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ORGANIZATION BACKGROUNDCorporate Wellness Malaysia was founded in 2002 by three leading professional bodies, namely the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM), the Malaysian Dietitians Association (MDA) and the Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO). As the countrys premier nutrition education initiative, the Corporate Wellness Malaysia receives support from the Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).Corporate Wellness Malaysia is a non-profit programme that focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle and is spearheaded by a National Steering Committee (NSC) with representatives from the three professional founding bodies and the Ministry of Health. We urge everybody to be part of Corporate Wellness Malaysia included organizations, both from the public, and the private sectors to collaborate with us and becoming a developed and healthy nation.


TAGLINEEat Less Sugar, You are Sweet Enough

OBJECTIVES To promote health and quality of life by educate people about the effect of excessive sugar taking To create awareness on the negative impact of taking too much sugar To greater awareness of diabetes and highlight the importance of good nutrition and active lifestyle in every family unit towards diabetes prevention.VISION The long term goal of this campaign is to create a healthy and prosperous people, so as to contribute effectively to national development

MISSION To bring awareness among Malaysians about reducing the consumption of sugar in their food and drinks. To provide knowledge about the disadvantages and the proper ways on decrease the excessive sugar intake To provide knowledge and information towards all ages such as school children, university student, adult and senior citizen

AUDIENCE ANALYSISThe young adult stage in human development precedes middle adulthood. A young adult, according to Erik Erikson's stages of human development, is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 40, whereas an adolescent is a person aging from 13 to 19 and middle age as 45 to 64. Meanwhile, senior citizen is a person aging from 65 and above.The reason why we choose these age of the target audience is because our campaign is a road tour campaign which we are contracted with Jom Heboh Malaysia that is collaborating under Media Prima, TV3, we also road touring to universities mainly aim on Klang Valley for this year. However, we are also conducting road tour to Kelantan which is in Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, which known as the famous attraction in Kelantan.We choose Kelantan in only one place is because, Kelantan is known as the highest with 300,000 people are having diabetes. As we all know, foods in Kelantan are way beyond sweet and even their traditional cook is also taste sweet. Fact about it, not many of Kelantanese people eat spicy foods. Apart from that, Jom Heboh is a well-known entertainment which is held every month on different state. Align with our theme which is road tour, and collaboration with Ministry Health Malaysia, one booth is specifically reserved for our campaign. Jom Heboh usually had so many range age that coming, with those who are interested to participate in our campaign, are welcomed to join it which on the other hand, we targeted more on family, the parents as this campaign will benefit them in a way of protecting their children.For the universities road touring in Klang Valley, our target audience is obviously adult which are the students, staffs, and lecturers. This is to educate the universities communities with the danger of consuming sugar more than they should because we assume that universities communities such as lecturers and students are easier to educate because they are already an educated person which will think wisely about the message of this campaign.

SITUATION ANALYSIS (SWOT)Strength: Strong collaboration with Ministry of Health Malaysia and others trusted association. Members will directly benefit from campaign outcomes. Collaborate with Malaysia well-known broadcasting company. Improve people life become better and quality.Weakness: Group is campaigning on many goals. Focus may be to narrow. Sugar taking still continuous on outside. Lack of awareness among prospective audiences.Opportunity Get a sponsorship from public and private sectors. Potential to serve a broad range. Advertised through public service announcement (social media, radio, Television).Threats Weather factors. The promotional and sales by the carbonated drinks company

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CAMPAIGNSay Yes to Less campaign is to raise public awareness to reduce the consumption of sugar in the diet. This will create a healthy and prosperous. In addition, participants can also know the disadvantages of excessive sugar intake.Through this campaign, the community which is consist of family, children, teenagers and young adult will also be informed of the dangers of sweetened food, desserts and drinks. This preventing ways will educate and expose them about the risk and disadvantages of excessive sugar taking.In line with the Governments healthy lifestyle programme, Say Yes to Less campaign strives to promote greater awareness on healthy eating and active living by disseminating unbiased and practical nutrition information to the nation. The programme is an ideal complement to the Ministry of Healths efforts in preventing chronic diet-related diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.Other than that, this campaign is the way on reducing the rates of diabetes cases in Malaysia that increase every year.Every year, we focus on different themes but our goal remains the same to create greater awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The Say Yes to Less programme hopes to empower more Malaysians topractice healthy eating and active living, as well as reduce the excessive sugar taking and prevalence of chronic diet-related diseases (non-communicable diseases, or NCDs), amongst the nation.

PROBLEM STATEMENTNumber of diabetics in Malaysia alarmingKUALA LUMPUR: An alarming 3.6 million adults are estimated to be affected by diabetes in Malaysia, according to the Obesity Prevention Council President, Jong Koi Chong.Jong said the number was very high and has put Malaysia as the number one country in Asean for having the highest number of diabetics and sixth in the western pacific region."That is not an achievement to be proud of and we must all work together and help educate the public on the importance of prevention and maintenance of the disease," he said.During the 4th National Diabetes Conference here Friday, Jong said compared to 2006 where only 8.6 percent adults in Malaysia had diabetes, the most recent study done in 2011 showed 15.2 percent adults were diabetic.Also present at the conference was Director of Medical Development department in the Health Ministry, Datuk Dr Azmi Shapie and the Malaysian Diabetes Association (MDA) President, Professor Datuk Dr Ikram Shah Ismail.Dr Ikram Shah said Malaysia had surpassed the World Health Organisation's estimation of 807,000 diabetics in 2025.He added that diabetes was a chronic disease that can be prevented and for those affected, diabetes can be managed to delay or prevent its complications.Meanwhile, Dr Azmi advised Malaysians to prevent, manage diabetes and its complications by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making better choices in their diet.He added that blindness, kidney failure, gangrene leading to amputations and heart disease are complications that can be prevented by making better choices and having a balanced diet."Making small changes in our lifestyle will make a big difference. We should walk more, take the stairs instead of an elevator and avoid fatty food, especially, late night," he said.Dr Azmi also advised the public to go for regular medical check up at least twice annually. - Bernama

PROPOSED ROAD TOUR TIMETABLERoad tour timetable of Say Yes To Less! CampaignWith collaboration of Jom Heboh CarnivalDATEVENUE

11 April 2015Kompleks Sukan, Bukit Jalil

2 May 2015Pulau Warisan Terengganu

6 June 2015Pekan, Pahang

4 July 2015Angsana, Johor Bahru

1 August 2015Dataran Ipoh, Perak

5 September 2015Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka

3 October 2015Sungai Petani, Kedah

25 October 2015Kota Bharu, Kelantan

7 November 2015Stadium Likas, Sabah

26 December 2015Presint 2, Putrajaya

Road tour timetable of Say Yes To Less! CampaignDateVenue

19 April 2015Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

20 May 2015Universiti Teknologi Mara (Shah Alam)

15 June 2015Universiti Selangor

25 July 2015Universiti Putra Malaysia

9 August 2015Universiti Malaya

Targeted University around Klang Valley

Highlight Activities at Say Yes to Less Campaign Nutrition advice by nutritionists/dietitians Health Screening (Body Mass Index, body fat percentage, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose and blood cholesterol tests) Diabetes Information Corner educational activities by National Diabetes Institute Fun stage activities Sponsors booth activities (interactive games/educational activities, product sampling) Meet and greet session with Say Yes to Less campaign ambassador

SUGAR FACTSWhat is Sugar? Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides a source of instant energy and is easily absorbed by the body. Sugar is naturally available in carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, noodles, bread, pasta and edible roots. It is also present in fruits as fructose and in milk as lactose. Besides being available in its natural form, sugar is also added into food during preparation or processing. Intake of additional sugar is unnecessary as it can be obtained from carbohydrate- rich foods. On food labels, sugar may be listed as sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, mannitol, corn syrup, honey, malt, malt extract, malt