scaling agile with jira

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  • 1. How We Do It: Agile @scale Dan Radigan Agile Evangelist @danradigan

2. The Team 3. We HAVE to getthis design change in forthis sprint! 4. The database groupcant meet our sprintdeadline! 5. Management needstwo people to focuson other priorities 6. That checkin caused major havoc.We need to revert that change! 7. Our customers dont likethis new feature 8. Our market fully changed. How do we respond? 9. Agile makes change an asset so the team is always growing 10. agility (n) - the speed at which the team can navigate and prosper through change 11. 5 12. 15 Agile Training 13. 25 Team is self organized 14. 35 Clear backlog owner 15. 50 Solid Automated Tests 16. 60 Iterate, feedback, iterate 17. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast 18. Onwards and upwards 19. Good News! ! Scale what you know 20. Issue types, custom elds, and workows are the heart and soul of JIRA. Scale them as you scale your culture. 21. type = epic AND project in ("TISIOS", "TISANDROID") ORDER BY Rank 22. See work in context Track who is involved Follow story progress Understand epic value 23. Issue type: Investment* $ Workows Fields 24. Hold%for%Later% Pitch%Crea1on% Valida1on% Ready%for% Review% Approved: Pending%Team% Project% Started% Rejected% Done% 25. Engage who is involved See all details Manage change history Flexible tracking of Investment details 26. Card Colors 27. Swim Lanes 28. Quick Filters 29. Subscriptions JQL: updated < -8d Bonus: Notication Assistant for JIRA 30. Portfolio Project Epic Story Commit(s) Task 31. ?s