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Sabbatical Leaves & Difference-in-Pay Leave Workshop. Presented by: Faculty affairs office. Topics. CBA & University Policy Application Process 2013-14 Schedule Evaluation Criteria & Recommendation Tips for Successful Submission. Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 27. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>PRESENTED BY: FACULTY AFFAIRS OFFICESabbatical Leaves &amp;Difference-in-Pay LeaveWorkshop</p></li><li><p>TopicsCBA &amp; University PolicyApplication Process2013-14 ScheduleEvaluation Criteria &amp; RecommendationTips for Successful Submission</p></li><li><p>Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 27Regular Sabbatical Leaves (1 Semester @ Full-Pay)Campus grants no fewer than 12% of total number of faculty eligible to apply including tenure-track faculty and full-time lecturersCI has 65 faculty eligible to apply = 8 Regular Sabbatical LeavesSabbatical Leave for 1 Academic Year @ PayApplications do not count against the 8 allotted aboveApplications deemed meritorious by the PLC are automaticNot reviewed for approval by Provost or President</p></li><li><p>Collective Bargaining AgreementArticle 28Difference-in-Pay LeaveGranted for 1 or 2 semesters; can be between academic yearsDo not count against allotment Salary: the difference between the faculty members salary and the minimum salary of the Instructor rank ($41,496/yr)EX: $90,000 - $41,496 = $48,504 / 12 = $4,042 per monthOften more beneficial financially than an AY Sabbatical @ PayEX: $90,000 x .5 = $45,000 / 12 = $3,750 per month</p></li><li><p>Sabbatical Leaves:Applications are recommended by PLC in the following order of priority:Meritorious one-semester full-pay sabbatical applications recommended in number as communicated to the PLC;Meritorious one-semester full-pay sabbatical applications recommended to be granted if additional funding becomes available only this category shall be ranked; Meritorious difference-in-pay application recommended;Meritorious one-year half-pay sabbatical applications to be granted; Non-meritorious applications. </p><p>Policy on Professional Leaves (SP 11-15)</p></li><li><p>Policy on Professional Leaves (SP 11-15)Difference-in-Pay Leaves:A departmental Program Review Committee may be created as needed to review difference in pay leaves applicationsIn the event there is an insufficient number of tenured faculty in a program area to staff the Program Review Committee, or the program faculty vote to defer the decision to the PLC, the applications may be reviewed by the PLC at the request of the program chairThe Program Review Committees shall follow the same procedures regarding review and notification as the PLCRecommended similar to AY Sabbaticals @ PayMeritorious = approvedReviewed by PRC or PLC, Provost, and President</p></li><li><p>Application ProcessTo be considered for a Leave, a faculty member must submit an application form and supplemental materials which include:1-page Current Summary CV;Title of Proposed Activity/Project;Description of Proposed Activity/Project;List of CSU resources, if any, necessary to carry out Activity/Project; Summary of work already completed on the Activity/Project; Brief description of anticipated results; and Benefits to the University and its students.</p></li><li><p>2013-14 Schedule</p><p>Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Leave Application ProcessDeadline for Submission of applications to Faculty Affairs10/4/13Level of Review Review Begins Recommendation DueProfessional Leaves Committee and recommendation to faculty member10/11/13 11/08/13Impact Statement from Program Chair to Faculty Affairs10/11/13 11/08/13Provost review and recommendation to President11/18/13 12/06/13President review and notification to faculty member12/09/13 12/20/13Acceptance to Faculty Affairs2/14/14</p></li><li><p>Submission to Faculty AffairsPlease submit all materials along with an application form to Donna Vea no later than October 4, 2013.Electronic submissions are preferred, and can be sent to donna.vea@csuci.eduFaculty Affairs ResponsibilityDetermine eligibility, determine allotment, and scheduleTrack applications through review processConfirm eligibility of applicantsFormat for transfer to PLC, PRC, Provost and PresidentMove applications through levels of review</p></li><li><p>University Professional Leaves CommitteeMake recommendationsRecommendations based on meritProvost must justify deviations from recommendationsPolicy in practice:Transparency</p></li><li><p>Evaluation Criteria </p></li><li><p>Individual Project EvaluationIndividualProjectEvaluation.jpg</p></li><li><p>RecommendationsPLCRecommendations.jpg </p></li><li><p>Tips for Successful SubmissionLeave Proposals should:Be understandable to an interdisciplinary committeeHow would you explain this to someone outside of academia?Advance your knowledge, skills, expertiseHow will this further your research/teaching?What is/are the deliverable(s)?How does this fit with existing accomplishments?NOT overpromiseNarrow focus to one or two goals that can reasonably be accomplished during the time of your leaveDescribe a project that cannot be accomplished through normal workload</p></li><li><p>FAQsHow many 1 Semester @ Full Pay Sabbaticals are available?8How many people will apply?65 faculty are eligible to apply this year. 17 applications during the 2012-13 Academic Year with 8 Regular Sabbaticals, 2 Difference-in-Pay AY Sabbaticals, and 1 AY @ Pay Sabbatical awardedAre lecturers eligible for sabbaticals?Yes, if they are Full-time. Any full-time faculty member is eligible for a sabbatical leave if s/he has served full-time continuously for six (6) Academic Years at CSUCI. </p></li><li><p>Questions?</p><p>***********</p></li></ul>


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