though its needed to repairthe damage caused by smoking. A researcheven indicated that smokers have loweramounts of vitamin C in their bodies thannon-smokers. The recommended daily dosageis somehow controversial as its not unifiedbut the best thing is to talk to your doctor. 16. Vitamin C and Smokers Vitamin C has the capacity to decrease theharmful effects of poisonous cigarette smoke. Astudy conducted in year 2000 attests to this butconcludes that whilst vitamin C might offerprotection against some of the detrimentaleffects of occasional acute cigarette smokeexposure, the possibility that it might benefitchronic smokers, awaits investigation. * Vitamin C is has also 17. Vitamin C and Smokers(2) Vitamin C is has also been indicated to protectblood vessels, which might have becomedamaged by years of smoking. Cigarette smokingis identified as one of the causes of damage tothe blood vessels and this damage can lead tostroke and heart disease. But scientists have beenworking around the clock and discovered thatincreasing the levels of vitamin C in the bloodmight perk up function and capacity in bloodvessels that have been ravaged by years ofsmoking. 18. Vitamin C and Smokers(3) Vitamin C prevents the oxidative stress ordamage occasioned by smoking and contactwith tobacco or cigarette smoke. Oxidative stressoccurs when the body has too many free radicalsand not enough antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are molecules produced bythe body to assist the metabolic processes, likedigestion and the conversion of food into usableenergy. Even though useful for natural processes,an abundance of free radicals in the blood streamcan cause health problems. 19. Vitamin C and Smokers(4) Antioxidants, on the other hand, are used by thebodys defense or immune system to reverse thedamage caused by free radicals. Cigarette smoking or tobacco-chewing, simultaneously,accelerates the production of free radicals and thedepletion of vital antioxidants in the body. This is notgood for smokers as it leads to oxidative stress andthey are robbed of the health benefits of antioxidants.This is said to be the reason smokers contact a wholelot of diseases, including cardiovascular disease andcancer. 20. Vitamin C and Smokers(5) If you know the benefits of exercise forsmoking cessation and have chosen to engagein it as a substitute for your smokinghabit, Vitamin C will help you gain more fromexercise and decrease exercise-inducedoxidative damage or stress. Combinationof Vitamins C and E Can Protect Smokersfrom Cancer. To bring down their risk ofcontacting lung cancer, smokers have to quit,but Vitamin C supplements may help. 21. Vitamin C and Smokers(6) This is according to investigators at Oregon StateUniversity who discovered that ingesting athousand mg of vitamin C daily boosted defensivelevels of vitamin E in smokers lungs. In aresearch available in the February 15, 2006edition of Free Radical Biology and Medicine, theOregon researchers claimed that vitamin C coulddecrease the running down of one form ofvitamin E by 45%. They also established thatvitamin C assisted to protect the capacity andamount of vitamin E found in other parts of thebody. 22. Conclusion From the above, the role of Vitamin Cin smoking cessation can be said to beincontestable, so eat lots of fruits andvegetables rich in vitamin C. I really think itsbest to get the nutrient through naturalmeans but if you feel like taking supplements,talk to your doctor first. 23. Thank You for Reading For more incisive articles, please visit: