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Slovak painters Základná škola Viliama Záborského Vráble Slovakia Erasmus+ - Socialize, observe, learn

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Slovak paintersZkladn kola Viliama ZborskhoVrble Slovakia

Erasmus+ - Socialize, observe, learn

Hello. We are pupils from Slovakia and we created this presentation of our Slovak artists for you.In Slovakia we have a lot of famous painters and to talk about them would be for a long time. Therefore we are going to introduce you only the most great and famous artists whose masterpieces are interesting also for us.Here you will be able to see also our own artworks which we created inspired by masterpieces of Slovakian painters.

Martin Benka (1888-1971)

Martin Benka is the founder of Modernist in 20th century of Slovak Painting.As the first from painters he got the title - National artist.His heroes were people living in communication with nature. Nobody before him didnt fulfill this concept so richly and greatly.He is buried in theNational Cemetery in Martin.

In his works Benka was inspired by the life of simple people.

Benka often traveled around the countryside, documentingthe life and nature in his works, many of which he did outdoors .

Benkas artworks

Students artworks

Janko Alexy (1894-1970)He was a famous Slovak writer and painter.He was - together with Benka and Fulla one of personalities in the beginning of Modern Slovak Art.Pastel was his most characteristic artistic technique.His extensive work is created from 1, 300 oils , pastels , tempera and art inspired of legends , landscape and its beauty.

Alexy liked painting of city districts and our beautiful town Bratislava.

He was much interested in folk art.

Pupils artworks

udovt Fulla(1902-1980)

Fulla's work was very important for the establishment ofSlovakian Modernism.He always found inspiration in nature, architecture and the life of people in village and their wonderful and colorful folk costumes.Bright colours are typical for his masterpieces.Fulla was recognized for generations for his bright red, orange and yellow.Cubism of Pablo Picasso influanced his work.

Childrens artworks are his best works which were admired by other painters.He was great illustrator of folk fairytales.

His other artworks.

Pupils artworks

Vincent Hlonk(1919-1997)

He was a famous Slovak painter and sculptor in the twentieth century.He is the most important Slovak painter of art generation painters of Second World War, young avant-garde.He illustrated about a hundred works of world and national literature.He was a founder of Slovak modern graphics.

The position of man in the world was dominated in his work.

His work was influenced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

Pupils artworks

Thanks for your interest!

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