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The Work of Historic Monuments UnitDr John OKeeffe

Work AreaStatutory Function of the Department Primary LegislationExercised through other government departments on advice from NIEAPolicy-basedDesignationRegulationAdvisoryCentral Archive(Sites and Monuments Record)Arguably YESThis informs all of our work areasHMAOYESYESYESYESSurveyYESYESYESAcquisition and Management of State Care MonumentsYESHMAOYESYESYESCompilation of a Schedule of Historic MonumentsYESHMAOYESYESYESManagement of Scheduled MonumentsYESHMAOYESYESYESYESLicensing of archaeological excavationsYESHMAOYESYESYESYESReporting of archaeological objectsYESHMAOYESYESYESYESWork AreaStatutory Function of the Department Primary LegislationExercised through other government departments on advice from NIEAPolicy-basedDesignationRegulationAdvisoryTreasureYESHMAOTreasure ActTreasure (Designation) Order with parliament-approved code for NIYESYESYESYESDevelopment ManagementPlanning (NI) Order 1991General Development (NI) Order 1993+ amendments+ otherYESYESYESYESStrategic Spatial PlanningPlanning (NI) Order 1991General Development (NI) Order 1993+ amendments+ othersYESYESYESYESAgri-Environment / Countryside ManagementDerived from EC Regulations and NI legislationYESYESYESMaritime HeritageYESHMAOProtection of Wrecks Act 1973Merchant Shipping Act 1995YESYESYESYESStrategic Environmental AssessmentYESEC Directive 2001/42/ECNI LegislationYESYESPROFESSIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVICEDept. of Environment:Policy FormationStrategic Spatial Planning (e.g. Area Plans)Operational Planning (e.g. Development Control)Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and InvestmentTourism, Energy, Mineral LicencesDept. of Agriculture and Rural Development:Policy FormationCountryside ManagementAgri-EnvironmentForest/Woodland PlantingRivers Management

Dept. of Social Development:Policy FormationRegeneration Projects

DCAL:Policy FormationWaterways and Canals DevelopmentMuseumsBuilt Heritage and the ArtsDept. of Regional Development:Policy FormationInfrastructural Development (e.g. Roads/Water Schemes)For example.....Key Work AreasManagement of State Care MonumentsDevelopment of Craft WorkforceAugmentation of Capacity vis--vis site managementEnhanced Public Access and ParticipationKey driver to society, economy and tourismStatutory ResponsibilitiesManagement of ConsentsManagement of LicencesProcessing of TreasureResponding to Environmental CrimeMaintenance of the RecordOngoing Surveys and augmentation of the RecordRe-evaluation of the evidencePublic Access to the InformationContinued Advisory Services to National Government, Assembly, Central Departments, Local Government/Councils, Industry, Wider SocietyStrategic Spatial PlanningOperational Development ManagementAgri-Environment/Countryside ManagementCare of the Government EstateMaintenance of Professional Standards and Effective AdministrationSome gaps?The SMR is the fundamental hub.....but lacks clear statutory basis?(case law, custom and practice, broad acceptance, a professional norm, does it need any more?)Historic landscapes and the ELC?Position of devolved administrations vis- a-vis Conventions?

Archaeological archivesWho is responsible?Works specificationsMEAT v BREADProfessional StandardsAffects broad section of the profession

The Australia ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places (the Burra Charter, 1999) defines conservation as:

all the processes of looking after a place [i.e. an historic monument] so as to retain its cultural significance


Challenges/OpportunitiesExpectation of Wider SocietyAspirations of Industry and CommerceUn-tapped potentialBudgetary and Procedural RequirementsResources


WrecksJIBSNavigation hazards / mobile

Maintaining good relationships with landowners and occupiersAvoid criminalisation of groupsEncourage good practiceCreate greater awareness

30Project OpportunitiesKey Historical AnniversariesCentenary of the Great WarPartition of IrelandFour Hundredth Anniversary of PlantationMillennium of ClontarfResponding to Climate ChangeManaged RetreatRealistic and deliverable strategies to enhance protection where it can be achievedInnovation in Energy ProductionEuropean Landscape ConventionThe management of positive changeIncreasing public appreciation, understanding and participation in shared environmental stewardshipRecognising the ordinary alongside the extraordinaryContribution to Hard ResearchScience, Arts, Humanities