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Easy and fast - push synching button and get results from your visits directly in your SFDC environment


<p> 1</p> <p>A Solution is ready to make a quality med rep call (visit)There is a possibility to preview and build your presentation (eDetail) content on goThe Monitored KPI are gathered and stored on devise DB (offline mode)First time the internet connection appears synchronize! With your CRM system</p> <p> 2</p> <p>iPad tool is commonly used for building the sales route on goAdd a new visit after you are out of the officeMake sure you are clicking on the map object interesting for you and get the route built and visits planned in the same time </p> <p>3</p> <p>Additional : photos, videos, comments on competitors, on marketing material synching with appropriate CRM fields 4</p> <p>No time to complete a visit send a branded e-mail with a link to your SFDC Make a remote call without sitting in front of your physician5</p> <p>Two types of visits Sales Visit and Medical Visit is available </p> <p>6</p> <p>There are more possibilities within SFDC please take a minute and contact us for discussion : </p> <p>7</p>