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  • Catalogue of the Albert Hoxie Slide Collection

    Compiled by Kent Fielding Schull Summer 2001

    Collection Owned by the Department of History, UCLA

  • Introduction

    This catalogue is a guide to the contents of Albert Hoxie’s entire slide collection of over 160,000 slides of art and architecture from all periods and from around the world. It is ordered according to his method of organization. There are three major sections. Section I is organized according to Area, Painter, and Time Period, for example: if you wish to see if the collection contains the works of Titian, look under Italian Painters 16th Century. Section II consists of artists and artistic works other than paintings and is organized according to Place, Subject Type, and Time Period,1 therefore if you want the sculptural works of Michelangelo then look up under Italian Artists 16th Century. Section III consists of numerous slides taken of sites and architecture around the world. This section is organized according to country, town/city, and specific place.2 For example if you want to see if the collection holds slides of Christ’s Church College in Oxford, England; you would look under Central England, Oxford, Christ’s Church, etc.3 It is also possible to search the collection by using the binoculars icon in the Adobe Acrobat Reader (assuming you have the PDF form of this document).

    We strongly encourage faculty participation in the identification of slides. If you find an artist, area, or time period that is of interest and would like to use the slides or hasten the process of digitization, please contact Kent Schull:

    Disclaimer: there are many spelling errors in this catalogue due to the poor handwriting on many of the slides. I neither had the time nor the energy to research every name and place to ensure proper spelling. Therefore, the spelling of specific artists or places may vary according to standardized norms and require patience in locating it. It is often difficult to distinguish between Albert Hoxie’s letter k and h; u and n; r and e; i and e; and j, z, g, y, and q. Your understanding is appreciated and corrections are encouraged, please use the above contact information. Also, not every site contained in the collection is listed in the catalogue. Albert Hoxie, at times, only listed the country and town/city visited and not every specific place within that town/city. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific site, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, but it is not listed in the catalogue under Istanbul, it may still be in the collection. If this occurs please contact me and I can make a specific physical collection search.

    Kent Fielding Schull, curator The Albert Hoxie Slide Collection

    Department of History, UCLA

    1 In many cases there is no time period but simply labeled as Indian Art or Chinese Art, etc.. 2 In some cases the slides were taken at a time when several of the countries were known by different names. As a matter of consistency I have kept the country names Albert Hoxie used, for example Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, etc. 3 In some cases, depending on the number of slides, Albert Hoxie divided countries into areas such as North and South France or North, Central, and South England. Rome has so many slides that it possesses its own subsection in Section III.

  • Table of Contents

    Section I: Paintings pp. 1-108 Pre-Historic p. 1 Egypt- Pharonic p. 1 Egypt- Fayum p. 1 Near Eastern p. 1 Minoan & Mycenaean p. 1 Greek p. 1 Laconian & Etruscan p. 1 Roman p. 1 Roman Mosaics p. 1 Early Christian p. 1 Byzantine p. 1 Illuminated Manuscripts p. 1 Italian Painters Pre 15th-20th Centuries pp. 2-27 Flemish Painters 14th-20th Centuries pp. 28-33 German Painters 12th-20th Centuries pp. 34-45 Polish Painters p. 45 Czech Painters p. 45 Austrian Painters p. 46 Hungarian Painters p. 47 Danish Painters p. 47 Swedish Painters p. 48 Norwegian Painters p. 49 Russian Painters pp. 50-1 Romanian Painters pp. 51 Yugoslavian Painters pp. 51 Spanish Painters 12th-20th Centuries pp. 52-7 Portuguese Painters p. 57 Dutch Painters 15th-20th Centuries pp. 58-64 French Painters 14th-20th Centuries pp. 65-79 British Painters through 20th Century pp. 80-91 American Painters 18th-20th Centuries pp. 92-104 Canadian Painters pp. 105-06 Mexican Painters p. 106 Australian Painters p. 107 Turkish p. 108 Persian p. 108 Afghani-Turfan p. 108 Indian p. 108 Nepalese, Tibetan, Thai p. 108 Chinese p. 108 Japanese p. 108 Australian Aboriginal p. 108 Native American p. 108

  • Section II: Art other than Paintings pp. 109-33 Tapestries p. 109 Stained Glass p. 109 Enamels p. 109 Ceramics p. 109

    ` Stone Age Art p. 110 Egyptian Art p. 110 Ancient Oriental Art p. 110 Pre-Greek Art p. 110 Greek Art p. 111 Greek Vases p. 111 Etruscan Art p. 111 Roman Art p. 111 Art of Late Antiquity p. 112 Byzantine Art p. 112 Early Medieval Art p. 112 Italian Art pp. 113-18 French Art pp. 119-21 Spanish Art p. 122 Portuguese Art p. 122 Flemish Art p. 123 German Art pp. 123-25 English Art pp. 126-27 Norwegian Art p. 128 Danish Art p. 128 Swedish Art p. 128 Russian Art p. 128 Yugoslavian Art p. 128 Canadian Art p. 128 Australian Art p. 128 Mexican Art p. 128 American Art pp. 129-30 Near Eastern Art p. 131 Afghan Art p. 131 Indian Art p. 131 Southeast Asian Art p. 131 Himalayan Art p. 131 Chinese Art p. 131 Japanese Art p. 131 African Art p. 131 Pre-Columbian Art p. 132 Ethnic Art p. 132 Minerals p. 133 Maps p. 133

  • Section III: Sites and Architecture, Worldwide pp. 134-264 Ireland pp. 134-36 England pp. 137-48 Wales p. 148 Scotland pp. 149-51 Norway p. 152 Sweden p. 152 Denmark p. 153 Germany pp. 154-62 Poland pp. 163-64 Czechoslovakia pp. 165-66 Hungary p. 166 Austria pp. 167-73 Switzerland p. 174 Netherlands p. 175 Belgium pp. 176-77 France pp. 178-89 Spain pp.190-97 Portugal pp. 198-99 Italy pp. 200-27 Rome pp. 218-20 Malta p. 228 Russia pp. 229-31 Singapore & Indonesia p. 232 Australia p. 232 Fiji p. 232 Romania p. 233 Yugoslavia p. 234 Greece pp. 235-36 Turkey pp. 237-41 Lebanon & Syria p. 242 Egypt pp. 242-43 Tunisia pp. 244-45 Algeria pp. 246-47 Iraq pp. 248-49 Persia pp. 250-51 India pp. 252-55 Nepal p. 256 Sri Lanka p. 256 Thailand p. 256 Mexico pp. 257-59 Guatemala p. 260 The United States of America pp. 261-64

  • 1

    Catalogue of the Albert Hoxie Slide Collection

    Section I: Paintings

    Pre-Historic Paintings Pre-Historic Paintings Drawer 1

    Egypt-Pharaonic Paintings Egypt Pharaonic Drawer 1

    Egypt-Fayum Paintings Egypt-Fayum Drawers 2-3

    Near Eastern Paintings Near Eastern Drawer 3

    Minoan & Mycenaean Paintings Minoan and Myceaean Drawers 3-4

    Greek Paintings Greek Drawer 4

    Laconian & Etruscan Paintings Laconian & Etruscan Drawers 4-5

    Roman Paintings Roman Drawers 5-6

    Roman Mosaics Roman mosaics Drawers 6-9

    Early Christian Paintings Early Christian Drawer 10

    Byzantine Paintings Byzantine Drawers 10-11

    Illuminated Manuscripts Illuminated manuscripts Drawers 11-13

  • 2

    Italian Painters Pre-15th Century

    Anonymous Italian Drawer 15 Altichiero Drawer 15 Alvero da Portogallo Drawer 15 Ambrogie Veneziano Drawer 15 Andrea di Bartolo Drawer 15 Antonio da Ferrara Drawer 15 Antonio da Saliba Drawer 15 Barna da Siena Drawer 15 Barnado da Modena Drawer 15 Baronzio Drawer 15 Bartole di Fredi Drawer 15 Bicci di Lorenzo Drawer 15 Bologna School Drawer 15 Berlingheiri Drawer 15 Bonsi Drawer 15 Buonacorso Drawer 15 Campana Drawer 15 Carlo da Camerino Drawer 15 Caterino Venezcana Drawer 15 Cecco di Pietro Drawer 15 Cenni di Francesco Drawer 15 Cenni di Su Cenni Drawer 15 Cimabae Drawer 15 Cimabae School Drawer 15 Cristiani, Giovanni di Bart Drawer 16 Cristofo di Bolgna Drawer 16 Daddi, Bernardo Drawer 16 Dossale Master Drawer 16 Domenico di Bartolo Drawer 16 Duccio Drawers 16-17 Duccio School Drawer 17 Florentine School Drawer 17 Falcone Drawer 17 Francesco de Franceschi Drawer 17 Gaddi, Angnolo Drawer 17 Gaddi, Taddeo Drawer 17 Gerini, Lorenzo di Nicolo Drawer 17 Gerini, Nicolo di Pietro Drawer 17 Giamboro, Michele Drawer 17 Giovanni da Melano Drawer 17 Giovanni da Modena Drawer 17 Giovanni del Beondo Drawer 17 Giovanni del Francesco Drawer 17 Giovanni de Porte Drawer 17

  • 3

    Giovanni and Nicolo Drawer 18 Giovanni Toscana Drawer 18 Giotto Drawer 18 Giottino Drawer 18 Giuliano da Rimini Drawer 18 Gregorio and Donato dAezzo Drawer 18 Guallieri di Giovanni di Pesa Drawer 18 Guariento Drawer 18 Guedo da Siena Drawer 18 Jacopino da Bologna Drawer 18 Jacopo del Casentino Drawer 18 Jacopo da Cione Drawer 18 Jaco Drawer 18 Jacopo del Fiore Drawer 19 Lianori, Pietro Drawer 19 Lippi di Bienviani Drawer 19 Lorenzetto, Ambogio Drawer 19 Lorenzette, Pietro Drawer 19 Lorenzo di Bicci Drawer 19 Lorenzo di Nicolo Drawer 19 Lorenzo Veneziano Drawer 19 Luca de Tome Drawer 20 Margarietone Drawer 20 Mariatto di Nardo Drawer 20 Martini, Semone Drawer 20 Martorelli, Giovanni Drawer 20 Maso di Banco Drawer 20 Master of the Badia at Isole Drawer 20 Master of the Bigallo Drawer 20 Master of Citta di Costello Drawer 21 Master of the Coronation of Urbino Drawer 21 Master of St. Creslia Drawer 21 Master of the Fabriano Altar Circle Drawer 21 Master of St. Francis Drawer 21 Master of the Francisian Crusifix Drawer 21 Mater of the Fogg Piela Drawer 21 Master of the St. Zalgano Story Drawer 21 Master of the St. John Drawer 21 Master of the Sun Luccesse Drawer 21 Master of the Magdalen Legend Drawer 21 Master of the Mediei Chapel Altarfreico Drawer 21 Master of the Misescodia Drawer 21 Master of the Ovile Drawer 21 Master of the Reb