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1. FICCS (Foundation for International Cardiac & Childrens Services) 2013 Scholarships FICCS has provided 18 full scholarships for poor and disadvantaged young women and girls in Kenya since 2011 Kenya Medical Training College Rebecca Maundu, 22 I began 3-1/2 year training as a registered Community Health Nurse at Kenya Medical Training College in March 2012. I reported to school with full year school fees, uniform and textbooks and I was introduced to nursing. All my classes (see side bar) were examined and we are registered to the Nursing Council of Kenya. I managed to get a mean grade of A in class. During the holiday I got involved with Hawkers Market Girls Center and joined Dr. Patel and his team as I witnessed cardiac procedures by installing pacemakers into the patients at Karen Hospital and Kenyatta Hospital. After the holiday, I (pictured above with Dr. Patel) spent the second semester on clinical rotation in the Medical ward, surgical ward, in Mother and Child Health clinic and the Maternity unit. The clinical rotation was affected by a nationwide strike for nurses for 2 months (Dec-Jan). We were unable to go to the clinical area without professional supervision. Rebecca Minoo Maundu (FICCS Scholarship) I really appreciate FICCS for giving me an opportunity to be in school. They have played a major role in my academics and I have began achieving my goal to be a nurse and to be in a better place in society. (Rebecca pictured left with family) Rebeccas Score Card Grade Subject C C A A C A B C A A A B A A A Anatomy and Physiology Trauma and Emergency Microbiology Basin Nursing Skills (BSN) Nursing Process Professionalism Midwifery Sexually Transmitted Disease KEPI (Kenya Standards) Psychology Socio-Anthropology Community Health Environmental Sanitation Community Skills Pharmacology Rebecca is an A student in her second year of college 2. FICCS Changing Lives in Kenya November 2013 2 Nursing Scholarships 1 It is with great pleasure that I (pictured above) have the opportunity to convey my gratitude to FICCs for giving me a chance to be a nurse at Kenya Medical Training College for 3 years of training. Our training began in September 2012 for the first semester and we then started the second semester after the elections (March 2013). Everyone was sent home for the elections due to the possibility of violence in Kenya. Naomi Wayua Musila, Hawkers Market Girls Center 2 In addition, there is a general shortage of lecturers in the school and most of the times we depend on external lecturers who sometimes cannot be reliable, but the head of the department is trying his best to make sure that we complete all the required units to be covered. Fortunately the election was peaceful, but it set our studies back and we are in the process of making up classes. Naomi Musila (Scholarship) 3 I promise on my honor that I will work hard to make you (FICCS) proud and make sure that you (FICCS) will never regret that you gave me this great opportunity. Naomi Musila 4 I (pictured right) am writing this with much pleasure and appreciation. Since I joined Kenya Medical Training College everything has been well thanks to FICCS for providing all my needs. My village in Loita is very proud of what Iam doing and they support me 100% because we do not have any doctors or nurses where I live. 5 When FICCS told me I had been accepted it took me 3 days to travel from the village to Nairobi, but everything was worth it. I am so happy to be in school. Our first hospital practical begins in 2013 and continues through out the year. We had to have a break due to the elections but everything was fine and we are back in school. Angela Namunkuk 6 I would like to thank FICCS for making my dream come true. I promise I will do my best and make the Loita Hills Community proud of me. Angela Namunkuk Angela Namunkuk, Loita Hills Maasai 3. FICCS Changing Lives in Kenya November 2013 3 1 Caroline is #1 in her Class Caroline will graduate in 2014 with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is looking forward to pursuing a career of working with young children. She has been consistently the top student since enrollment. Caroline, along with Rebecca, were the top two candidates when FICCS began the program in 2012. Thanks for helping me make my dream come true. Caroline Akinyi 23 Teaching Scholarships Premese Montessori Teaching College Nairobi, Kenya Diploma: Early Childhood Education Caroline Akinyi (right) Hawkers Market Girls Center Victoria Ayuko (left) Box Girls Kenya Victoria Ayuko with her mother at their home in Nairobi. My son looks for his Daddy. Caroline is the best student we have had in several years. She works extremely hard and has proven herself to be top of the class. We expect her to be very successful in the future. Director of Premese Montessori Teaching College Caroline was also the top scorer at the Hawkers Market Girls Center Health Training Class sponsored by FICCS in 2010. 4. FICCS Changing Lives in Kenya November 2013 4 10 Primary Boarding School Scholarships for Maasai Girls Health Training for Female Boxers is a Success Jennifer Souipi Teto Mosiany Teyiaa Lempanya Maluika Nkoitiko Nkoisa Makooi Nosptua Moisany Seryian Mainka Mereina Oseiti Nasha Maunka Sitat Penoni 2013 Health Training Class at Box Girls Kenya included Professional Boxer Sarah Achieng and Olympic Boxer Elizabeth Andiego. Without the scholarship, my girl would be home taking care of the animals and the children. You have given my girl a chance. Mother of Scholarship Recipient FICCS Health Trainer (l) gets a Medical Exam from Dr. Patel. The class is how we find our nursing scholarship candidates. 5. FICCS Changing Lives in Kenya November 2013 5 High School Scholarships Esther (pictured with her mother) was the top 8th grader in 2012 Esther John Ramah Care Center Faith (pictured with check) was the top 8th grader in 2011 Faith Muene Ramah Care Center Esther and her mother and sister at their home (below) in the slums of Nairobi. Trash and raw sewage literally are right outside their front door. This is the main cause for illnesses. For the past two years, FICCS has provided a four-year boarding scholarship for the top 8th Grader at Ramah Care Center in the slums of Nairobi. Typically, these students perform well but do not have the funds to attend High School and end up becoming another statistic. Pictured above, Ramah student with uniforms donated by FICCS in 2010. My Dream is to be a Doctor and Help Others. Faith Muene 6. 1010 Sheridan Road Wilmette, IL 60091 Nairobi, Kenya To make a donation visit our website at or contact us at FICCS (Foundation for International Cardiac & Childrens Services) How Scholarships Change Lives Scholarships not only help the individual recipient, but they also help the entire family. Many times mothers have to choose between feeding your children and paying school fees. Yearly school fees, which can be as little as $200 USD is simply out of reach for those making $1-2 per day. As a result, scholarships enable mothers to utilize their monies for other vital needs but most of all; a scholarship gives a child a chance to pursue her dreams. No longer do they have to worry about daily food, where they will sleep or all the violence and abuse, which occur regularly in the slums. Thank you for your continued support! Changing Lives in Kenya FICCS Stacy Harris, Managing Director MAKE A DONATION TODAY AND CHANGE A GIRLS LIFE IN KENYA Make a donation to help support these girls dreams of becoming successful in life! $500 School fees for one girl for one year at boarding High School $150 School fees for one Maasai girl for one year in boarding primary school $ 75 School fees for one year for a girl at Ramah Care Centre in slums of Nairobi $ 25 Buys books and school supplies for one girl


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