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  1. 1. Getting BehindGetting Behind the Lensthe Lens
  2. 2. Some people forget toSome people forget to turn the camera forturn the camera for
  3. 3. Hold the camera steady andHold the camera steady and just move your finger to snapjust move your finger to snap pictures or you will get photospictures or you will get photos like this.
  4. 4. ComposingComposing Look through your viewfinder,Look through your viewfinder, compose, then take three stepscompose, then take three steps forwardor zoom, zoom, zoom.forwardor zoom, zoom, zoom. Why????Why????
  5. 5. GoodGood
  6. 6. BetterBetter
  9. 9. Nice photoNice photo
  10. 10. but two competing places to look,but two competing places to look, two fairly equal focal points.two fairly equal focal points.
  11. 11. Better Or Worse?
  12. 12. BetterBetter OrOr Worse?Worse?
  13. 13. BetterBetter OrOr Worse?Worse?
  14. 14. GoodGood
  15. 15. BB EE TT TT EE RR
  16. 16. Notice theNotice the triangulartriangular compositioncomposition
  17. 17. Watch for Competing Images.Watch for Competing Images. Where do you look in thisWhere do you look in this picture when there are 3picture when there are 3 fairly equal faces?fairly equal faces?
  18. 18. WhichWhich BoyBoy DoDo YouYou LookLook AtAt First?First? Second?Second?
  19. 19. 1 22 33 The placing of subjects controls where viewers look.
  20. 20. Practice the Rule ofPractice the Rule of ThirdsThirds
  21. 21. Notice the subjects are at the crossingNotice the subjects are at the crossing points.points.
  22. 22. RuleRule ofof thirds.thirds.
  23. 23. andand she isshe is movingmoving into theinto the frame.frame.
  24. 24. Usually a mid photo horizonUsually a mid photo horizon lacks dynamics.lacks dynamics.
  25. 25. Try rule of thirds.
  26. 26. WhatWhat dodo youyou thinkthink aboutabout thisthis photophoto ??
  27. 27. Dont center everyDont center every subject you photograph.subject you photograph.
  28. 28. Dont have the subjectDont have the subject looking at the wall orlooking at the wall or closest edge of the photo.closest edge of the photo.
  29. 29. Notice the photo is cropped, theNotice the photo is cropped, the subject is not centered, the rule ofsubject is not centered, the rule of thirds is used and he has space tothirds is used and he has space to look into.look into.
  30. 30. What doWhat do you thinkyou think about thisabout this photo?photo? Good orGood or bad?bad? ExplainExplain..
  31. 31. How Important Is theHow Important Is the Angle?Angle? People normally see things from headPeople normally see things from head high.high. What if you laid on your back and tookWhat if you laid on your back and took pictures?pictures? What if you stood on a ladder?What if you stood on a ladder? Would these present a new andWould these present a new and interesting viewpoint?interesting viewpoint?
  32. 32. TopTop DownDown ViewView
  33. 33. The camera was held near the knees pointing up.
  34. 34. TheThe cameracamera was heldwas held above theabove the headhead pointingpointing down. Dodown. Do the anglesthe angles make themake the photosphotos moremore dynamicdynamic??
  35. 35. This is an interesting angle but there is nothing to give perspective and the power lines are annoying merges.
  36. 36. Good angle or bad?Good angle or bad?
  37. 37. What do you do aboutWhat do you do about backlighting?backlighting?
  38. 38. Some photos establish the setting.Some photos establish the setting.
  39. 39. OtherOther ss focusfocus onon subjecsubjec t andt and mood.mood.
  40. 40. Posed orPosed or
  41. 41. not posed?not posed?
  42. 42. AvoidAvoid MergesMerges They are thingsThey are things in thein the backgroundbackground that take yourthat take your eye away fromeye away from the subject.the subject. Theres a carTheres a car and a person inand a person in this mans hat.
  43. 43. Dodging, cropping and manipulating contrast.
  44. 44. GetGet RidRid OfOf AnnoyingAnnoying MergesMerges
  45. 45. WithWith PhotoShopPhotoShop
  46. 46. Again, useAgain, use PhotoShop orPhotoShop or Gimp to bringGimp to bring out color andout color and contrast.contrast.
  47. 47. Which is better?
  48. 48. SometimesSometimes you getyou get lucky!lucky!
  49. 49. Thanks toThanks to PhotoShop,PhotoShop, now you seenow you see itit
  50. 50. NowNow youyou dont.dont.
  51. 51. orColor BlackandWhite
  52. 52. Adjustedcolororsepiatoned?
  53. 53. Use available frames.Use available frames.
  54. 54. TellTell AA StoryStory WithWith ActionAction (Notice(Notice Triangle)Triangle)
  55. 55. TimingTiming isis importanimportan t.t. BeBe patient,patient, wait,wait, take a lottake a lot ofof
  56. 56. Always be looking for the unique.Always be looking for the unique.
  57. 57. Butterfly on flower.Butterfly on flower. Patience!Patience!
  59. 59. GG OO OO DD oror BB AA DD ?
  60. 60. Chaos can be interesting butChaos can be interesting but viewers also like to seeviewers also like to see patterns.patterns. How do you like these?How do you like these?
  61. 61. UseUse SomethingSomething OrOr SomeoneSomeone ToTo DemonstrateDemonstrate SizeSize
  62. 62. How bigHow big are theseare these pitchers?pitchers?
  63. 63. VeryVery big!big!
  64. 64. For texture, wait for the right lightFor texture, wait for the right light at the right time of the right time of day.
  65. 65. Is theIs the texture intexture in this verticalthis vertical photo goodphoto good or bad?or bad? Explain.Explain.
  66. 66. Interesting or Not?Interesting or Not? Why?Why?
  67. 67. What about this?What about this?
  68. 68. AA PhotographicPhotographic Study ofStudy of SimilarSimilar Objects Can BeObjects Can Be Fun andFun and Fascinating--Fascinating-- Like PADLOCKSLike PADLOCKS
  69. 69. Or theOr the BUTA MOTIFBUTA MOTIF
  70. 70. Use leading lines to take theUse leading lines to take the viewers eye to the main interest.viewers eye to the main interest.
  71. 71. Critique the followingCritique the following photographs.photographs. Notice some areNotice some are horizontal and somehorizontal and some vertical.vertical.
  72. 72. Now that you knowNow that you know some rules, makesome rules, make sure to break themsure to break them when necessary.when necessary.
  73. 73. Take a regular picture!Take a regular picture!
  74. 74. Then ask them to getThen ask them to get crazycrazy!!
  75. 75. Soare you going to takeSoare you going to take pictures of:pictures of: People?People? Animals?Animals? Things?Things? Places?Places? Occasions?Occasions?