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A quick look at my favourite Design and Illustration pieces, from my time at Ulster University.


<ul><li><p>PORTFOLIO</p><p>*Sarah Johnston Graphic Designer, Illustrator + Artist</p></li><li><p>COFFEESHOPBRANDING</p><p>We were given the task of designing a brand identity for The Quick Brown Fox Coffee shop. The Q is a memorable symbol/logo that can be used as a watermark, and for branding merchandice. Illustrating a fox tail in the letter form of Q adds charm to the brand, yet retains the elegance of the typeface. The choice of natural colours enhances the fox tail part of the letter, and contributes to the rustic feel.</p></li><li><p>*Full logo pictured on the sign. Simplified watermark used on cups, as it is memorable and more easily recognised.</p></li><li><p>ANTIFACEBOOKCAMPAIGNFacebook advertisements have a very stereotypical look; Stock images of happy people interacting with the friends, computers, or phones. For an Anti Facebook campaign, I decided to depict everyday issues caused by Facebook using these stereotypical images alongside humorous phrases. I chose to look at more trivial things; being tagged in a photo the morning after the night before, or seeing your other half has liked another persons profile picture. Assigning identities to these people pictured in my chosen stock images adds to the message that these problems are faced by nearly everyone who uses Facebook, and feels more personal. When you first look at the poster it appears to be an average cheesy Facebook ad, but when you read the caption it is apparent that it is an ironic piss take of their advertising campaigns.</p></li><li><p>*John Matthews liked Natalie Richards profile photo*</p><p>Clare was not impressed.</p><p>RUINING RELATIONSHIPS SINCE 2004</p></li><li><p>*Kate tagged you in 13 photos*</p><p>Amys hangover just got so much worse.</p><p>NEVER LETS YOU LIVE IT DOWN</p></li><li><p>Alan has 842 friends on facebook. </p><p>In his everyday life he speaks to 23 of them.</p><p>How many of your friends do you actually consider friends?</p><p>THE UNSOCIAL MEDIA</p></li><li><p>MOVIEPOSTERDESIGN</p><p>We were given the brief to design a set of minimalist movie posters for 3 movies of the same genre, including a famous quote/strapline. I chose to illustrate props less associated with the films, to avoid clichs and to create intrigue for those who have not seen them before.In terms of colour palette, I decided that different shades of grey, black, and deep red fitted the genre: also contributing to the classic look I invisioned while designing them.</p></li><li><p>SE7ENThe lord works in mysterious ways.</p><p>Morgan Freeman</p></li><li><p>AMERICAN PSYCHOChristian Bale</p><p>DID YOU KNOW im utterly insane?</p></li><li><p>FIGHT CLUBtHE FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB IS- yOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.</p><p>Hello IM</p><p>Hello my name is</p><p>HImy name is</p><p>EDWARD NORTON</p></li><li><p>WEBDESIGNWe were given the brief to design a promotional website for any business or place of our own choice. I decided on Castle Archdale in Enniskillen. The colourful images I took, placed on the white background looks fresh, and reflects this element of the heritage site itself. The clean lines and choice of typeface also adds to the simple yet sophisticated style of the website layout.</p></li><li><p>Our Brief required that we designed wayfinding symbols made from our own choice of typeface. I chose Futura. This Geometic type suited the Hexagon, and so was featured throughout my design of the icons and the booklet in which they are displayed.</p></li><li><p>&amp;ARTAs a designer I am heavily influenced by my interest in Fine Art and Illustration. My eye for colour and composition; used in drawing and painting, have been the foundations on which I have developed my own personal design style.</p></li><li><p>*Contextual work Completed in Acrylic Paint on canvas.</p></li><li><p>*Illustrations based on the book. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Focusing on the the gothic and dark feel of the book.</p></li><li><p>*Commision Work Walt and Jesse form Breaking Bad.</p></li></ul>