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Edmund W. Zelley,
Last month I turned 55. My mother asked me how
it felt to be 55, I said about the same as being 54.
In many ways that is true as we begin 2021, it is
going to feel a lot like how it was when 2020 end-
ed. We will still be just offering virtual worship on
our Youtube channel and Facebook pages. I con-
tinue to hope that many if not all of you are
watching our worship offerings at some point
during the week.
and Ron Baltimore for their hard work in putting
all the services together, including the virtual
Christmas pageant. Also thank you to the Altar
Guild who switched the church over from Advent
to Christmas so that we could record the services.
While I’m thankful for the technology I have a
feeling that this will have been the strangest De-
cember and Christmas in my ministry.
I also hope that the weather will have cooperated
so that we will have had a lovely Carol sing out-
side of the church on the 27th.
January is also the time when we have our Annual
meeting. This year we will have to have it via
Zoom. Remember if you have a phone you can
participate in Zoom, you don’t have to have a
computer, though it is a better experience. The
vestry is currently working on the budget and
putting together a slate of candidates.
Throughout January and perhaps into February, let’s just say through the season of Epiphny, I am going to come and bless every house in our par- ish. The blessing traditionally involves chalking the door with the symbol 20 C M D 21. While no appointment is necessary, if you’d like to be there when I come by, just let me know when a good time would be. You can text me 732-887-2480, email me [email protected] or send me a message on Facebook. I wish I knew when we will be able to gather again
in person, even at a limited way.
I am monitoring the numbers weekly and when
they are back below 20/100,000 then we’ll be
back. I will also continue to listen to the guidance
from the Diocesen task force as to when we can
fully open up without limits.
We did have one death this past month Mary Van
Schaick mother of Brenda Yuro. Mary was a mem-
ber of our Nonogenerian Club and often attended
the Ladies Luncheons.
Please know how much I miss seeing all of you
and I pray that 2021 will be a year of blessing for
your household and that St. Luke’s will continue
to be a source of strength for you as you go about
your daily lives.
Yours in Christ,
30 – Charles & Marilyn Higgins
1 New Year’s Day
Office Closed
5:00 evening prayer
5:00 evening prayer
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