jeff waddoups chair, sabbatical leave committee department of economics

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  • Jeff Waddoups Chair, Sabbatical Leave CommitteeDepartment of EconomicsJeffrey.Waddoups@unlv.edu895-3497

  • To enhance faculty members value to the university

    Research and study intended to result in publication, invention of creation

    Program of study designed to keep the faculty member abreast of the latest developments in a related area of specialization (but not working toward an academic degree)

  • Tenure-Track Faculty: first-time application

    Sixth academic year of tenure-track employment

    Faculty: subsequent applications

    must serve a minimum of six years in full-time service before becoming eligible for another leave (either sabbatical or faculty development leave)

  • Description of the Activity (non-technical language to the extent possible) (50%)

    Summary/timeline (20%)

    Value of the plan (how does the plan make the applicant of more value to the university?) (20%)

    Letters (confidential letters of assessment) (10%)

  • Teaching (20%)Evidence of teaching performance during past 5 years

    Summaries of student evaluations

    Peer evaluations of teaching


    Teaching awards

  • Research or Creative Activities in past 5 years (20%)BooksRefereed articlesArticles in non-refereed journalReports Book reviewsOther professional papers, speeches, or creative worksOther professional work.

  • Service Activity for the past 5 years (10%)University, college, departmental committeesProfessional associationsEditorships/Editorial boardsSpeeches/media appearancesCharity workConsultingOther service work

  • Also Include:Complete copies of annual faculty evaluation for past three years

    Copies of two most significant publications or descriptions of two most significant creative or scholarly accomplishments

    Signed letter in support of application from applicants chair/director and/or dean

  • Blends group discussion with individual analysisCommittee meets and discusses each application over the course of fall semesterEvery committee member evaluates and scores each application The committee determines whether the application should receive a Positive, Alternate, or Negative recommendation. Chair compiles the scores, throwing out the highest and lowest score, and ranks them according to the score The committees judgement (Positive Alternate and Negative along with the ranking becomes the recommendation to the Provost, who makes the ultimate decision

  • Description of ActivitySummary/Timeline (20 points)Value (20 points)Letters(10 points)Teaching(20 points)Research(20 points)Service(10 points)Total(100 points)

  • All the materials above (except for the confidential letters of evaluation) will be submitted electronically in the form of one Adobe pdf file

    Due date: No later than noon on the first Thursday in October (October 4, 2012)

    Keep good records, because a sabbatical report is due after the leave, which addresses the extent to which objectives outlined in the application were fulfilled.