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Slide 2 Country : England England England Wales Wales Wales Scotland Scotland Scotland Ireland Ireland Ireland North Ireland North Ireland North Ireland North Ireland Australia Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand USA USA USA Canada Canada Canada Slide 3 England : Breakfast eggs with bacon, mushrooms and grill tomatoes, sheeps sausages and toasts Cornish pasty meat and roast vegetables in cake Ploughmans lunch (lunch oracza) bread, yellow cheese, pickle with fresh vegetables Shepherdss pie (ciasto pasterza) roast lamb, pure potatoes Cottage pie (ciasto wiejskie) roast beef, pure potatoes Roast beef (piecze woowa) classic Sundays dish for lunch. It serve with Yorkshire pudding (pikantne ciasto roast with meat), roast potatoes and vegetables. Sause gravy (enrich meat smack). Strawberrys with cream delicacy serve on fresh air Slide 4 Wales : Laver bread dark seaweed, cold sea friuts or warm bacon, toasts and tomatoes Cawl (soup or broth) meat and vegetables, common is lamb and leeks Bara Brith ingredients : soaking raisins, currants, candied orange peels and other dried fruit in tea overnight, one package of yeast, warm water, one cup of warmed milk, melted butter, sugar, one egg, spice mixture, salt Stuffing filling to meat; bread, herbs, butter and cut onion Slide 5 Scotland : Shortbread type of cake; sugar, butter, oatmeal Haggis sheep (liver, heart, lungs), onion, oatflour, fat, condiments, sew and constrict in sheep stomach Irn-Bru it is popular drink. This drink contain coffeine, it is make in Cumbernauld and Mansfield. This drink have loght lemon taste and bright orange colour. In Scotland it is more popular than Coca Cola. Drambuie - liqueur on base scotland whisky with heather honey and herbs essence. You can drink this with ice or cocktail. Slide 6 Ireland : Breakfast : - rashers pork sausages - scrambled eggs - white pudding or black pudding - oven-baked tomato - toasts - chips or potatoes - baked beans - fry mushrooms - coffe or tee Irish coffee popular drink for coffee, whisky and whipped- cream Irish stew (potrawka duszona) - braise mutton with potatoes and onion in creamy gravy Slide 7 North Ireland : Coddle apparently it was favourite dish Deana (Jonathan Swift). Cook pork wiener, fatty bacon, potatoes in slice and onion with pinch of salat and parsley Barm brack sweet spicy bread with delicacies Champ cook and fry potatoes on butter with onion or leek Slide 8 Australia : Pavlova very light meringue gateau. It is name in honour of ballet dancer Anny Pawowej. They eat so much : - beef - fish - sea fruits In restaurations we can order : - emu pie - kangaroo tail samosa - baramundi fish - kangaroo fillet with beetroot and roast onion - australian acacia eis Slide 9 New Zealand : Kai beef, chicken, mutton and some of vegetables. It is cook in dirt mound. It is serve on plate plait with grass and leafs. Wines regions : - Gisborne only white wine from Chardonay and Gewurztraminer - Hawkes Bay only red wine from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - Marlborough - Cloudy Bay and Sauvignon Blanc, only white wines Slide 10 USA : Hamburger it is sandwich contain beefburger, tomatoes, chesse, onion, salad and another vegetables. The most popular place is McDonald. They serve only fast food. Slide 11 Canada : Canadian cookery is different depending on the region. Traditional English dish part of Canada are closely linked with the American and British cookery, while the traditional cookery of French- speaking part of Canada has evolved from French cookery. The basis of the two groups are fresh seasonal ingredients. The kitchen has a lot of baked foods wild game and harvested food. The Western provinces are strongly influenced by German cookery, Polish, Ukrainian and Scandinavian. Slide 12 Bibliography : Slide 13