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Thank you for checking out my SlideShare. This was a portion of a project that I did in my Creative Strategy class. Disclaimer: I am not a designer, nor do I have aspirations of being one. My abilities are more suited for copywriting and planning. Also if you use any of this deck for your own project please at least leave a comment offering one piece of advice and one thing you liked most.


  • 1. R Y A N F A R R E L LW E B S T E R U N I V E R S I T YC R E A T I V E S T R A T E G YState of Missouri StopSmoking Initiative

2. About this deckThank you for checking out my SlideShare. This was aportion of a project that I did in my CreativeStrategy class.Disclaimer: I am not a designer, nor do I haveaspirations of being one. My abilities are more suitedfor copywriting and planning.Also if you use any of this deck for your own projectplease at least leave a comment offering one piece ofadvice and one thing you liked most. 3. Snug BriefState of Missouri Stop Smoking InitiativeTarget: Preteens/teensObjective: Reduce Smoking incidence of target by 30%Big Idea: Smoking is not only dangerous, it makes you lessattractive to friends, family, and the opposite sex.Rationale: Kids have tuned out the health risks of smokingand are less likely to change behavior based on aconsequence seen as distant. The immediate impact oflosing social status or appeal to the opposite sex willresonate more thoroughly with the target. 4. Outdoor Boards 5. Print AdsMimics a gossip situation where aformer interest and discuss yoursmoking habits. They do notapprove. 6. Banner Ads 7. 60 Second Radio Spot F/X - Slow sad classical music. Teen Girl- It happened just after his 15th birthday. We used tohave so much fun together. I would meet Justin in the gym everymorning before school just so we could see each other before class. Istill remember the way his favorite hoodie smelled when he wouldhug me as the bell rang. There was no place I would of rather been.Then one day, it was all taken away from me. F/X mumble Teen Girl Wait huh?...(music comes to a halt) Oh hes not dead.He just started smoking and now he smells gross. Its not fun alwaysbeing around someone who smells like smoke ALL THE TIME. Butits ok, Im going to the game with Timmy this weekend, he smellsamazing! V/O Smoking makes more than just your lungs disgusting. StopSmoking. Brought to you by the State of Missouri. For help quittinggo to 8. 30 Second Television SpotVideo AudioCamera starts on Billy sitting on the stairs outsideof his school.Fade in a camera phone picture of Billy andAmanda smiling and happy at the movie theatre.Fade back to Billy.Fade in a picture of Amanda at a Football gamesmiling.Cut abruptly to Billy looking confused.Cut to a picture of Amanda with a cigarette lookingaggravated that someone is taking a picture of her.Cut to a picture of an old truck.Cut back to Billy.Billy: Me and Amanda first met outside of themovie theatre. We had some of the same friendsand hit it off right away.Billy: I liked going to scary movies because shewould hold on to me when she was scared. What Iremember most is how good her hair smelled. I justhate that one little mistake could ruin all of that.Cameraman: mumbled questionBilly: No, no, no, there was no accident. She juststarted smoking cigarettes and Im not in to that.She smells like the inside of my grandpas old truck.Kid: (from a distance) Billy! Lets go. Pool party atStephanies moms house. 9. Cont.Video AudioBilly stands up, grabs his bag and runspassed the camera to his friends.Camera stays focused on the stairs andthe State of Missouri anti smoking logofades in.Fades out with Sorry guys. I gotta go.V/O: Smoking makes more than justyour lungs disgusting. Stop Smoking.Brought to you by the State of Missouri.For help quitting go 10. Non TraditionalThese are examples of content that would be pushed out on different socialnetworks such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. The idea is to generatebuzz around the hashtag #smokingisntcute and to get the online communityto start generating memes about the social consequences of smoking. Highlyshareable content delivered to an audience that loves to share. 11. Non TraditionalReplace copy with, Smokingstains your fingers yellow. Ittakes more than soap andwater to get it out.To be placed in thebathrooms of high schoolsand middle schools inMissouri.Cause bracelets sent out toschools upon request todistribute to their students.This is to develop opinionleaders and encouragedvoicing out against smoking.