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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>The National Monuments Service</p> <p> FTE: 24.6RESOURCESArchaeological Survey of Ireland</p> <p>Planning and Licensing</p> <p>Conservation and Protection</p> <p>Underwater Archaeology Unit</p> <p>Archive UnitNew Monuments Bill</p> <p>Replaces National Monuments Acts 1930-2004</p> <p>Single Register of Monuments with two levels of protection</p> <p>Protection for newly discovered archaeological monuments of prescribed classes before entry in Register</p> <p>Integrated licensing system</p> <p>Provision to enable the State to ratify several international conventions in the heritage sphere</p> <p>Drafting well advanced with publication likely in 2015</p> <p>Further information: Sen Kirwan (</p> <p>DATA MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Recorded Monuments 139,500 recordsMonuments in State Care 750 recordsPreservation Orders560 recordsShipwrecks17,500 records (4,000 known locations)</p> <p>Resources required to maintain technologies that underpin digital management of data</p> <p>In-house expertise to support on-going development and maintenance</p> <p>Future-proofing of existing applications</p> <p>Legacy issues need to be resolved e.g. currency, accuracy</p> <p>Balancing customer requirements and compliance with open-data policies at local (e-Government) and EU levels</p> <p>PROTECTION IN THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS</p> <p>The Minister (NMS) is statutory consultee on any application that may impact on archaeologyMakes recommendations in respect of pre-planning enquiries, planning applications and other non-planning referrals (c.6,000 per annum)Total permissions issued; 2,678 in 2006 - 649 in 2013 + c.400 in marine environment Codes of Practice (8 utilities)In-house or project archaeologists</p> <p>Strategic Environmental Assessments;EIA legislation; Projects of Common Interest Legacy issues reporting, archiving and feeding into archaeological research (INSTAR)</p> <p>Protective measures in new agri-environment scheme Glas under RDP</p> <p>WWI wrecks legally protected from 2015</p> <p>PROTECTIONMetal detection</p> <p>Storm damage</p> <p>CLIMATE CHANGE /ADAPTATION</p> <p>More extreme storm eventsIncreased precipitation in the west with increased duration of standing water on poorly drained landsIncrease in river and coastal floodingRising temperatures and increased frequency of heatwaves</p> <p>The National Climate Change Adaptation Framework Building Resilience to Climate Change published 2012</p> <p>Sectoral Plan being prepared by DAHG relating to all aspects of the built and natural heritage</p> <p>Representation on WG Subland of the European Marine Board</p> <p>WORLD HERITAGETwo World Heritage properties</p> <p>Tentative List reviewed in 2010 resulting in 7 nominations</p> <p>The Burren and The Royal Sites of Ireland</p> <p>Technical Evaluation of The Royal Sites</p> <p>Emain Macha (Navan Fort) requires inclusion in the UK Tentative List</p> <p>The Royal Sites of IrelandTaraRathcroghanDn AilinneRock of CashelHill of UisneachEmain Macha (Armagh)</p> <p>Visit www.worldheritageireland.ieDISSEMINATION / PUBLICATION </p> <p>Visit us at www.archaeology.ieFollow us on</p> <p>HERITAGE TOURISM</p>