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2013 Special Edition Oculus, literary magazine of the Alabama School of Math and Science.


  • Oculus

    Special Edition2013

    Alabama School of Mathematics and Science1255 Dauphin Street

    Mobile, AL 36604

  • From the Editor:

    -Amy Welch Editor-in-Chief


    Table of ContentsPoetry

    A Womans WindowHopelessKnockoutsIllusionLacrimawater-carvingGone AwayBeautySomber OaksSunday Mornign PassionOn the Other SideCluttered AtticsHumility, not DefeatSolipsismTenantsNevertheless, I am Glad I Got to the Root of the ProblemBuriedInfatuationUntitlesAn Evening OutFrom Circles to SquaresWant a Second, BilltoldA DreamForest Walk with my BrotherGillespieThe FrostFrom: MY DAYThe Old GuitaristMusicCity GirlThe EndAsking for AshesBad PoetryChronicle of a Wednesday NightIgnorance/HypocracyMax HerrmannTen Thousand TimesTo The Dandelion on My LawnI Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls

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    Jennifer HarrisGayla CaddellKelly McInnisLesli OttDaphne LewisIan McMurteyKate McClearyJennifer ButtsJennifer ButtsBurke McFerrinMelissa FadulKevin GreeneCindy ReeseTony KwonJillian Van EllsRebecca Rozelle

    Kevin HolmesMonica GrayDan TenpasCrystal ColemanKimberley Rose TubbsDavid LumpkinApril JohnsonRebecca BrubeDavid LumpkinElizabeth FrenkelWill OConnerTommy StevensonCarmen BarronElysia WheatSarah GelsingerChandler FultonElysia WheatElysia WheatSarah GelsingerNiesse Evan HaarbauerTranced BonnieJordan DanfordLauren Cagle

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    Lauren CagleBonnie BaileyRachel BrunoMatt KelleyConnie ChangAnonymousAllison Moore

    Kate WaselkovPeter BurnsErin WhiteMichael AwadJoe HamiltonPeter BurnsRandy BullockMeryl HarsadiDianna RoweTyndall TestermanCierra SpencerJessica MorrowJessi AgeeMegan OLearyRae HamakerJessi AgeeCindy TheisLinc GraceBecky YatesShenaika DavisElise OttenfieldJohn ThomasonJohn ThomasonEmily BrownCristina NavaAmanda MelvinLee MillsEmily BrownKatie AdamsHannah Schiller Isabelle KallenbergMathew RobsonSydney TafoyaJen LimAlisa DegraveVictoria VazinJulia NewmanJoseph DelapLiza Schwieterman



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    Short Story Title Author Page Sylvia Plath Meets Curious GeorgeThe ScientistThe Quiet Death of A LadyCoral ReefHer Contrived TruthA Night of TruthAnna and MichelleConfuzzlementKorea


    Irene and JoeRhythmAsianFatherhoodTowerGetting OlderIans EyeAnonymityWhat Once WasZebraSelf-PortraitPretty LightsViolin

    Allison KeeKatie ElkinsDavin HarsadiJessica EdwardsKristina JarvisAngelica KallenbergHannah SchillerJoe MontesfuscoSonda SenguptaAshley BlalockJonathan EvansJulia NewmanTracy Lin


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    Heather MooreErin WhiteSara YoungsLierin MartinAnn SmithKevin GreeneAdele AustinBonnie BaileyJeanie Park


    Morgan JowersPeyton Tirey Konnor Kuhlman

    Andria DiamondSydney TafoyaAnonymousJohn ChancellorLatei IyeghaHannah BurnsJordan Danford Jordan Danford



    Sound and ColorsA Poem for a Girl I Once KnewAn Ode to the Random Girl Whom I Passed One Day at a Shopping Mall Many Years AgoOnce Upon a TimeKanagawaBarbieMy HeroTwo-Year-Old SoldierSHHHHOnwardDont Be Surprised


  • 6I see your shadow dancing through the light

    Flowing in the glass. Gently fallingOn legs outstretched upon an orchid

    sill,The warmth that comes with each

    fluorescent glow

    Of the yellow sun. Often do I seeYou resting there, watching with

    stoic eyesThe children playing hopscotch in

    the street.Playful laughter riding on the wind


    Short before your ears. Although sometimes faint,

    The weary lines that gather round your mouth

    Shout forth their warning of lost time, and I,

    Without a look back, turn to cross the street.numbers



    plotting against


    facesblank. Hopeless

    Gayla Caddell

    A Womans WindowJennifer Harris

    The sky is my escape as I liethoughtful and heavy under its

    lapis seasa softnesstickles my skin

    lost for a moment in its illusionuntil the wind shuffles slightly and

    I look to find my turtleis a hen.

    Ignorant of selflessness,Cutting wicked glances at

    the meek.Climbing over others with

    burning, crushing feet.

    The spotlight taken awayimpinges a silent sting.

    Reaction of hate ishidden, but jealousyspreads like a smoky


    Relying on what is superficial.

    Losing friendships byfaking a smile.

    The only thing real istheir beauty, but it only

    lasts a while.

    Parasites of popularity.Lovers of eyes looking up

    full of wonders of theirgreatness.

    Constructing towerscliffs of falseness,

    crumbling pedestals, whichcause the fatal slip, the


    Plunging down they grabfor a lifesaving limb.

    All have been torn by theclimb.

    The scum of rock bottomgaining in sight

    promotes a quick lookback, the once great


    Knocked out of the glamorous spotlight.

    KnockoutsKelly McInnis

    IllusionLesli Ott


  • When rainslides on crystal grooves

    and dripsbroken

    from jagged blades beads,

    inverts the streetlights,the stringed necklaces

    falling from greased blue skiessmear the pictures.

    infinity by zerois zero just the same

    and even if youre fast enoughto carve the water

    the shapes you carveare gone in seconds flat

    but the beauty in water-carvinglies not in the creation

    for creations dieand all things made come to an end(and even this shall make the maker

    irrelevant)but in the skill of creation

    infinity multiplied byzero

    water-carvingIan McMurtrey

    LacrimaDaphne Lewis

    8 9

    The memories of my heart are stored

    In an old dusty atticIn plain cardboard boxes and

    anonymous bags. In this old dusty attic

    The thoughts of wishes never filled

    Beneath layers of rainbow dust. In my old dusty attic,

    The pieces of my soul under albums of faded pictures,

    I close the chest on my desolate life.

    Dust, like a babys fingers,

    falls softly here and there,

    like thoughts of a child,pure

    as mountain dew.

    Beauty Jennifer Butts

    Gone AwayKatie McCleary

  • Allison KeeIlene and Joe

    10 11

    Katie ElkinsRhythm

    Davin HarsadiAsian

  • The grass blades,troublesome to the

    sun, nowmowed. The flaming tongues split,

    parched. No kisscan moistendesire once

    the fire has dried.

    Sunday Morning PassionBurke McFerrin


    Wicked and motionless,Skeletons protrude

    from the green.Foliage,

    like a skirt,in shadows around

    the plump, aged base,casts shadows

    on the house behind.Arms heavy

    in the night air,as if sad,

    for the children playing,when the sun shines,

    gone, whileit stands tall and strong,


    Somber OakJennifer Butts

    On the westward side of a mountain,A single flower breaks through the

    cold, hard earthexposed in a maelstrom of salty air.Winter, welcoming its ivory children,

    an endless blanket of nothing

    but virgin slopesand a single flower.

    On the leeward side, a placid brook,water rippling,syncopation.

    eddies of wind and leaves,flirtation is

    birds singing fervently with exultation

    while trees bow to honor thy flourishing flowers in


    On the Other SideMelissa Fadul


    I trip over yesterdays thoughts,Memories, boxes,

    piled too high to forgetThe ache of belief, and

    I pretend to wonder who we are and youre stuck with a

    deserted rose.

    Cluttered AtticsKevin Greene

  • Night conceals me as I dreamI am a butterfly of milk and creamwith petal wings and azure seamsantenna strings, all float a beam

    of twisted oak; then I burst aflight!I wake from sleep, time synchronized;Strange dreams I dreamt! My human

    sideforever fades, the sun does riseas I flutter the wide dawn sky.

    And thats what butterflies dream at night.

    SolipsismTony Kwon

    You told me to run aheadYet you resented my pace.

    You, though capable, with your gray beard,

    will not take my hand. You, old sage, have lounged on the

    Acropolis. You, old patriarch, have sparred with

    Plato. You, old love, have shared a pipe

    with Emerson. But I understand now

    I must walk at your pace,for I am only a child

    and will get lost. I must not force the hands of the

    clockfor I am only a child

    and will lose precious moments. And though I rise this morning

    wanting to runI will wait

    for you to teach me how.

    Humility, not DefeatCindy Reese


    Irene and Maude live downstairs. Though usually quiet, they have burst into

    a clamorous uproarthat calls me

    from my wakened sleep.The one holds the others foot in hand.

    They rise, celestial beings in dragto find their weightlessne