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  • 1. 1 Social Psychology Video Assignment Report Group members: Name ID Shery Edrina bt Salehuddin 0316321 Sharon Lim Yu Jung 0313377 Muhammad Azzam bin Abdul 0315543 Chin Tze Wei 0315767 Lecturer: T. Shankar Group / Session: Monday 8am till 10am slot Subject: Social Psychology [PSYC0103] Submission date: 2 June 2014

2. 2 Acknowledgement We would like to express our gratitude towards our dear lecturer, Mr. Shankar who delivered his lectures clearly in order to make sure we understand the social psychological concepts and able to apply in daily life. Mr. Shankar had brief us about the assignments earlier to make sure we are well prepared for it. Besides, he was also attentive and willing to help and guide us throughout the process. Without his constant supervision and guidance, this video assignment would be impossible to achieve. Besides, I would like to thank every member of my group for their cooperative attitude and dedicated efforts. All of them attended every meeting and everyone shared their constructive opinions and creative ideas in the making of the video. Everyone contributed a lot in writing the storyline, preparing the scripts and props, video recording and editing. Their cooperation is deeply appreciated. At last, we would like to convey our appreciation towards Backofen restaurant for willingly allow us to have video shooting at their premise. It is our upmost pleasure to be able to have a well-furnished scene for our setting. 3. 3 Table of content Content Page number Acknowledgement 2 Introduction 4 Method 4 Apparatus / Materials 5 Character List 6 Procedure 7 Discussion 8 Concepts 9-10 Reference 11 Appendix 12-15 4. 4 Project Introduction We are required to produce a video clip which includes a minimum five psychological concepts taught in class and do a presentation about the video in group of four or five with the aim to conduct practical social psychological concept in real life experiment, encourage well cooperated teamwork and leadership and enhance problem solving and creative thinking skills. Our group consists of four members, Shery, Chin Tze Wei, Azzam and Sharon after being selected by the lecturer. Our Video Introduction Our brief storyline is about a poorly dressed boss and a well attired assistant of him dining at a high class French restaurant in an evening together. The focus is on the waitresss Judge-A-Book-By-Its-Cover belief therefore exuding stark contrast in term of service quality and attitude towards the customers. We highlighted the five concepts of schema, stereotype, self-fulfilling prophecy, attribution bias and social perception throughout the story with a touch of humor and sarcasm. Method Inspired by Jinny Boy TV, we would like to present our video in a casual close-to-real- life style, reflecting an incident that might probably happen in ordinary life and we hope that it can bring some laughers and insights to everyone who watched the video. Thus, the video is shoot in a normal life method. 5. 5 Apparatus / Materials 1. Video shooting A. Two Digital Single Reflex Lens cameras - To shoot the video from two different angles, one focusing on the wide angle, another on close-up. B. Two Camera Stand - To hold the camera firmly. 2. Props A. Table cloth for restaurant table, towel B. Self-Designed French Cuisine Menu C. Table number holder, bill and holder D. Dishes and platters, cutleries E. Garden Salad and Roasted Potatoes ( as lobster ) F. Contract Agreement in Folder and pen G. Briefcase 3. Attire A. The manager - White blouse - Black slacks - Court shoes B. The waitress - White blouse - Pencil skirt - Court Shoes C. The boss - Football Jersey - Tracksuit - Slippers D. The assistant - Suit and Tie - Black suit pants - Polished black shoes 6. 6 4. Settings Outdoor table at Backofen restaurant, Taylors University Lakeside Campus - Outdoor romantic ambience - Can view the sunset by the lakeside - Suitable as a French restaurant settings - Less noise, optimal lighting Character List 1. The Boss by Azzam 2. The Assistant of boss by Chin Tze Wei 3. The Restaurant Manageress and Cashier by Shery 4. The Waitress by Sharon 7. 7 Procedure No. Date Item Discription 1 7 April 2014 First meeting To meet up with all members, briefly understand our task and do some research and brainstorm. 2 14 April 2014 Second discussion To outline the storyline and determine the suitable concept 3 21 April 2014 Finalized meeting Finalize the storyline, settings, concepts and distribute the characters and tasks 4 21 April 5 May 2014 Preparation Prepare the scripts, handmade props, memorize the scripts, rehearse at home before shooting day. 5 22 April 2014 Contact with Backofen Restaurant Ask for approval from the restaurant for video shooting at their premise via letter and face-to-face confirmation. 6 5 May 2014 Final touch-up Before the day of video shooting, make sure everything is well prepared 7 6 May 2014 Shooting day Video shooting at Backofen Restaurant outdoor premises at the evening for four hours. 8 10 May 2014 Video editing Video Editing using Windows Movie Maker and add in subtitles, concept indications and credits. 9 2 June 2014 Presentation day Present our video in class. 8. 8 Discussion Discussion 1 ( First meeting ) We get to know each other better and understand the overall requirements and instructions of the assignments in class. Then, we start to brainstorm about the storyline that we all agree. Discussion 2 ( Second meeting ) After preparing our individual ideas at home, each of us presented our ideas to our members and we outline the storyline and started to insert suitable concepts behind each idea. Through group discussion, we can refine our work better and have a more holistic point of view instead of heading towards a persons opinion. Discussion 3 ( Final meeting ) We polished, elaborated and finalized the storyline, determined the suitable settings, distributed the tasks and allocated roles accordingly to every member. We agreed to video shoot at Backofen restaurant due to its strategic location (at our campus) and fine dining ambience. Each of us was in charge of different props, for example Shery was in- charge of the briefcase and towel whereby Sharon was in-charge of the table-cloth, menu and documents whereas the boys were responsible for their attire. Besides, Shery was the script writer and Sharon and Shery were the cameramen. Also, we had Azzam as the boss, Chin as the assistant, Shery as the manageress and Sharon as the waitress. At this stage, everything had been finalize so that preparation can be done in the following week. 9. 9 Concepts 1. Schema Schema is a cognitive framework that is created automatically based on a basis of experience. In our video, we set the schema of a rich boss with fine attire such as polished shoes, neat suit and tie holding a briefcase symbolizing affluence and prestigious. Whereas for the schema of a poor guy were untidy dressings, slippers and uncombed hair. The waitress served the customers according to her schemas which ended up in an embarrassing ending: The boss is the jersey guy was treated rudely and the worker in suit and tie was treated like a boss. We would like to demolish this kind of schema by uncovering the true identities of the two persons little by little as the story flows. Schema is important to guide us to understand the world, but some of the schemas formed might not be accurate and can be misleading. Thus, be wise in perceiving things and never trust schemas as reality. 2. Stereotype A situation whereby all members of a group who share a common feature are assumed to be in certain categories or standards based on the ideas held against them without further understandings and reasoning. In the video, the man with classy look was stereotyped as a prestigious person, highly educated and well-mannered. In contrary, the guy in jersey was stereotyped as poor, illiterate and unmannered. But in the end of the story, it shows that stereotypes is one of the trouble that schemas brought and we should never judge a book by its cover. 3. BIRGing Basking In Reflected Glory means feeling good by identifying with others who are successful. In the video, the waitress showed clear signs of BIRGing as she felt the superiority when serving and interacting with the Boss she though. This concept influenced her attitude and service towards him. 4. ABCs of Attitude ( Affective component, behavioral component and Cognitive component ) Attitude is the tendency to evaluate a person, object or idea with certain degree of approval or disapproval. In this context, we would like to analyze the waitress attitude of strong disapproval towards the real boss. In affective component, she felt that the man in jersey and slippers must be a poor guy. Next, in behavioral component, she despise his action of mispronouncing the French words in the Menu. In Cognitive component, her knowledge and experience told her that a 10. 10 poor guy who order such an expensive dish must not be able to pay for it, predicting that he might probably slip away after finishing the meal. 5. Cognitive Development Theories by Jean Piaget First, is the identification of schema. The schema of judging a persons economic status was influenced by the way a person dress is deeply encoded in the Waitress mind, serving as an index file. Second, assimilation took place. The data was classified and inserted into different index file. For instance, the waitress had placed the man in suit and tie into the file of rich man whereas the man in jersey and slippers into the file of poor guy. Third, followed by accommodation. Existing schema was modified to accommodate more info but is still within the range of the original schema, just the expansion of data quantity. For instance, the schema of Rich guy usually enjoys French cuisine is added and also poor guy also wanted to eat like a king. Forth, equilibrium. This is the stage where assimilation and accommodation took place together, This further reinforces the schema. For example, poor guy does not know how to read French and Rich man is always courteous and secured. Fifth, equilibration. This is the time when the new info does not submit to the equilibrium process which means that the comfort zone was demolished and schemas are needed to relocate and refined to accommodate the data. For instance, when the waitress found out the true identities of the guests, her schemas of judging peoples wealth status is completely demolished, therefore forcing her to accept the truth of the reality and therefore change her mindset. 11. 11 Reference: Duff, K. (2012). Think Social Psychology. Unknown. Person Education Inc. Lim, J. (2014, April 6). Pickup Line [Video file]. Retrieved from 12. 12 Appendix 1. Script SCENE 1 Settings: Taylors roundabout Characters: Azzam,Chin,Shery * The car drives to the roundabout and stops in front of Starbucks* *Camera focus on both shoes* * Driver throws the key to the Jokey and both walks away* SCENE 2 Settings: In the restaurant Characters: Azzam,Chin,Sharon,Shery * Manager greets the customers* Manager: Welcome! How many people,Sir? Chin: Table for two please! * Doors open dramatically* * Both customer enters (camera will focus on the drivers face & attire) * The waiter looks at the boss (up & down)* *camera moves up & down* * Both customers,proceed to the table* SCENE 3 Settings: Table Characters: Azzam,Chin,Sharon *waiter gives menu to the customers* * customers look at the menu* *waiter comes* Sharon: Are you ready to order? (say it nicely to the driver) Chin: Yes,what is your specialty here? Sharon: Our specialty here is the famous red lobster. Azzam: Is it any good? Sharon: *rolls eyes* Yes that is why it is called as our SPECIALTY Chin: Okay,then Ill have a Mushroom soup and ice water please! Sharon: Good choice,Sir! And you..? (to the boss) Azzam: Ill have the red lobster and some sparkling juice please! Sharon: *looks shocked* Okay *goes to the kitchen* 13. 13 SCENE 4 * waiter brings food to the customers* * serves it nicely to the driver and serves it rudely to the driver* *camera will focus on the waiter, talking about the boss and driver* Sharon: Will that guy be able to pay for his food? Hes not going to make any tactics is he? Or maybe,he would pretend to go to the toilet and jump out from there?! :O * camera will shoot at the comparison of how both customers eat* * the way the driver eat will be very messy and vice versa with the boss* * a phone rang, the boss and driver will take out their phones* * camera focus on boss phone (iphone) and drivers phone (nokia)* Azzam: Hello? Yeah sure,Im at the restaurant. * an employee comes in with a document in her hand to give it to the boss* Employee: Hi boss! Sorry Im a bit late! Azzam: Its okay,can you pass me my briefcase Chin: Sure boss! * takes out a pen to sign the documents* * Upon hearing the conversation, the waiter was shocked knowing that the poorly dressed guy is actually THE BOSS* * camera will focus on the waiter and her expression* * camera will focus on the document *MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT* Employee: Thank you Sir,enjoy your lunch. Azzam: Will do,thank you! SCENE 5 Settings: Cashier * boss and driver goes to the cashier* Chin: Separate bills please! Sharon: Yes, sure. * driver pays for his food with RM20 notes* Sharon: Heres your bill,Sir * takes out his THICK WALLET* Azzam: Can I pay it with credit card? Sharon: Yes you can Azzam: Nevermind,Im gonna pay it with cash instead *smirk* * The waiter looks shocked and feel ashamed of herself* * waiter gives receipt* Azzam: Thank you. *almost walk out of the restaurant but turns to the waiter again* 14. 14 Azzam: Oh and please, never judge the book by its cover! *walks away while holding the briefcase* * camera focus on the waiters face* Chin: Oh let me help you with the briefcase boss! * camera will focus on their backs while both of them walk out of the restaurant* -THE END- 15. 15 2. Props A. The menu B. The agreement