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<ul><li> 1. Power Bank DVR Spy Camera</li></ul> <p> 2. Thank you for choosing Power Bank DVR (hereinafter referred to as the DVR)Instruction The following pictures are provided for illustration only. This guide briefly describes the functions of the DVR. For details abouthow to set the software management, see Recording time setting.. Place and operate the DVR in a ventilated area if the DVR is having 3. prolonged use Please read carefully before operation, to ensure you have understood itsoperationGetting to Know Your DVRTwo Colors Available: Silvery White BlackFunction This DVR is multifunction mobile power camera and has video &amp; audiocapability with motion detection. 4. Note there is charging power bank functions and will charge electricalitems (Including iPhone and Samsung cell phones and so on) This DVR can charge other electrical items while it is recording video &amp;audio at the same time.Feature: Highly concealed &amp; mobile power bank functions Large capacity battery supports long time recordings One button operation, simple and convenient HD 720p and H.264 compression to save memory Support motion detection recording Easy to carry, but also for home security.Installing the Micro SD card and back mirror plateInstall the memory card toward the lower left side of the chip on the opening asshown below and insert it into the card slotMake sure DVR works well after you installed the memory card, and then stickthe back mirror plate back. 5. Replace new memory card if necessaryPlease find a knife or something else to open the back mirror plate of the DVR,and replace new memory cardOperation of DVR1 Time Setting Turn off the DVR firstly Connect the DVR to your computer via USB cableOpen the removable disk on my computer (TF card Create a text fi le named "time.txt" in the root directory of your camera. Theformat of the time must be set in "YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS" Save and Exit 6. Disconnect the DVR from your Computer, restart the DVR and finish thesetting2 Power OnPress and Hold the power button approx 3sec till red light is ON.3 Video RecordingShortly press the power button when the Red light is ON (standby mode), thenthe red light flashes twice and goes off once DVR starts to record4 Save VideoShortly press the power button one time whi le recording, the red light will be onagain, it becomes standby mode and video was saved5 Motion detection ModeIn standby mode please keep pressing the power button for around 3 secondsand release, the blue light will flash twice and off, at the same time red light willgo off, too.When it detects any movement, the blue light will flash one time shortly andstart recording. It will not record without detecting movement.6 Save VideoPress the button one time shortly, video file will be saved and red light on,becomes to standby mode7 Power OffUnder the standby mode, please keep pressing the power button for 6seconds till the red and blue lights flash twice and off at the same time.8 ResetFor the wrong operation or any other unknown reasons, there is no anyfeedback from DVR, please find one toothpick to press the reset pinholebeside the camera hole9 ChargeUse the USB cable to connect DVR to PC to charge (approx takes 46hoursfor full charge) or use AC adapter to charge. When charging, the red and bluelight will continue flash, if the battery was fullthe red light will go off and bluelight on. (100% indicator)10 File storage and Replay 7. Please connect the DVR to your PC and read the video file to replay.You can copy the video file and save it to your PCUsing media player which can support AVI format11 Format the memory cardIf you cannot access the memory card, please try a quick format. But pleaseremember if you format the card, all your files will be deleted.12 Recording time settingRecording Video file timeContinuous record mode: 2 / 10minute per fileMotion detection mode: 10sec / 3min per fileYou need to consult your local reseller for above setting13 Mobile Power bank functionsSpecifications 8. Pixels 5.0 Mega CMOSVideoResolution1280*720Video Format AVI ( H.264 )FPS 30fpsView Angle 90MotionDetectionDistanceDirect 6 metersLowIllumination1LUXBatteryCapacity3000MAHRecordingTimeMore than 8 hoursMotionDetectionTimeMore than 48hoursRecordingAudio Area40 PowerConsumption250MA/3.7VStoreTemperature-20-80OperationTemperature-10-60OperationHumidity15-85%RHMemory Micro SD CardMax. 32GBData Transfer USB1.1/2.0 9. InterfaceOperationSystemXP/Vista32/Win7MemoryConsumption3GB/hourCharge Time Approx 46 hoursOutputvoltage/current5V/0.5ADaily USECharging the batteryNote: If you have not used the battery for a long time, Please chargeit before useMethod1Charging by using the chargerCaution The charger must be 5V,500mA or 1000mA.If you use any other chargerincompatible with the DVR, maybe will cause damage to DVR The charger is an optional accessory. If the charger is not providedin the package, you can contact your local dealer to buy one yourself 10. Method 2 Charging by Connecting to a PC Use the USB cable to connect your DVR to a PCFriendly TipsIf you cannot use the DVR properly, please try these following ways Check the user manual Restart your DVR Contact your local dealerTrouble Shooting Why got so big noise while recording?The power is low, please fully charge the DVR Why there is no response when you press the button after power on?While turn on the DVR, it needs some time to check memory card firstly. Why the camera does not record anymore even the power is full?Please connect DVR to a PC to check whether memory was full or not Why the video being played on the computer get stuck?Please copy the video file from the micro SD card and save to your PC to play 11. again or change to use a better video player or use a better memory card.(The memory card speed is different and Class 10 is much better than Class4) Why cannot charge other electrical items and the lights flash and offsuddenly?The power is run out already, please recharge it in timeNotice Please use this product in the area permitted by law and pay attentionto the local laws. To avoid damaging the camera lens, please do not point the lens tosunlight or glare. Don't charge the electrical items which cannot match this DVR, please.Version: V100SP007S_0806 </p>