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St Luke’s AcademyA New Beginning
14 years ago we started as Casa Dei Bambini Montessori school with 4 students, all the while staying true to the beliefs, theories and mission of Maria Montessori’s teachings.
Due to the need for a private primary school with an international curriculum to complement the syllabus as set by the Ministry Of Education on the West Coast and the dwindling demand for preschools for students up to 4yrs+, St. Luke's Academy was established in September 2016.
Toddler Class for student 2-3years
Our Toddler Class caters to students 2 years on or before August 31st up to 3+ years.
Students will transfer to the Montessori Class the September after they turn 3 years old.
Montessori Class for students 3 to 6 years
We have a complete Montessori Classroom with all of the authentic AMI equipment in Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematic, Language, Music, Botany, Zoology, Geography & Culture activities.
Our Toddler Playground Equipment
Primary Classes Playground Equipment
Physical Education Uniforms
Sports Mascot Our Sports Mascot is the winged bull as he symbolises St. Luke
About Us
Our Vision
Is to nurture the academic as well as holistic development of our students within a safe, healthy and richly stimulating environment, always inspiring excellence .
We strive for each student to find continued joy in learning, while improving self-discipline, critical thinking and planning skills. Throughout it all, we aim for our students to learn a deep respect for their classmates, teachers and to develop a commitment to participating in in the community of the classroom, the school, our island and the world, all with the support of our Christian environment.
Our Mission
We believe that getting the right answers is, ultimately, less important than learning how to ask the right questions, think through problems and adjust to changing situations, enabling our students to become critical thinkers!!
The Class Structure at St Luke’s Academy
The Toddler Class for students 2 years - 3years
The Montessori Class for students 3 years - 6 years
Infants B 6-7years
J4 for students 10-11years
The Curriculum In the Infant Department Our Toddler Class is our preparatory class where 2-
3year olds become familiar with working one on one, packing away, using a floor mat as well as socialisation skills like sharing and taking turns as well as overcoming separation anxiety. In our Montessori Class, areas of study are introduced according to the child’s readiness. We follow Montessori's theory and use her custom made materials to enhance the learning experience.
Art, Science, Cooking, Gardening, Spanish, Religion, PE and Music & Movement are also taught.
All of our students from 6-11 years are introduced to computers.
In the Primary Department- 6yrs-11yrs children continue to follow a well- rounded syllabus while being prepared for the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination (BSSEE – or Common Entrance) at age 11. Subjects taught are: Language Arts, which include the development of fluent reading, comprehension skills and poetry for pleasure, handwriting and Arithmetic. Other subjects include – General Science, Social Studies, Religious Education, Library, Art & Craft, Music, Spanish, Physical Education and Information Technology. Then we add the Montessori theory and specialised equipment to bring our education to life! We carry out Language and Mathematics exploration as well as hands on Science experiments to enrich our education.
Primary Education We will be following the syllabus as set out by the Ministry Of Education for
students 6-11years old.
Our Students will sit the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Exam at 11yrs old.
We will be adding the Montessori Curriculum to complement the Ministry Of Education’s syllabus including Science Experiments to enhance the social studies curriculum Geography, Culture, Biology and Zoology instead of just "book learning, The Timeline Of The Earth and Solar System.
Language & Math exploration as well to give a better understanding to Mathematical Concepts and sentence structure, fractions, decimal system and much more!
Montessori In Primary School Level
Developing Independent Thinkers
Practical life and language
Keeping track of their own work
Finding their place in the world
Remedial Students and Special Needs We are not a special needs school specifically, however we can assist our enrolled
students who may display areas of concern academically, developmentally or emotionally.
We do have the capacity to enroll one high functioning student with disabilities or special needs per class (an aide may be required at the school’s request to be compensated by the respective parents)
Our in-house team of Specialists is made up of an ABA Behavioural Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and an Occupational Therapist.
We have a full team of professionals able to carry out assessments and implement programmes and carry out therapy all on school grounds either during school hours or after school. There is an additional cost per therapy session. We offer direct therapy for children from 2-11years
Each classroom block has an adjoining room which houses our students’ computers
All of our students from 6-11years will have experience with the PCs
This is already included in our tuition fee!
SPORTS! Sports, it is not just fun and games!!
We believe a healthy body = a healthy mind!
We encourage our students to participate in as many sporting activities as possible in and outside of school.
Join a team! We will be competing against the other Primary Schools in interschool football, table tennis, cricket, cross country running races and swimming.
We also hope to have a team to send to take part in the interschool athletics : The National Primary Schools Athletics Championship (NAPSAC).
We are looking into Archery & Badminton as well a few other sports depending on age restrictions and the practicality of our students participating.
There are daily after school sports oriented activities 3-4pm at no additional cost.
Music is part of our curriculum, it starts with the bells in the Montessori Class and progresses to the recorder through the primary school . We are looking into other musical instruments as well.
We will have afterschool music classes with a variety of instruments
Art & Craft
Art is a wonderful outlet for our students to express themselves!
We have various projects throughout the year and age appropriate assignments for each class which our students can complete independently.
We are a Christian school.
Not only is it a part of the Ministry Of Education’s Curriculum but we believe that Religious Education is very important as it offers humility and a grounding in our faith . Christianity towards all of our neighbours means tolerance, respect & kindness.
Within our programme we hope to instill respect for all other denominations and for non-Christian religions as well.
International Celebrations Each class will cover one international festival, event or celebration per term
Some examples of our international festivals are Chinese New Year, Holi, Diwali, St Patrick's Day, Canada Day, Bastille Day, Loy Krathong, St George’s Day, Songkran, Hanukkah, Burns’ Night , Beltane and Festima.
from our neighbours in the Caribbean, the following 3 are examples
Cayman Islands – Pirate Week
Grenada- Drum festival
Dominica- Kalingo Week
Library We are currently building up our library stock for the Primary School and
would appreciate any second hand books in good condition being donated.
Books should be for students 6-11years- Thank you!!
Food For Thought Students are to bring a packed lunch box for first break and lunch and a snack
for after care if needed.
We are a nut-free school. Students may not bring nuts or nut bi-products to school.
We do cooking as a class activity and any noted allergies will be accommodated.
Birthdays are celebrated with food and drink items provided by parents, we also receive donations of home cooked items like cookies etc. which are brought in from time to time by parents to share with students.
We also receive donations of food and or drink items from corporate establishments.
If anyone wishes their child to not partake in any of the birthday items and or donations please let us know in writing and the teachers will be duly notified.
Admission for New Students Toddler Class 2-3yrs old Application Form, student’s documents & consent forms
Montessori Class 3-6yrs old Application Form, student’s documents & consent forms
Primary School 6-11yrs old Application Form, student’s documents & consent forms
Once the application form is received, our Admissions department will be in touch to arrange a walk through and an interview with the new student. The Registration Fee can be paid at this time and we will process the application.
Then a position is officially offered in writing, the parents/ legal guardians will be invited back in to fill in the relevant contracts and agreement forms.
All International students over the age of 5years will require a student’s visa. Information available upon request.
We operate on a first come first serve basis and we do not consider a child committed to being enrolled until we receive all of the relevant funds as listed above.
Application forms can be collected at the school office or are available online
A non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 must be paid on submission of your application form.
All fees and charges are reviewed annually by the Board Of Governors at the end of the 2nd term, notice shall be given of any change in fees for the upcoming academic year to be implemented in the following September.
Tuition 2016-2017 Per Term Toddler Class 2-3 years
Full time students
National Students : please call us for details
CARICOM Students: please call us for details
International Students: please call us for details
*There is an option to collect students half day, however this is at the discretion of the parents and at the whole day price.
Tuition 2016-2017 Per Term Montessori Class 3-6 years
Full Time Students
National Students: please call us for details
CARICOM Students: please call us for details
International Students: please call us for details
*There is an option to collect students half day, however this is at the discretion of the parents and at the whole day price.
Tuition for Primary Classes Per Term Infants B, J1, J2 & J3 6-10years
Full Time Students 6-10 years
National students: please call us for details
CARICOM students: please call us for details
International students: please call us for details
Tuition for BSSEE Class Per Term Class J4 10-11years
Full Time Students:
National students: please call us for details
CARICOM students: please call us for details
International students: please call us for details
Tuition Tuition is to be paid in full one term in advance, September’s tuition is to be
received by June 20th, January’s tuition is due September 20th and April’s tuition is due by January 20th. Parents are required to pay for school fees for the term in full as they are taking the responsibility for that place from the time that their child starts until the child leaves. The termly tuition is a set rate which does not fluctuate even though terms may vary from 11-15 weeks throughout the academic year.
In the event of a family having three or more children attending St. Luke’s Academy at any one time, the third and any subsequent children are given a 10% discount on the school fees for these siblings.
Fees for “Short term” students are made available upon request. School fees are nonrefundable except in the case where St Luke’s Academy terminates the enrollment. Short term fees are for students attending 1 term or less
All fees are payable online on our website or at any branch of the CIBC FCIB by the dates stated above. The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse to allow any student to attend school until payment has been made in full. Fees cannot be paid without a current deposit slip from the school. Children do not bring their bank receipts to school. Our accountant will request receipts if notice of payment has not been received from the bank.
All reports, transcripts and recommendations are withheld if fees are outstanding. Students may not return to school until they are financial
Our Values
Education is alive, it jumps off the page!
The importance of family spirit in a faith driven community
Inspiring Excellence , always putting your best foot forward
Commitment to our environment
St. Luke’s Administration
St. Luke's Head Montessori Teacher - Mrs. Emma Burridge
St Luke’s Senior Teacher – Miss Michelle Thompson
Advisory Panel Together with the St Luke's Administrative Department the Advisory Panel is made up of experienced professionals in the educational, medical, legal and business arenas. Our dedicated members assist with the development and activities of our school.
This Panel’s overall function is assisting with the formation of policies and good governance, working closely with the Administration which deals with day-to-day management. As well as disciplinary and financial matters.
Meet The Panel:
Mr. Bjorn Bjerkhamn – our founder and benefactor
Mrs. Monique Archer – Finance Director of Archer’s Hall Design Centre
Ms. Natasha Heaselgrave- ABA Behavioural Analyst and heads our special needs department
Mrs. Jennifer Juman- Marketing and advertising
Mr. Charles Leacock - The Director of Public Prosecutions
Mrs. Shawn Mottley- Former assistant to Admissions in 2 educational facilities
Mr. Warren Mottley - Mottley Law Firm
Dr. Marina Soo Ping Chow- Paediatrician
Mrs. Rachael Tappin -Head of St Luke's Admissions department
Our School Crest
Our Crest - displayed with pride on our students’ uniform, notebooks, stationery and around our school.
The badge has a crucifix to symbolize our foundation in Christianity.
The Winged Bull is the representative of our Patron saint, Saint Luke.
The book with feathered pen symbolises the education and curriculum throughout our primary school years to the BSSEE.
The tower is our beloved pink tower, a very familiar and iconic piece of Sensorial Equipment found in the Montessori Class, the Montessori Method is integral to complement the MOE curriculum.
Lastly our broken trident, this represents Barbados, our home. Our love of country and dedication to always improve our island starting with ourselves.
Our Motto
Our Motto: "Inspiring Excellence”
We hope to inspire excellence in our students and in others. We strive for excellence in all that we are, do and say. We want to motivate others to find encouragement within themselves to be a better person, to never settle and continue to grow from strength to strength being their personal best.
Why Green?
We have chosen green as our school colour as it is the colour of balance and harmony.
It represents growth, the color of spring, renewal and rebirth all the while promoting a love of nature, and a love of family, friends, pets and the home.
This color relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity. We truly wish to instill all of these positive values in our students as they wear our crest with pride and pray that these qualities remain with them through their adult lives.
St. Luke
St. Luke
Saint Luke is the Patron of Artists, Doctors & Students.
He was the writer of the Gospel, and the book "Acts Of The Apostles" he has become identified as "The beloved physician”. His writings indicate that he was a loyal comrade who stayed with Paul when he was imprisoned in Rome about Year 61. After everyone else deserted Paul in his final imprisonment and sufferings, it was Luke who remained with Paul to the end: " Only Luke is with me: (2 Timothy 4:11).
St. Luke's unique perspective on Jesus can be seen in the six miracles and eighteen parables not found in the other Gospels. He had a deep respect for women and he saw hope in God's kingdom.
Legend has it that Luke was a painter and that he painted a lovely picture of the Virgin Mary. Luke's Gospel has always been an inspiration to artists and we hope to our educators and students alike.
After Care School finishes at 3:00pm and teachers will be on property until 3:00pm.
Our office closes at 3pm.
We have complimentary after care and sports oriented activities including cricket, table tennis, soccer and athletics from 3-4pm
We have additional afterschool activities daily from 3-4pm with a further cost determined by the relevant instructors.
Each pupil is also encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities whether at school or elsewhere.
We are currently hosting football, martial arts and tennis and looking at introducing art, dance, yoga, Brownies & Cubs, music, choir and archery to name a few. All of these activities will be available on the School premises.
If you are interested in teaching an afterschool activity please let us know!
Parking Any parents needing to exit their car at drop off or pick up times even if you are
just assisting a child with a car seat are asked to please park.
Please turn off your engines.
There are parking spots for parents clearly marked in the middle of the loop in front of the Admin Building.
There are 2 Handicap Parking spaces immediately North of the Admin Building. These spots are for cars with clearly visible permits.
Please note that the parking on the Northern side of the grounds next to the classroom is reserved solely for teachers and handicap.
St. Luke’s can only succeed with the help of our loyal volunteers.
With many occasions throughout the year and we are so grateful for the diverse talents and interests of all of our parents and we encourage you to get in touch with our PTA!
Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA)
The membership of the PTA is made up of Parents, Teachers, the Principal and any persons nominated to be Honorary Members by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote of the membership.
St Luke’s Academy’s School Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A) is going to be a very active organization in our School community. Our students benefit greatly from parents coming together to build our school together. Creating the best environment to and strong school community that encourages them through these fundamental years of primary education.
If you are interested in contributing to or being a part of the PTA, please let us know!
Main objectives Promote the welfare of children in the home, at school and in the community. Help strengthen the working relationship between our Parents and Teachers. Encourage Parent education, Montessori theory is a new concept to the island
and as such there are many areas where parents have valid queries. Implement and follow suitable rules for the optimal learning environment for
our students. Act as the voice to the parents and teachers, presenting opinions and wishes
constructively to our Board Of Governors. Contribute to promote the financial stability and expansion of the School in
all areas of educational development. Work along with the Admin and Board with the general management of the
School in whatever way possible.
PTA Fund Raising
We are working together
Fundraising through events like a bake sale, school fair, fun hike etc.
Holding general meetings where we invite the entire school body to come and exchange ideas and discuss any issues.
Holding social events such as our Open Day, Parents Evenings and Christmas Event , Halloween Dance etc. to bring the community together.
Connecting with our parents on a regular basis on issues concerning the school.
Our School cannot function without an active PTA working tirelessly with the School and the Board for the betterment of our students, the school and the entire community. Always Inspiring Excellence!
Water Coolers
Each block has a water cooler with filtered water shared between the 2 classrooms
Our students are welcomed and encouraged to fill up their water bottles as needed
Hydration is very important!
will be offering school meals…