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  1. 1. Retail Associates Training Is the Customer Always RIGHT? What is Service? 4 Steps to a Sale First Impressions Greetings Sharing Closing
  2. 2. Is the Customer Always Right? The Customer is NOT always right The Customer is ALWAYS important
  3. 3. So, what is Service? Simply Is about customers expectations Is about meeting or exceeding expectations Is what the customer feels and say, not how great you think you are Is about doing your best to understand your customers needs
  4. 4. And Whats in it for you? Why should you bother? Challenge yourself to Step Up your service I could land a better opportunity here Be Proud of Yourself I dont like negative comments about me
  6. 6. Simple 4 Steps to getting a sales! Closing Sharing Greetings First Impressions
  7. 7. First Impressions Greeting Sharing Closing Can I trust you? Is this a nice person? Does she cares about my needs? Is this the right decision? Its all about managing the expectations at different points!
  8. 8. Greetings: Your key to success! Sound Sincere Respectful Cheerful Make eye contact and greet if eye contact is returned Words Good afternoon Sir or Mam, how may I help you
  9. 9. 1st Impressions to build rapport Do you look ready to serve? Do you like what you see? Did you bring your smile to work today?
  10. 10. 1st Impressions are important because Builds trust Creates Rapport Softens the Selling Process
  11. 11. What is the standard customer reply you could expect? Feel free to look around, my name is xxxx, do let me know if you need any help Give a quick explanation of the way the goods are displayed, and maintain eye contact. Then use the line above after your explanation. Telling your customer your name is to build rapport and trust. VERY IMPORTANT. And what are good replies? Hint, feel free to look around is NOT one of them I am just looking around Never mind .
  12. 12. Sharing Starts with UNDERSTANDING
  13. 13. Sharing ..Beer Example Best to start by asking questions Is there a particular beer you prefer? What do you normally drink? Would you like to try something new? Are you buying for yourself or as a gift? What are some questions that are relevant to your products or services?
  14. 14. Closing the Sales should be NATURAL
  15. 15. Why People Buy Two Main Purchase Motivations Less a Pain Increase the Pleasure How much have you found out during your sharing phase? If you still are not sure, you are not ready to close!
  16. 16. Closing doesnt mean is over! Lead the customer to the cashier unless there is another customer waiting for your service Politely point the way to the cashier Offer a little bit more Do you want it gift wrapped? Would you like to try the Ciders? Is there something else I can assist you with?
  17. 17. Summary Do yourself proud by doing a good job. Be of assistance to customers in need, and if unsure, just tell them its your first day today and you are a bit nervous. You get more mileage from this than you might think Your two best weapons Smile and Eye Contact. Most importantly, enjoy yourself
  18. 18. Thank you for your kind attention To develop or customize training solutions, please contact