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Roots Premium Spirits Cocktail List


(+0'5641165GREEK PREMIUM SPIRITS SEASONAL LISTOF EXCEPTIONAL DRINKSHANDCRAFTED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS; THE FINEST QUALITY DIGESTIFS AND SHOTSMASTIHADistillate of mastiha resin from the unique mastiha trees on chios island.Straight in room temperature or from the freezer.RAKOMELO Grape pomace distillate with natu-ral honey from mani, stirred with cinnamon and clove buds.Incredible frozen or warm shot, also enjoyed in room temperature.HERB SPIRIT Extracts of diktamo, a special herb from crete, blended with vanilla pods, licorice root extracts of nut-meg nuts and a big variety of herbs from the greek natureStraight in room temperature or from the fridge.TENTURA Cinnamon extracts spiced up with clove budsStraight in room temperature or from the fridge.THE CLASSICSRoots Tentura with rum, coca cola and 2 lime slicesRoots Tentura with apple juice and an apple slice Roots Herb Spirit with tonic and a lime slice Roots Herb Spirit with soda and a lemon slice Roots Mastiha with 7up and a pink grapefruit slice Roots Mastiha with fresh lemonade and a lemon slice Roots Rakomelo with ginger ale and a fresh ginger Roots Rakomelowith 7upBrought to you by the pere ubu team, Glyfada - AthensGeorge Antonoglou, Filippos Galanakos, Giannis Petris, Vassilis RoussosTHE INSPIRATIONALSCHIOS KISSThe panorama of Ag. Eirinis square is ideal to send sweet kisses to passers-by. Roots Mastiha simply elevates the spot and the moment.60 ml Roots Mastiha30 ml Honey - Thyme syrup30 ml Lemon juiceBasil foamUse a Martini Glass and garnish with basil leaves.Teo Spyropoulos, Tailor Made, Monastiraki - AthensTRIP TO VALENCIAA fresh sea breeze around Milans Navigli canal district. Artisanal tastes meet the world capital of fashion and design.70 ml Roots Mastiha40 ml Roses Lime Jiuce 15 ml Fresh lime jiuce Stir and strain and use an old fashioned glass. Top with Valencia bitter orange foam and garnish with a twist of orange.Eduardo Nono, Rita, Navigli - MilanMERMAID FRAUDA mighty Julep with the mighty Roots Herb Spirit. Vigorous bartender Alexandros claims he was just thinking of a mermaid on the making.55ml Roots Herb Spirit 20ml lemon&lime sherbet 15ml fresh lemon juice 1 dash Angostura bitters 3 cucumber slices 8 mint leaves top up with SodaIn a Julep tin and (optionally) an iron straw, garnish with a cinnamon stick and two cucumber slices.Alexandros Gkikopoulos, Apsendi Mystery Box Project, Halandri - AthensSWEET LEMON SOULDanger always has a sweet side. An adventurous safari of tastes in an originally cool, illustrative and playful place.60ml Roots Herb Spirit 20ml kitro (citrus) of Naxos liqueur 20ml fresh lime juice 4 basil leaves 20ml honey syrup (2 honey : 1 water) 2 teaspoons of powdered sugarServe in a jar or old fashioned glass. Garnish with basil leaves and slices of orange and citrus.Anestis Zamanopoulos, 7 Jokers, Syntagma - AthensEL CAPITANOLike every captain with his crew, El Capitano is strong and tender. Tequila with orange flavors and Roots Tentura.30ml Roots Tentura infused with orange 60ml Don Julio Aejo 10ml Triple Sec 2 dashes AngosturaStir and Roll and use a nice coupette glass.Panagiotis Theofanis, A for Athens, Monastiraki - Athens COSA DI FAMIGLIAFamily matters in Italy, as much as great cocktail ingredients for a perfectionist. Roots Tentura is part of this closed famiglia now.20ml Roots Tentura 20ml Cachaa 80ml Apple Juice 10ml Fresh Lime Juice 10ml Honey Syrup (1:1)Use a classic Martini glass and garnish with a sprig of mint.Umberto Consiglio Lacerba, Porta Romana - MilanTHE INSPIRATIONALSHONEY, IM HOME!A handcrafted custom made glass for a one-of-a kind honey and lavender nectar. Enjoy it with your honey.60ml Roots Rakomelo infused with lavender sticks and orange zest 30ml pink grapefruit juice 20ml lemon juice1 egg white 2 dashes chocolate bittersDry shake, optionally with a spring inside the shaker for better foam. The glass used here is a handcrafted patent of the bar, alternatively use a tiki glass. Garnish with bitter chocolate pieces, cinnamon sticks and lavender.Kostantinos Papakostantinou, Theory Bar & More, Halandri - Athens ACE TENTURAOffice hours on the beach and an Ace Tentura by a notorious bar figure after work. Me gusta la canela* on the Athens sea front.30ml Roots Tentura 30ml dark rum 20ml lime juice 30ml passion fruit puree caramel syrupBuild & swizzle in an iron mug and add crushed ice. Garnish with passion fruit slice and a cherry.Giannis Petros Petris, Pere Ubu, Glyfada - Athens*Me gustas tu - Manu ChaoROOTS 66A punk guitar player barman, Roots Rakomelo and spicy ginger beer. Get Your Kicks on Roots 66! 50ml Roots Rakomelo 4 lime wedges 2 dashes Angostura bitters 10ml orgeat syrup top up with Pimento Ginger BeerMuddle & build in a tall cool jar. Add crushed ice and garnish with pink grapefruit.George Antonoglou Pere Ubu, Glyfada - AthensMEDITARRANEAN GLORY FIZZA taste inspired from the absolute mediterra-nean beauty of Sophia Loren, enjoyed with the Acropolis in the background and named after its World Class glory*.15ml Roots Mastiha 50ml Ciroc vodka 15ml pomegranate syrup 20ml fresh lemon juice 3 dashes rosewater 15ml egg whiteDry shake, add 7ml Punt E Mes and top up with soda, in a goblet glass.Thodoris Pirillos, A for Athens, Monastiraki - Athens* Thodoris was the winner of Diageo World Class Greece 2013 and a Global finalist, with the Mediterranean Glory Fizz and other recipes MUDHONEY As chic and classy as muddling can get. Instead of a squash game after work, squash some lime and get the honey juice.40ml Roots Rakomelo20ml dark rum1/2 lime20 ml syrup or 1 teaspoon sugar15ml lime juiceMuddle the lime with the syrup and the lime juice and top up with Fentimans ginger ale. Serve in a tall glass, garnished with mint flowers.Nikolas Siskos, Casa, Kifisia - Athens HERB PAANTSCHHindi 'panch' was sent to England from India by sailors of the British East India Company in the early seventeenth century. Later on Jamaican rum came into use in the modern punch. Today the 'game' is on in the heart of Athens with the original Roots Herb Spirit punch.60ml Roots Herb Spirit20ml fresh lemon juice15ml ginger syrup15ml cucumber syrup7.5ml vanilla madagascar syrupShake with ice and strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice, garnish with slice of cucumber, mint and grated nutmeg on top.Pashalis Kapsalis, 'Toy', Karytsi square, Athens38 Solonos str. Kolonaki, Athens, 10672, Greece | T +30 211 0122 404 | E WWW.FINESTROOTS.COM