irony listen to “ironic” by alanis morissette what is irony? irony is about expectations. irony:...

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  • Irony Listen to IronicBy Alanis Morissette

  • What is Irony?Irony is about expectations.Irony: the opposite of what is expected.

    3 kinds of irony VerbalDramaticSituational

  • Verbal IronyA character says one thing but means the oppositeAlso called sarcasm or being sarcastic.

    Example:Awesome! Another homework packet!

  • Dramatic IronyWhen the reader understands more about the events of a story than a character.

    You know a secret that a character doesnt.

    Example:Tims parents are proud of the A he got on the test, but we know he cheated.

  • Situational IronyWhen what actually happens is the opposite of what is expected.

    Something about the situation is completely unexpected.


    Bill Gates uses an Apple computer.

  • ReviewSomething that is ironic is unexpected.

    If unexpected by a character, its dramatic.If unexpected by everyone, its situational.If its sarcasm, its verbal.

  • 6:00 Buddy Activity: (5 min)Analyze the song lyrics you were given earlier to find examples of irony.Share with the class.

  • Irony Literary TermsPg. 1019 (10 min) Study for Test !!Situational IronyVerbal IronyDramatic Irony Surprise ending (pg. 286) ThemePersonificationIdiom

    Ambiguity OxymoronDictionAllusionSimileMoodSimile

  • Exit Slip-

    Without looking at your notes list the three types of ironyDefine each

  • Irony Detectives Group Activity (25 min)

    Directions: Read the following crime related ironic passages. Using the irony detectives answer sheet, distinguish which type of irony is used in each passage based on clues that you find, then make your case.

  • Interactive Notebook Quickwrite (5 min) LEFT SIDEIf you could save one item (not a person) from a disastera fire, a flood, an earthquakewhat would it be? In a few sentences, describe your most cherished possession, and tell why you treasure it. Was it a gift? If so, how does that make it especially important to you?

  • T: The Gift of the MagiA: O. HenryG: short storypages 286-292

  • Meet the Author (5 min) LEFT SIDERead the info. on pg. 293List 3-5 interesting details you learned about O. Henry.

  • Vocabulary (page 286) (15 min) LEFT SIDEInstigates: gives rise toAgile: moving with easeDepreciate: lower the value ofCascade: waterfallRansacking: searching thoroughlyDiscreet: especially being silent or careful Scrutiny: close inspectionNimble: quickly movingCoveted: longed-forSinged: lightly burned

    Answer in complete sentences 1-10 on page 296

  • Reading and PredictingRead the work and make predictions during your reading on what will happen later in the story.To make a prediction:Look for clues in the story that suggest what might happen next.Make a prediction based on what you know from your own experiences.

  • Things to think about as you readIdentify and describe each character:Della-Jim-How does Della manage money?What gifts do they buy each other?What is ironic about the gifts they each buy?How do they react to the giftsWhat is the theme of this story?

  • Homework:Bring in information about the wise men which are referred to in The Gift of the Magi. What three gifts were brought to the newborn king? Make sure you cite where you found your information. (Book of the Bible, chapter, and verse)

  • Irony MapFill in the Irony Map below to understand how the storys events create situational irony. Then, explain what the irony shows us about the characters. (10 min) LEFT SIDE

    What Della sells:What Jim sells:What Della buys:What Jim buys:Why Della buys it:Why Jim buys them:What Della receives:What Jim receives:Situational Irony/Why the Gift is Useless:Situational Irony/Why the Gift is Useless:What we learn about Della:What we learn about Jim:

  • Some things I want to go over......

    MagiFurnished flatKing Solomon/Queen of ShebaSignificance of Della cutting her hairMadame SofronieConey Island Chorus GirlsNarrator diverting attention when Jim comes homeLast paragraph

  • 9:00 Buddy Activity

    (15 min)Write a complete summary of the story using at least 7 of the vocabulary terms correctly.Proofread your summary for mistakes in grammar and spelling before turning it in.

  • Group Activity

    (15 min)Complete the handout on the use of literary terms in the story.Each group will be asked to identify at least one and explain how it is an example of the literary term and why the author used it. Be sure you can explain them all!!Everyone in the group should complete this in PENCIL in case you make mistakes and need to correct them.

  • Theme What does it all mean?

    Della and Jim were willing to give up the thing that each held most dear for the sake of the person they loved most.What does that tell you about the love they shared?What does their story tell us about the importance of love and sacrifice?What lesson could you learn from them that you could apply in your own life?In light of these thoughts, would you consider them to be Magi?Summarize these thoughts into 1-3 sentences of 25 words or less. Fill it in on your study guide.

  • Exit Slip-On a post-it, define and give an original example of a new literary term we worked with today. Make sure your statements are in complete sentences and have your name, date, and class period.Complete the rest of your Gift of the Magi Study Guide.

  • Study for Test!!

    Study all literary terms and notes.