rage comics y u no know what rage comics are?. what are rage comics? rage comics are short comics...

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  • Rage Comics Y u no know what rage comics are?
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  • What are rage comics? Rage comics are short comics everyday people make to show funny life incidents/events. Rage Comics are characterized by their white panel background and premade characters with various facial expressions known as Rage Faces
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  • Examples
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  • This is just one example of everyday humor that is used to make these comics.
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  • Sometimes Rage Comics dont even need a storyline!
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  • History/ Facts The first rage face was the rage guy. Originated in 2007 on the site 4chan. They watermark the rage faces. Rage faces can now be seen everywhere. Rage guy
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  • In Rage comics the world Le is often used in place of the word The Le cat scratched me!
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  • The characters have names that often say Derp or Herp in them DerpDerpina Herpina Herp
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  • Sometimes the phrase Le wild. Appeared. Suddenly le wild boy appeared.
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  • Meaning of the Rage Faces Hysterically laughing The look you give when someone is acting dumb The feeling when something or someone is making no logical sense
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  • This is called a forever alone face. It shows someone not having a significant other. (Not that thats a bad thing.) Called the Me Gusta face ( since it is often depicted with the caption me gusta) it shows a sign of liking. When you just cant say yes.
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  • Success This is called a troll face A troll is someone who deliberately, cleverly, or secretly annoys people for entertainment value. This is the Y u no? face. It shows questioning.
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  • PanelPanel Wide SizesSizes Wide Long Wide Tall
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  • Another Rage Comic! Le me Le friend and I just walking down the hallway *Le me *Le friend When le friend and I pass the choir room. When le wild boy appears and starts to talk to us. Doesnt that sound heavenly? I think it sounds heavenly.
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  • Rage Comic By Rachel Holtermann Le friend and ILe kid says a couple more things then leaves. When he is out of earshot le friend says you scare me.
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  • There are many rage faces. So go find them and share your own stories through these comics! By Rachel Holtermann and Jenna Suhr