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  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages


    Making a world o dierenceStansted Airport Sustainability Report 2010

  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages




    Message rom the Managing Director 3

    1. Independent assurance statement 5

    2. Managing sustainability at London Stansted Airport 9

    3. Perormance results 11

    4. Managing our carbon emissions 13

    5. Examples o what we do 15

    6. 2011 targets 21

    7. Data summary 23


    Stansted Airport

    is proud to hold

    both the ISO14001

    environmental accreditationand the Carbon Trust Standard

  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages


    Stansted Airport | Sustainability Report 2011 | August 2011 3

    Message rom the Managing Director

    I am delighted to introduce London Stansted Airports latestSustainability Report.

    This document sets out how we have perormed across a rangeo sustainability targets we set ourselves or 2010 and includesan independent external assurance review. The results o thisand eedback rom our stakeholders has shaped our 2011Sustainability targets.

    Our sustainability commitments are to:

    Enhance the local, regional and national economic andsocial benets o London Stansted

    Seek to prevent, reduce or oset London Stansteds eectson the environment and local communities, and work withour stakeholders to ensure that the airport plays its role inrespecting environmental limits

    Provide good conditions o employment, respect diversityand equal opportunity or all employees

    Provide a sae and secure airport or sta and passengers

    Demonstrate eective and ecient management oLondon Stansteds inrastructure and acilities.

    2010 was a challenging year or the business, as we respondedto the eects o the volcanic eruption in Iceland, sustainedchallenging economic conditions, new government policiesin the UK and the severe winter weather in both Januaryand December.

    Despite these challenges, at Stansted we have continued tomake positive steps on reducing our environmental impactsand engaging with the community to balance the needs orunning an international airport, whilst minimising the impact ithas on the communities surrounding the airport.

    We remain committed to operating the airport sustainably.We will be clear with both our business partners and localcommunities on our commitments as we have already set outin our ve year plans on the ollowing topics:



    Air Quality


    Surace Access

    During 2010, I was pleased to see the improvements we madeto deliver these strategies, making the airport more sustainable.

    Key highlights or me have been the introduction o thenew Stansted Express trains, the airport being re-accredited orthe ISO 14001 award and achieving the Carbon Trust Standardas well as our ongoing community related activities.

    I note with interest the comments made by our independentassurance auditors to this report and I am committed to takingtheir points on board to improve our work in 2011.

    I believe the key or London Stansted Airport and all ourstakeholders is improved partnerships with a view to work

    in collaboration.I hope you will enjoy reading this report.

    Nick BartonManaging Director, London Stansted Airport

  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages




    The targets in the

    Sustainability Report 2010

    demonstrate continuingprogress for London Stansted


  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages


    Stansted Airport | Sustainability Report 2011 | August 2011 5


    WSP Environment & Energy (WSP) were commissionedby Stansted Airport Limited (London Stansted) to conductan independent external assurance review o the targetscontained in the Sustainability Report 2010 and carbonootprint or 2010.

    The aim o this statement is to provide assurance tostakeholders, that the inormation provided by LondonStansted in the reporting inormation, is appropriate to thenature and activities o London Stansteds operations aswell as accurate, reliable, objective and has been validatedby an independent third party. This statement also providesverication o London Stansteds carbon ootprint.

    Our assurance responsibilityWSPs obligation is to London Stansteds stakeholders andreaders o this statement. WSP is responsible exclusively orthe contents o this statement and providing assurance overthe scope o data contained in the Sustainability Report 2010;specically key perormance indicators and targets, and carbonverication as detailed in the methodology.

    WSP has not been involved in the development o LondonStansteds Sustainability Strategy, Carbon Footprint orpreparation o any o the material included in the reportinginormation.

    Reporting criteria and assurance standardsWe perormed our work in accordance with WSPs assurance

    methodology which is based on the international assuranceand audit standards ISO19011, ISO14064:3 and AA1000AS.We also reerred to the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol andthe DEFRA/DECC Corporate GHG Reporting Guidance inconducting our assurance work.

    Assurance methodologyWSP undertook a review o the targets and key perormanceindicators included in the 2010 Sustainability report, excludingpassenger experience and economic development keyperormance indicators (KPIs). A review was undertaken othe data collection, collation and conversion actors used orthe carbon ootprint. O particular importance is to providethe assurance o materiality o the reporting inormation andengagement o stakeholders:-

    Materiality:The reporting inormation includes targets that are materialto the wide range o London Stansteds stakeholders and isconsidered by senior management in strategic developmentthrough the Sustainability Board.

    Inclusivity:The targets provide comprehensive coverage o key issuesand challenges acing the airport and the aviation sector andLondon Stansted have engaged a number o internal andexternal stakeholders within this process.

    Responsiveness to stakeholder concerns:Engagement with stakeholders is evidenced in meetingthe targets, with evidence o continuing collaboration withnumerous working groups and partnerships to address thesustainability challenges.

    Our assurance process included:

    Validation o all KPIs and sustainability targets inthe reporting inormation (excluding the passengerexperience and economic development)

    Validation o processes or data collection methods

    Validation o perormance including alignment with keymaterial risks and interviews with key personnel

    A sample based validation o sustainability practices

    Assessment o the carbon ootprint to ensure compliancewith the requirements o the GHG Protocol

    Comments on materiality, representation and whetherit meets GHG Protocol and ISO14064:1 and any errorsor omissions and associated risks.

    London Stansted provided access to records and datarequired and WSP is condent that no material inormationhas been withheld.

    In addition to this statement, an internal management reportwas produced or London Stansted. This provides urtherdetails on the outcomes o our assurance and the key ndingsare summarised in this statement.

    Independent assurance statement

  • 8/3/2019 STAL Sustainability Pages



    1Summary o

    key fndingsThe targets in the sustainabilityReport 2010 demonstrate

    continuing progress or LondonStansted in managing and reporting on

    corporate responsibility issues. Highlightsor 2010 include engagement with airlines

    to try new approaches to noise reduction, trialswith alternative uels or ground operations and

    signicant on going investment in the airports watermanagement inrastructure.

    London Stansted is disclosing the key issues, opportunitiesand challenges acing the business or each topic area,which includes reerence to the wider sustainabilitychallenges acing the aviation sector. The airport has matureand developed sustainability management systems andprogrammes which continue to address these challenges

    It is evident London Stansted is systematic in engagementwith stakeholders, using diverse media to engage variousgroups. Stansted has developed a series o actsheets tohelp the local community understand about how fights,the airport and other aircrat operate

    Overall London Stansted has achieved the majority o 2010targets as planned. For areas where targets have not beenachieved or where only some progress has been made,an explanation or justication or this is provided in theSustainability Report 2010

    Stansted has published a Noise Action Plan in line withGovernment requirements. Although Government planshave been delayed, Stansted continued to develop the planwhich sets out a key action plan which sets out a serieso measures to ensure noise levels at the airport and mostimportantly, those emanating rom aircrat on take o andapproach are minimised

    New measurement and data validation processeshave meant that the airport has identied errors in thedelivered energy reported in 2008. The sustainabilityreport includes an explanation o the issues identiedand the corrected data

    The carbon ootprint o the airport has been reviewed andveried and has been ound to provide a air representationo the GHG data. The ootprint has been developed in line

    with GHG protocol requirements and is developed aroundthe Operational boundary o the airport. We have identiedthat no errors or omissions are present that represent amaterial discrepancy o greater than 5%

    The airport has developed a detailed strategy to reducewaste at the airport. They have had some signicantsuccess in diverting waste rom landll, International oodwaste which is clas