scottish castles. edinburgh castle scotland’s most visited tourist attraction

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  • Scottish Castles

  • Edinburgh CastleScotlands most visited tourist attraction

  • Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle is built upon Castle Rock which is an extinct volcanoThe castle is 80 metres higher than the land in the North, West and South of the city so many tourists go here to see views over the cityThe first building within the castle was built in the 12th century St Margarets chapelSt Margaret was an English princess who married King Malcolm III and became Queen Margaret of ScotlandHer son, King David, built the chapel after her death

  • During the Scottish Wars of Independence (13th - 14th centuries) the ownership of the Castle was changed between Scotland and England many timesMany members of Scottish royalty have lived here including Queen Margaret (later became St Margaret) who died in the castle in 1093 and Mary Queen of Scots who had her son James VI in 1566 in the castle

    Left: St Margaret

    Right: Mary Queen of Scots

  • Stone of DestinyThe Stone of Destiny caused 700 years of fighting between Scotland and EnglandIt is used for the coronations of monarchs and was last used for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, our current queen, in 1953On St Andrews Day (30th November) 1996 it was returned to Scotland from England and is now in Edinburgh Castle next to the Crown Jewels

  • Honours of ScotlandThe Crown Jewels are also called the Honours of Scotland and are the oldest symbols of royalty in the British IslesThey consist of a crown with many jewels, a sceptre and a sword.The sceptre is silver with many symbols of the church on it including Mary, Jesus and St Andrew holding a Saltire Flag

  • Balmoral CastleBuilt in 1390 and is now part of Balmoral EstateBought is 1852 by Queen Victoria and Prince AlbertQueen Elizabeth II and her family spend their summer holidays in buildings next to this castle

  • Stirling Castle

  • Stirling CastleStirling Castle was built upon a massive hill in the 12th century and has steep cliffs on 3 sides of itMany wars have been fought against English soldiers in or near the castle such as the Battle of Bannockburn, Battle of Stirling Bridge and the Wars of IndependenceMany Kings and Queens lived here such as Mary, Queen of Scots, King Henry and King James

  • Dunvegan CastleDunvegan Castle is on the Isle of SkyeIt is the oldest castle in Scotland to have people living in it continuously since 1270The chiefs of the Clan MacLeod live there

  • Glamis CastleGlamis Castle is in Angus, ScotlandIt was the home of The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret was born thereIt was used as a military hospital in World War I

  • Eilean Donan CastleBuilt in 1343 on an island but connected to the mainland by a bridgeThe castle has been shown in many films such as Made of Honor and The World is Not Enough

  • Newark CastleBuilt in 1478 in Port Glasgow, ScotlandA man called Patrick Maxwell lived there for many years and was a friend of King James VI of ScotlandThere is said to be a ghost in the castle which can be seen in some photosThis is a very popular place for wedding photos because there is great views of the River Clyde behind the castle

  • Skelmorlie CastleBuilt in a village called Skelmorlie in Ayrshire in 1502Has more than 20 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and 9 kitchensThe ghost of Lady Margaret Douglas is in the castleIt was sold in 2009 for 2.5million