SEABREEZE HIGH SCHOOL December 2017 CRAB CLAUSE HIGH SCHOOL December 2017 CRAB CLAUSE A cooperative effort of Seabreeze High School and the SHS PTSA Seabreeze Sandcrabs are held to high ethical standards in our pursuit of academic achievement

Download SEABREEZE HIGH SCHOOL December 2017 CRAB CLAUSE  HIGH SCHOOL December 2017 CRAB CLAUSE A cooperative effort of Seabreeze High School and the SHS PTSA Seabreeze Sandcrabs are held to high ethical standards in our pursuit of academic achievement

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<ul><li><p>SEABREEZE HIGH SCHOOL December 2017</p><p>CRAB CLAUSE A cooperative effort of Seabreeze High School and the SHS PTSASeabreeze Sandcrabs are held to high ethical standards in our pursuit of academic achievement. As a student of Seabreeze High School, I understand that academic dishonesty defeats the purpose of education. Cheating, plagiarism, stealing, and lying are neither acceptable nor tolerated. Every task and accomplishment will be a true refl ection of my effort.</p><p>Dear Seabreeze family,What a first semester we have had! Another Hurricane, this one named Irma, and all the various challenges that event presented! I cannot complement our student body, faculty, staff , and community enough for their perseverance through these challenging mes. Here at Seabreeze High we have maintained our focus by providing great experiences for our students throughout the various </p><p>challenges. We had our special visit from London offi cially invi ng our Band and Orchestra to perform in the 2019 New Years Day parade. It was quite an event! In addi on, our AMT had another great performance with their rendi on of FAME! Congratula ons to Julie Wilson, our Teacher of the Year, for being named one of the fi ve fi nalists for Volusia County Teacher of the Year! On the Academic front, our Cambridge/AICE program under the guidance of Mrs. Gaines and our new Allied Health Academy under the direc on of Brian Eschen, are both doing well providing our students with more opportuni es to realize their dreams.</p><p>As we fast approach the end of this semester, please remember the second grading period will end on Wednesday, December 20th. Our winter break will start for students at the end of the day Wednesday the 20th and classes will resume on Monday, January 8th, 2018. Dont forget that due to the me lost during Hurricane Irma there will be no Early Release Wednesdays for the month of December. </p><p>Please stay involved with your childs academic progress. We need your support in our Superintendents con nued a endance ini a ve Everybody, Every Day. A endance is the key to success. In addi on to being here every day, being on me is cri cal. If a student is late 20 minutes or leaves 20 minutes early each day he or she loses the equivalent of 80 class periods. Access the Pinnacle Electronic Grade Book to keep abreast of your students development. If you are having trouble and need assistance with Pinnacle access, please contact Mrs. Tiki Pico at tdpico @volusia.k12.fl .us. Your students chances of success are greater when their founda on of support is strong. </p><p>The pathways for success are plen ful at Seabreeze High School. Our dedicated faculty and staff will work hard to ensure that your child will be given opportuni es to be successful and will always be treated with dignity and respect. Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Go Sandcrabs!</p><p>Sincerely,Joseph RawlingsPrincipal</p><p>One-on-One Professional Tutoring </p><p>(Certified Specialists) </p><p>ALL SUBJECTS ALL LEVELS </p><p>also SAT/ACT prep </p><p> 617 S. Yonge Street Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 </p><p>386-673-9437 </p><p> </p></li><li><p>Wednesday, January 17, 2018</p><p>Informational program at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium with special performances Athletic &amp; Activities showcase and tours to follow in Caf </p><p> Visit our website to find out more about Seabreeze Academies, Activities, Athletics, Clubs, </p><p>Academics, and our outstanding student achievements. </p><p> </p><p>INCOMING FRESHMAN REGISTRATION SET FOR THE FOLLOWING DATES: </p><p>Thursday, March 22, 2018 S-Z Tuesday, March 27, 2018 I-R Thursday, March 29, 2018 F-K Tuesday, April 3, 2018 A-E </p><p>4:00-7:00 pm No appointments necessary </p></li><li><p>2017-2018 Y earbook Information</p><p>Important Informa on our Seabreeze Parents and Students should be aware of.</p><p>1. Any senior that did not have their picture taken by MPG will not appear in the 2018 Sandcrab yearbook. The last day to have your picture taken was September 2, 2017.</p><p>2. Yearbooks can be purchased during lunch in room 2-211 on Tuesday and Thursday for $55.00. They can also be purchased during 4th period in room 2-211 at any me. The price will increase to $65.00 a er December 19, 2017 &amp; $80.00 cash only when the yearbooks are distributed in April 2018. </p><p>3. Underclass pictures have been taken. Please pick up all unclaimed picture packets in Ms. Coys room 2-211. </p><p>4. The Senior Panoramic picture took place on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 7:45 am in the gym. Go to to order your picture.</p><p>5. There are s ll a few ad pages available contact Ms. Coy in 2-211 or visit, parents, yearbook. Once purchased please submit all informa on as soon as possible in order for the yearbook staff to complete all ads. All pictures and informa on need to be turned in immediately. Do not turn in any irreplaceable or one of a kind pictures. </p><p>6. Senior cap &amp; gown pictures will take place in February or March of 2018. Please make plans now. Appointments will be made with Ms. Coy in 2-211. </p><p>7. The Senior Celebra on plus Cap/Gown &amp; Yearbook Distribu on will take place in May 2018. All obliga ons need to be paid in order to pick up or purchase your 2018 yearbook. </p></li><li><p>The Florida Department of Educa on has con nued the policy on the possession of electronic devices during standardized tes ng. If students are found with an electronic device that reproduces, transmits, calculates, or records (e.g. a cell phone, camera, pager) in their pockets, clipped to their belts, at their desks, or anywhere that can be easily accessed during tes ng (even if in a purse or backpack), the test will be invalidated. It does not ma er if the devices are turned off or if students do not use them. This includes IPODs, MP3 Players, Phones, tablets, and any other electronic device </p><p>fi ng the descrip on above.For all informa on on tes ng, pleae visit our website page at</p><p> ng</p><p>TESTING AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES</p><p>View a newsle er size and price list for adver sing on the PTSA page of the website.</p><p>1/2 page $100 per issue1/4 page $50 per issue1/8 page $ 25 per issue</p><p>YOUR AD HERE</p><p>1/8 of page- $25 for one issue</p><p>Great for personal ads, thank you notes or congratula ons!</p><p>Great deals on other sizes!</p><p>In the event of an emergency, a parent informa on/mee ng area will be set up in the Cafeteria at Seabreeze High School and Mr. Rawlings and/or Mrs. Gibbons will be available to meet with parents and give them informa on concerning the safety of their children. Should Seabreeze High School need to be evacuated the parent informa on/mee ng area will be located at Mainland High School, Daytona Beach, FL 32124. 386-226-0300</p><p>I.C.E. - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY</p><p>Seabreeze High School once again earned Five Star School recogni on! Seabreeze was only one of three high schools to be recognized out of the 56 schools in our system that qualifi ed for the award. Thank you Pa Dahms, ext. 54601 for taking on the role of 5-Star Coordinator this year!</p><p>SEABREEZE FIVE STAR ACCREDITATION</p><p>ANY PERSON REQUESTING PERMISSION TO ENTER CAMPUS MUST SIGN-IN WITH CAMPUS GATE SECURITY PERSONNEL UPON ARRIVAL. THEN PROCEED TO MAIN OFFICE, BLG 3, WITH PHOTO ID.PLEASE UNDERSTAND OUR VISITOR POLICY IS TO ENSURE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF YOUR STUDENT AND OUR ENTIRE SEABREEZE STAFF.</p><p>VISITOR POLICY</p><p>In an eff ort to make the campus a safer more secure place for all, access to the North student parking lot will be limited to students with current parking permits and will not be u lized for dropping off /picking up students. Parents are to u lize the loop in front of the school to drop off and pick up students. For safety and to minimize usage parents are encouraged to pull as far forward into the loop as possible. </p><p>PARENT PICK-UP AND DROP OFF</p></li><li><p>AP Art History went to the Museum of Arts and Sciences on November 7 for the day. Students were able to see the African Collec on which includes some of the 250 images required by the College Board. Zac Zacharius, head curator for the museum, took them through the exhibit and told the group about the context and func on of the various pieces. A er viewing the African collec on they were able to look </p><p>at the other exhibits culmina ng with the Cici and Hya Brown Florida Museum. What a wonderful way to view some of the areas incredible cultural gems in Volusia county. </p><p>AP ART HISTORY</p><p>2018 Seabreeze High School Calendar will be ready in December. For over sixty years SHS ar st have created an origianl calendar of Etchings and Engravings. Calendars are for sale for $12 from Mrs. Botkin Room 5-105</p><p>IDEALISTS CALENDARS</p><p>Seabreeze ar sts exhibited at the annual Halifax Art Fes val again this year, and we had several winners. Daria Hughes and Johanna Freedman had their work selected for the extended display that begins at the Museum of Arts and Sciences and then goes to the Arthaus in Port Orange. Abigail Marais won the Helen Wessel award for Crea vity, for her colored pencil portrait and $50. Chris Wilken won the Award of Excellence for his pain ng and $190. Seabreeze is so lucky to have such a talented group of ar sts consistently. </p><p>HALIFAX ART SHOW</p></li><li><p>SENIOR INFORMATION</p><p>Mon, Aug. 28(6 pm-Open House-Aud)</p><p>All subsequent mee ngs begin at 6:00p.m. in the Media Center and are the 2nd Monday of </p><p>each month.</p><p>Check the Parent Link on our website for exact dates.</p><p>call 258-4674 ext. 54614,Jeane e Oberst for updates</p><p>PAC/SIT 17-18 MEETING DATES</p><p>You are cordially invited to a end the FREE Winter Choral Concert celebra ng PEACE on December 12, 2017, at 7 pm in the SHS auditorium. Chorus and American Musical Theater students will present a concert of songs celebra ng PEACE. These include solos, duets, ensembles and full choir pieces. Kick off your holiday season with this fes ve event! Dona ons are accepted.</p><p>AMT and C h o r u s students have been invited to perform at Walt Disney World C a n d l e l i g ht </p><p>Processional on December 13, 2017! We will be performing two shows (6:45 pm and 8:15 pm) and the Narrator for the evening is the illustrious Warwick Davis of Harry Po er and Star Wars fame. The concert is included with your Disney park admission cket, so please come support your Seabreeze students at this performance! </p><p>CHORAL &amp; AMT INFO</p><p>SENIOR CAP, GOWN, TASSEL keeper PACKAGE $65The DEADLINE to order a Cap/Gown package is quickly approaching! Orders must bereceived to Herff Jones, Inc, on or before December 31, 2017 to avoid paying a late fee.There are 3 ways to order:ONLINE www.herff by PHONE 407-647-4373 or by MAIL: Herff Jones 112 N Wymore Rd Winter Park, FL 32789. Herff Jones accepts money orders, checks (made payable to Herff Jones) and credit cards. Dont delay, order today! If you would like another brochure or order form stop by the ac vi es offi ce bldg. 2. Orders received star ng in January will increase to $85 ($20 late fee) through gradua on day.</p><p>UNIVERSAL ORLANDOS GRAD BASH 2018! $110 Seniors (only) will share a night of music, fun, and excitement with all their friends at TWO amazing theme parks. Universal Orlandos Grad Bash off ers:Coach transporta on to and from the eventAdmission to BOTH Universal Studios &amp; Universals Islands of Adventure theme parks, featuring thrilling rides and a rac onsLive concerts - Sean Paul all nights of Grad Bash 2018!Live DJsStreet entertainmentFood, beverages, and souvenirs are not included in the cost to a end bring extra spending money! Permission forms are required. Pick up the forms, and pay the $110 with Ms. Morgan in the ac vi es offi ce. Payments can also be completed Online (OSP) schools webstore. The deadline to turn in your payment and forms is Thursday, March 8th. Sorry, no refunds. </p><p>SCHEDULE OF EVENTS CALENDAR FIRST DRAFT!Senior parents who a ended the Financial Aid Night, and Senior Parent mee ng Wednesday, Oct 18th, were given a fi rst dra copy of the Schedule of Events for seniors. The sheet highlights major senior happenings and deadlines to provide an aide in a smooth transi on to the big day, GRADUATION! We ask that you periodically review the calendar ONLINE for any changes or new updates.</p><p>JUNIORS Class Ring orders!A Class Ring assembly was held for juniors on Wednesday, October 11th. Herff Jones representa ves presented informa on, and distributed brochures and price lists. Herff Jones staff returned to campus to take ring orders on 8 diff erent occasions. If youre s ll interested in ordering a class ring, contact Herff Jones at 407-647-4373. If you would like a catalog, have your student stop by the ac vi es offi ce.</p></li><li><p>1 </p><p> Aug -May YEARBOOK $55/$65/$80: Yearbooks $55 if purchased by 12/20/17. Price increases to $65 starting 12/21/17 Apr 2018. May through the end of the school year yearbooks will be $80. Cash only accepted. </p><p> Oct May 1 </p><p>FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIPS: Registration starts October 1st. You must be registered by May 1, 2018 to be eligible. Questions, please contact your students school counselor. </p><p>Wed Oct 11 </p><p>1st Senior Class Assembly/Class Panoramic: CAP &amp; GOWN Keeper Pkg. $65: Contact Herff Jones @ 407-647-4373 or Cash, money order or check (make check payable to: Herff Jones). Cap, Gown &amp; Tassel are required to participate in Senior Awards, Baccalaureate, and Commencement Exercise. Cost is $85 ($20 late fee for orders placed after 12/31/17. </p><p>Wed Oct 11 June 1 </p><p>Grad Images COMMENCEMENT PHOTOS: graduates will be photographed at the graduation ceremony. Visit, &amp; click on Pre-Event Email Registration. Enter your email and up to 6 emails of loved ones who would like to view and order your photos. Order online or call (800)261-2576. </p><p>Tue </p><p>Oct 24 Senior Parent Meeting &amp; Financial Aid Night: SHS Cafeteria. Itinerary: 5-6 PM Financial Institutions offering assistance &amp; Cap/Gown orders; 5:30-6 PM Parent Meeting; 6-7 PM Financial Aid meeting. </p><p>Mon Thu </p><p>Jan 1 - Mar 8 </p><p>GRAD BASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED ($110): Universal Orlando! Bring payment to the Activities office or pay online. Cash or check accepted (checks payable to: Seabreeze H.S.). No refunds! Parent permission and activity liability/medical (notarized) release forms are necessary to attend. Pick up forms from Ms. Morgan in the Activities office or online @ Deadline: Thu March 8th </p><p> Jan/Feb TBD </p><p>2nd SENIOR CLASS ASSEMBLY: all seniors are required to attend. Senior Events calendar will be distributed and other important senior deadlines discussed. </p><p> TBD SENIOR CAP/GOWN PORTRAITS: cap/gown provided by MPG Studios. Photos taken from 9 noon, auditorium lobby. Appointments are required. See Ms. Coy in 2-211 to schedule an appointment. </p><p> Mar </p><p>Herff Jones will be on campus to deliver senior graduation announcements &amp; take final cap/gown orders. </p><p>Thu Mar 8 GRAD BASH DEADLINE: $110 &amp; permission forms due by t...</p></li></ul>


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