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  • Sermon Discussion GuideNovember 19, 2017

    Rage Against the MachineExodus 20:8-11; 23:10-12; 31:12-18

    Ice BreakerIf you could rule the world for a day, what is one thing you would ban?

    Responses and ReactionsWhat disturbed you, challenged you, or intrigued you in this weeks message?

    Digging DeeperHow do you see the production logic of Empire playing out in our own cultural setting?

    How have you personally participated in strengthening the machine, either through your treatment of others or your treatment of yourself?

    Bringing It HomeWhat does it look like for you to create rhythms of Sabbath in your life?

    What concrete practices could help you relate to others, or even to the earth itself, in a less utilitarian fashion?

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