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2. FCC & CE 2 3. 3 4. 1-60 10-60 4 5. 1 : SET,2010,UP.DOWN SET,. 5 6. MODE 2 MODE,- -:- -6 7. SET, , (1-60 ), ,UPDOWN . 7 8. MODE UP, MODE3 :UP 12/24 8 9. ;DOWN:()/()12 24 9 10. 4 TALK TIME10-60 10 11. TALK0000 TALKMODE11 12. LED PM 12 13. T F301280x960246014 50032GB TF 13 14. 1 TFON2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ONUSBU14 15. 9 ONUSBPC CAM10OFFUSBUSB11OFFON1213STK02NUupdate15 16. DRAM Timing0x35DRAM Size8MOKONUSB TFMedia player/KM player 500CMOS1280*960 AVI 16 17. 30fps14061LUX4800MA24 18m40150MA/3.7V-20-80-10-6015-85%RH TF 32GBMedia player/KMplayerUSBUSB1.1/2.02000/XP/Visat321GB/40817 18. 18 19. 19 20. Mlutifunction Clock DVRUser Manual20 21. ProfileThis manual introducehow to operate thisproduct and the details information about this21 22. product.Before you start to operate it,pleasebe sure that you read this manual andunderstand it completely and correctly.Wish itcan bring to reasonable and favotable. WarrantyThis product is with CE,FCC and RohS. 22 23. 1Structure2IntroductionDate and Time DisplayAlarm Function and Snooze Function,theinterval(1-60minutes)23 24. Voice Broadcast the present time.Tempreture Display Natural Sound Broadcast Interval10-60minutes3Time: In the status of time display,press andclick the button,SET to reset Year.There is24 25. 2010 flashing on LCD,press the button,UP or DOWN to choose the Year. Press the button,SET to reset Month-Day-Hour- Minute one by one Time ModeYear Reset Month Reset 25 26. Date Reset Hour Reset Minute ResetWhen the resetting finishes,press and release the button,MODE to get out.4Alarm Reset In the status of Time,press and release thebutton,MODE to Alarm Reset Mode Press and release the button,SET one time to26 27. reset the HourPress and release the button,SET two timesto reset the minutePress and release the button,SET three timestoResetthe Snooze Mode(TimeInterval,1-60mnutes)Press and release the button,SET four timesto reset Alarm Ring,press the button,UP orthe button,DOWN to choose.27 28. Alarm Mode Hour Reset Minute ResetSnooze Mode Time Interval Alarm Ring Press and release the button,MODE to getoutthe present time display on LCD. 28 29. In the status of Alarm,press and release thebutton,UP to turn on or turn off Alarm.Whenthe Snooze Function on,the willflash.Alarm OffAlarm On Snooze On Press and release the button,MODE to getback to the time reset mode. In the time mode,press the button,UP to 29 30. choose the time mode(12 or 24),press thebutton,DOWN to choose or 12Mode 24ModeCelsiusFahrenheit5Timekeeping,Natural Sound30 31. In the time mode,press andrelease thebutton,TALK to talk the present time. In any mode status,press and release thebutton,TIME toresetthe NaturalSound(10-60minutes) Natural Sound Time ResetIn any mode,press the button,TALK for 31 32. threesencondstoNaturalSoundListenning Mode,the interval time willcountdown.Natural Sound Mode Natural Sound StopIn the mode of Natural Sound Mode,pressand releasethebutton,TALKtopause,press and release again to choosethe next Natural Sound.Press and releasethe button,MODE to get out.32 33. Notice:On the Display,there are two signes,oneis PM and the other is .Pleasepayattention to the following picture: 33 34. DV Function IntroductionThis product is a multifuctional clock providesthe DV functions including video,audio,motiondetection,webcamera,movable disc.It supports TFCard and remote control function.The max,memorycan be upto 32GB,the high capacity batteryprovide the enough power for long timerecording.Just because of this many functionsand features,it can be used as home securitymonitor.1Operation1Turn OnOpen the right side lid of camera,insert34 35. the TF card,push the button to ON.2Press the button, on remote controluntilethe blue indicator is burning.It entersinto the Standby Status.3Press the button, to enter into theVideoStatus.The Blue Indicator is off after it flashesthree time.Press the button,again to stop video.35 36. The Blue Indicator is burning.4Press the button, to recourdaudio,the blue indicator will be off after it flashes three times.Pressthe button again to stop the recording.The blue indicator is burning.5Press the button, to shoot a image,theblue indicator will flash one time.36 37. 6Press the button, to start thisfunction,pressand release the button again to stopit.The blue indicator will be burning.7Press the button,to turn off thecamera,theblue indicator will be off.8Push the button to ON,connect the cameraandPC,then,press and release the button, on remote control. 37 38. 9WebcameraInstall the software in CDPush the button to ONPress the button,to turn on the cameraConnect Camera and PC with original cable10ChargePush the button to offConnect the camera and power sourceThe red indicator is burningDuring charging,the red indicator isburning38 39. When it is full,the red indicator is offNotice,PC also can provide the power toit.11ResetBecause of the wrong operation or anyother unknown reasons,there is no anyfeedback from the camera,please push thebutton to OFF and push it to ON again.12Low PowerWhen it is low power,the blue indicatorwill flash quickly. 39 40. 13UPDate When the programe lost,please install the drive proramme in CD Click the STK02NU Press update Choose 0x35 behind of DRAM Timing Choose 8M behind of DRAM Size Press and release the button,OK14File Storage and replayPus the button to ONConnect the camera and PC with USB Cable 40 41. Press and release the button, The blue indicator is burning Copy the file to PC Replay the file in software, Media player/KM player2SpecificationsPixels 50 Mega CMOSVideo Resolution 1280*960Video Form AVIFPS30fpsView Angle 140Motion Detection DistanceDirect 6 metersLow Illumination 1LUXBattery Capacity 4800MARecording Time More than 24 hours41 42. Remote Control Distance 18mRecording Audio Area40Power Consumption 150MA/3.7VStore Tempreture-20-80Operation Tempreture-10-60Operation Humidity15-85%RHMemoryTF CardMax.32GBSoftwareMediaplayer/KMplayerData Transfer Interface USB1.1/2.0Operation System2000/XP/Visat32Memory Consumption1GB/40minCharge Time About 8 hoursNoticePlace of using:It can not be used in theileagle place,before use it,please pay42 43. attention to the law.Software Update:The factory will improve thesoftware in order to improve the service andusing feels of this products.Please try tocontact your seller to get the neweastsoftware.Working Tempreture:Please use it in thesuitable tempreture which the man can bear.Working Humidity:Please do not use it inhumidity place.LUX:Please use it in the place with enoughlight,please do not make the lens straigh to stronglight source.43 44. Clearance:Please do not use it in the dertyplace,please clear it with soft cloth and clearit smothly.Please do not use it in strongmagnetic field or strong electic field.44


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