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  1. 1. Speerhead Ireland The DevOps Experts What you need to know
  2. 2. We are... Valerie Aaron Paul Richard Ireland HQ- London
  3. 3. Problem... DevOps recs open for MONTHS! Pressure - Time - Stress - Interviews CVs / culture fit just not right DEVop vs. OPdev - Admin vs. Operations Leader vs. Doer - Collaborative vs. Solo Attracting talent Zero unemployment - Everyone is in their DREAM job!
  4. 4. Our solution... Get us on board! 1 month average turn around - DevOps roles are always our priority Candidate Qualification Average 1:1.25 CV to Interview Ratio - Often better! Technical interview - Grilling Casual meeting - Skype or F2F - We know what our engineers as people Speaking their language Saturated market- we understand what they do, so they talk to us!
  5. 5. Our specialities Well-established organisations- The Evangelist Scaling EMEA HQs- The First Startups need to scale- The Leader SMEs- The Game Changer Doing DevOps- The Chatty Techie
  6. 6. Our 5,000 local Irish community - DevOps Evangelists and Architects - Opensource/Cloud (Solutions) Architects - (Senior) DevOps Engineers - Build & Release Engineers - Continuous Integration Engineers - Deployment / Delivery Engineers - (Senior) Systems Engineer / Administrators
  7. 7. Some of our wonderful clients
  8. 8. DevOps is a candidate driven market Heres what they have to say... Valerie is definitely the best recruiter I've dealt with so far. When I was looking for a new job I could have counted on her help, suggestions, consultations - also in-between myself and the potential employers. Including current one - thanks to Valerie's good sense of requirements on one side and skills on the other. Very dedicated to her job, with very professional approach - Valerie is the person who will help you to find your proper job in DevOps Valerie is an extremely competent professional, always searching for the best resources for the roles she is working on. She not only accesses the best technical skills, but also the much important soft skills of the candidates. She supports the candidate through all the hiring process, always giving insightful suggestions regarding the interview preparation, keeping candidate's expectations very real. It really was a pleasure to work with such a professional and friendly person. I have no doubt that she will be able a high achiever!
  9. 9. DevOps is a candidate driven market Heres what they have to say... Aaron is very skilled, professional and helpful. He's really able in finding answers to your questions (all the questions.!!) and in giving you important suggestions. He's friendly and reliable. He works hard to get the best out of you and follows you in every step with confidence but always very professional. Aaron was guiding me through the whole interview process and thanks to her useful advice and valuable support the outcome was a success. Aaron's knowledge of intricacies of recruitment processes is broad and deep. He made sure i always had all the information about the ongoing process. He understands perfectly how stressful interviewing process can be and genuinely supported me. He knew when i needed a little push or morale boost and provided it. He continued to support me even after signing new contract, making the "big scary" life change easier to digest. He is simply the best recruiter i had pleasure working with so far.
  10. 10. Sound like something you need? Get in touch! Always happy to take a call or pop out to see you +353 (0) 1 9065713 devops@speerhead.ie 28-32 Pembrooke street, Dublin 2 https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=208993498


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