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  • Understanding INTEGRATED CARE

  • 2 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E


    Signature CareConnect is a network of

    affiliated healthcare professionals united

    by the common goal of providing seamless

    care and support. Through proactive,

    conscientious and professional care,

    our collective goal is for seniors to enjoy

    the comfort of their own home as long

    as possible. If a hospital admittance is

    necessary, Signature CareConnect works

    together as a team to reduce the length of

    stay and help prevent re-admission after

    discharge due to heart attack, heart failure,

    pneumonia and other complications.


    Signature CareConnect is built on a

    foundation of genuine care and proactive

    treatment through a network of qualified

    health care professionals. We consider

    it a privilege and an honor to provide

    individualized care for our patients and

    guests. Through strategic alignment with

    partners that share in this principal of

    care, Signature CareConnect is able to

    provide consistent service across the entire

    spectrum of senior healthcare.

    Members of the Signature CareConnect

    network display A Proud Partner badge

    which features the tagline, Integrated

    Care for Better Living. What does this

    mean to those receiving care under the

    Signature CareConnect umbrella? It

    means comprehensive and professional

    assistance navigating a confusing health

    care system. It means consistent, unified

    care across a spectrum of services with

    a singular purpose: Keeping seniors in

    their home as long as

    possible, reducing the

    length of hospital stays,

    and fewer re-admissions.


  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 3

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    Signature CareConnect delivers peace of

    mind through seamless care provided

    by an extensive network of professional

    service providers. The Signature

    CareConnect network of partners helps

    individuals navigate the health care system

    by providing timely, appropriate, and

    thoughtful care at any point in the patients

    entrance to the health care system.

    The Signature CareConnect network of

    professional health care providers ensures

    that the entire spectrum of an individuals

    health care needs are adequately met at

    the appropriate time. The spectrum of care

    that the Signature CareConnect network

    provides is designed to provide the best

    possible carecome what may in the life of

    our valued guests and patients.


    The Signature CareConnect network is

    unique in its comprehensive depth in care

    providers, facilities, administrators, health

    care professionals and most importantly

    the integral commitment to the well being

    of the lives it touches.

    Your commitment to quality service

    through the SCC network is its strongest

    asset. The more you know about the

    procedures, services and partners, the

    more equipped youll be to deliver on

    the mission to guide seniors through the

    complete continuum of care.

  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 5

  • 6 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E

    As healthcare becomes increasingly

    specialized, coordination between

    providers and settings is too often

    not conducted as a team effort. Poor

    coordination of care can result in

    hospital readmissions, many of which are


    The frequency of patients returning to

    hospitals soon after being discharged is a

    problem plaguing the American healthcare

    system at an estimated cost of $12 billion in

    Medicare spending and $25 billion across all

    payers annually. Some experts estimate up to

    76% of re-hospitalizations are avoidable.

    Increasingly, hospitals are being asked to

    lead the change in acute-post-acute care

    transitions. Also, demonstration projects

    are commencing on bundled payments

    to hospitals, an expanded DRG payment

    that will encompass post-acute care for the

    following 30 days, making the hospital the

    purchaser of transitional care, home health

    and home care. This effort is designed to

    reduce the silo effect of our acute-post-

    acute care system and bring accountability

    and control to bear on the utilization of

    post-acute services.

    These initiatives mean as post-acute

    providers we must embrace our

    responsibility to function with our acute

    care partners are part of the health care

    system, driving efficiencies, effectiveness

    and seamless transitions of care.

    Post-acute providers must begin to think

    of themselves as part of a system of

    health care. This new environment will

    require post-acute providers to better

    know their partnering hospitals to step up

    their clinical offerings, and to provide for

    transparency on costs and outcomes, in

    order to survive.


  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 7

    Signature CareConnect is positioned

    to help our customers partner with their

    referring hospitals through innovative and

    substantive approaches:

    Protocol-driven clinical programs are the

    foundation to any accountable and effective

    post-acute care. We will help to customize

    these programs to referring hospitals

    for seamless transitions, making patient

    transfers safer and faster.

    This information can build a first step to

    finding an opportunity to partner with

    the hospital. SCC leaders and managers

    represent experience across the continuum-

    from outpatient services. Our experience

    and connections can help you navigate the

    changing business and referral world.

    Establishing a Care Continuum with

    Signature CareConnect partners in post-

    acute care: home health, home care,

    and hospice, can better serve the post

    acute needs of your community with an

    integrated solution.


    Coordinating care is identified by

    healthcare systems as a best practice

    toward standardizing patient outcomes

    and controlling risk.

    CareConnect establishes Clinical Liaisons

    in area hospitals as the first entry point to

    the SCC network. These Clinical Liaisons

    focus on safer and more efficient care

    transitions out of the hospital, ease

    patient and family anxiety, and ready the

    receiving teamfor the patient condition.

    The next stage of CareConnect involves

    a continuous clinical pathway across the


  • 8 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E



    We understand the confusion, frustration

    and helplessness that patients and their

    families often feel when entering the

    health care system. Signature CareConnect

    provides educated answers, guidance, and

    professional, attentive healthcare allowing

    families to concentrate on what matters

    mostbeing there for their loved ones.

    We challenge every member of the

    Signature CareConnect network to

    understand and empathize with the unique

    needs of our clientele and their families

    so that together we can bring relief,

    reassurance and proactive healthcare to

    our patients and guests.


    No one enters the health care system

    by choice. Injury and illness thrust

    individuals into a healthcare system that

    they do not understand or trust. Signature

    CareConnect helps provide peace of mind

    through a network of caring healthcare

    professionals dedicated to making health

    concerns less concerning.


    By having trained healthcare professionals

    and administrators in place that

    understand the myriad of options afforded

    to a senior while in care, the Signature

    CareConnect network and referral system

    creates a safety net for the patients

    ensuring ease of transition, quality care,

    clear direction and predictability. Thats

    why Signature CareConnect existsto

    create the best possible scenario for our


  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 9

  • 10 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E



    The Signature CareConnect partner

    program ensures that the continuum of

    care is left unbroken for seniors in the

    SCC network. Each service provider under

    SCC is a part of an elite and specialized

    workforce that we call partners. Each

    partner is committed to the level of service

    and integrity that Signature CareConnect

    stands for. Extensive SCC partner services

    include skilled nursing, rehabilitation,

    home care, hospice, memory care,

    independent living and assisted living.


    As seniors care needs change and evolve,

    its the responsibility of the healthcare

    professionals within the SCC network to

    be aware of the partner network so they

    can readily recommend and refer to other

    SCC service partners. This referral network

    aids in ease of transition and also alleviates

    stress from the patient and family by

    providing a road map for future care and

    healthcare planning.


    Signature CareConnect offers peace of

    mind through seamless care provided by

    the highest caliber of professional service

    providers. The SCC badge reassures that

    the patients needs will be met every step

    of the way through an integrated approach

    to health care.

  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 11

  • 12 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E


    Our skilled nursing services emphasize

    short-stay rehabilitation, with a focus on

    medically complex cases. After illness

    or injury requires hospitalization, the

    Signature CareConnect (SCC) skilled

    nursing programs are frequently used to

    stabilize medical conditions and initiate

    comprehensive rehabilitation.


    Rehabilitation is a theme throughout the

    SCC network. From brief inpatient stays at

    our skilled nursing centers, to home health

    rehabilitation, to our on-site clinics in many

    of our Assisted Living Facilities, our belief

    is that early identification and intervention

    with rehabilitation can speed recovery,

    restore health and well being and help

    seniors avoid preventable declines that

    result from loss of strength and balance.


    Keeping seniors healthy and at home is

    the purpose behind SCC. Often, some

    home assistance makes all the difference

    between being successful and considering

    a more supported living arrangement.

    From chores, to transportation, medication

    reminders and 24-hour care, our Home

    Care network of services offer an array of

    support to help families help themselves.


    When aggressive treatment is no longer

    tolerated or desired, our SCC Hospice

    services can assist individuals and

    families in managing symptoms of

    chronic illness, so that quality of life can

    be enjoyed. Hospice is about living the

    best life you can.


  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 13


    The SCC network specializes in custom

    programming and environments for

    memory-impaired seniorsirregardless

    of level of care. These comprehensive

    programs ease the stress for patients and

    families that accompanies progressive

    memory loss and provide resources that

    enhance the quality of life for the patient.


    Gracious, supported livingretirement

    style. For seniors over 65, SCC independent

    living options include meals, life-

    enrichment activities and housekeeping

    services. This level of support allows

    seniors to spend their time and energy on

    what they want to do, rather than focusing

    on the stresses of maintaining a home.


    Designed with a social model in mind, the

    SCC network of assisted living facilities and

    personnel provide care and support for

    seniors who need help with personal care

    in addition to meals, life enrichment, and

    nursing supervision.

    With facilities located throughout Oregon

    and Washington the SCC network of

    assisted living promotes a community

    lifestyle that promotes independence and

    respects an individuals privacy.

  • 14 U N D E R S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C A R E

  • S I G N AT U R E C A R E C O N N E C T 15



    888 123 4567s ignaturecareconnect .com