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Sarah Lippincott's Illustration Portfolio. Sarah has a BFA from the Art Institute of Atlanta where she won Best in Show upon Graduation. She currently lives in California. You may see her work at


  • 1. Artist, Illustrator and Designer

2. SELF PORTRAIT DIGITAL 3. CACTUS CHARCOAL 4. ANTHERIUM CHARCOAL 5. BOOK JACKET CHARCOAL 6. NESTACRYLIC Detail of painting 7. VETERAN ACRYLIC HE IS AHERO, PROTECTOR AND ASURVIVOR. HE IS AVETERAN WWW.SUPPORTOURVETS.ORG NEVER LET THEM BE FORGOTTEN 8. GREEN TURTLE BROCHUREOIL PAINT 9. t POSTER ACRYLICR VEL AETHHOTEL & RESORT T R AV E L T H E W O R L D WITH ONE RESERVATION 10. BOOK JACKET DIGITAL While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call. Whent he or ofTthe e l derly curator o f the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum, there is H, Angels and De- eption Point. Hea baff ling cipher f ound near gland the body. As Langdon a nd aE g i f t ed French c r y ptolog i st, Sophie Nevue, sort t hrough t he bi zarre r iddles, t hey are stunned to di scover a trial of clues hidden in the works of Da Vinci- clues visible f or Neveu f ind thatng wits with aCall to s ee and yet ingeniously disguised by t he painter.O roker who seems eir every move. n decipher t heDzle, the PriorysThe stakes are r aised when xplosive ancientL a n gd o n d i sco vers a newforever. s t a r t l i n g l i n k : T h e l at eks the mold of suspense novel ,ec u r a t o r who w as involved in the Priory of Scion a secret society whose mem- de is l ightning- bers inc luded Sir isaact, and intricately Newton, B otticel l i, Vic t orDAN BROWNarkable research Hugo, a n d Da Vinci, a mongm the openingot h ers. L a ngdon suspects predictable and t hey are on t he hunt for a sion, bestselling breat htaking and historical wn proves to be secret, one that has proven oryteller.t hrough t h e c en turies to be as e nl i ghtening and f ull of d a ng er. I n a f r ant ic raceDoubleday t hrough Paris, and beyond. Front of the Book JacketDesign for the DaVinci Code www.lippincottdesigns.comWhile in Paris on business,Harvard symbologist RobertLangdon receives an urgentlate-night phone call. When Dan Brown is t he bestselling author ofT the e l derly curator o f theLouvre has been murderedinside the museum, there is H Digital Fortress, Angels and De- mons, and Deception Point. Hea baff ling cipher found near lives in New England the body. As Langdon a nd aEg if ted French c ryptologist,Sophie Nevue, sort t hroughthe bizarre riddles, they arestunned to discover a trial ofclues hidden in the works ofDa Vinci- clues visible for Langdon and Neveu f ind that they are matching wits with aC all to see and yet ingeniouslydisguised by the painter.O faceless powerbroker who seems to anticipate their every move. Unless they can decipher theD labyri nthine puzzle, the Priorys The stakes are r aised when secret-and an explosive ancientLangd o n discovers a new truth- w ill be lost forever.startling l i nk : T h e lat eDan Brown breaks the mold of the traditio nal suspense novel ,e c u r a t o r who w as involvedin the Priory of Scion asecret society whose mem- The Da Vinci Code is l ightning- bers included Sir isaac paced, i ntelligent, and intricately Newton, B otticel l i, Vic t orDAN BROWN layered with remarkable research Hugo, a n d Da Vinci, a mong and detail. From the opening ot hers. L a ngdon suspects pages to t he unpredictable andthey are on t he hunt for a stunning conclusion, bestselling breat htaking and historical author Dan Brown proves to besecret, one that has proven quite a master storyteller.t hrough the centuries to beas enl ightening and f ull ofd ang er. I n a f rantic raceDoubledayt hrough Paris, and beyond. 11. REFLECTION COLLAGE 12. BATH LABELSCOLLAGE 13. POSTER DIGITAL 14. IDENTITYDIGITAL 15. FESTIVAL POSTERSDIGITALOctober 25-29 October 25-29 16. FESTIVAL POSTER DIGITAL 17. FESTIVAL POSTERSDIGITAL 18. FESTIVAL POSTERSDIGITAL


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