sarcasm to say something and mean the opposite. fun fact sarcasm or irony is used once every 2...

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To say something and mean the opposite

Fun Fact

Sarcasm or irony is used once every 2 minutes in conversation!! (What is Verbal Irony/ Sarcasm?)

Why people use sarcasm?

To be funny

To insult/mock people

To make an ironic comment about the world around them

How can we tell is someone is using sarcasm?

People exaggerate their voice in a bored sounding manner

They roll their eyes (and/or head)

They smile afterwards

Other tips about sarcasm

Differs with the person

Know your person!!!

Be aware of context

- Look for when it doesnt make sense

Elements of Sarcasm

1. Facial Expression

2. Context: statement may contradict the environment

Its a beautiful day to go to the beach!!

Looks great

3. Vocal Cues: how you say something


Pulling-out a word: well excuuuuuse me!

Saying exciting words with no emotion:




Using a lower pitch to indicate sarcasm

High pitch: GREAT idea! (sincere)

Lower pitch: Yea, great idea (sarcasm)

Is she using sarcasm?

Is she using sarcasm?

Examples- What do they really mean?

Nice job dropping the ball during practice today!

Not actually complimenting you on your skills but saying you didnt do a good job; might be trying to make you feel bad

Example- What does it really mean?

Im glad you are standing there. Dont feel like you need to help or anything

- Means he would like you to help him with whatever he is doing

Examples: (TBBT) (Penny gets Sheldon sick) (examples of VI & sarcasm)

Show Me Sarcasm

1. Come up with a scenario/situation: providing characters, setting, actions occurring

- Provide a sarcastic comment about what is occurring

Show Me Sarcasm

Create a comic showing sarcasm

This has earned the Gil seal of approval!Cuz its sooooooo good!(no sarcasm! Y do u ask?)