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  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    Project Report PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project Using

    RSLogix 5000 and FactoryTalk View Site Edition

    Akshay Gupta Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Delhi Technological University New Delhi - 110042

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    Project Report History/Approval

    Revision History:

    Rev. Date Comments


    01-Jul-15 Issued for Approval/Comment

    Prepared by: Checked by: Approved by: Approval Notes and Exceptions

    Prudent Solutions W.L.L PO Box: 11091

    Building 1530, Road 736, Block 607 Kingdom of Bahrain

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    I would like to thank Prudent solutions for giving me the opportunity for

    doing this project and Mr. Anish Daniel for guiding me through it. All

    references and software for the project were given to me for the duration

    of the project by the company. I thank my seniors at prudent for all their


    Akshay Gupta

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Project Report History/Approval 2


    1.1. Acronyms & Abbreviations 6

    1.2. Compressor Sequencing Control 6


    2.1. RSLogix 5000 7

    2.2. RS Linx Enterprise 8

    2.3. Factory Talk View Site Edition 8

    2.4. FactoryTalk View Studio 9

    2.5. FactoryTalk View SE Client 9


    3.1. Allen Bradley ControlLogix System 10

    3.2. PLC System Hardware Configuration 11

    3.3. I/O Points 12


    4.1. Configuration of PLC programming software 13

    1756-IF16A 17

    1756-OB16D 18

    1756-IB16D: 19

    4.2. Communication Software Configuration 23

    4.3. SCADA Graphic Configuration 25

    4.4. Configuring alarms in SCADA 31

    4.5. Configuring trends in SCADA 32

    4.6. Configuring the Data Server in Site Edition 35

    4.7. Setting up Data Logging 35


    5.1. Automatic Control 38

    5.2. Manual Control 39

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    5.3. Safety Interlocks for Compressors 39

    5.4. Analog Signal Filtering for Alarms & Trips 40

    5.5. Transmitter Fault Detection 40

    6. SCADA 42

    6.1. Main Menu 43

    6.2. Compressor K-T3-001A Train Screen 43

    6.3. Compressor K-T3-001B Train Screen 43

    6.4. Dry Air Receiver Trend Screen 44

    6.5. System Utilities Screens 44

    6.6. System Utilities Screens 45

    6.7. Trend Screen 46

    6.8. Alarm/Event Summary Screen 47

    7. Appendix A SCADA Screenshots 48

    8. Appendix B - Alarm/Event Listing 57

    9. Appendix C - Ladder Logic Code 59

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    This project aims at the automation of an Instrument Air Compressor using a

    PLC based Control System. It involves the use of several different softwares

    and procedures, each of which has been described in detail in this report.

    1.1. Acronyms & Abbreviations

    A-B Allen-Bradley ACD AutoCAD File AI Analog Input DAR Dry Air Receiver DI Digital Input DO Digital Output FDS Functional Design Specification H/W Hardware I/O Input and/or Output IACCS Instrument Air Compressor Control System IAC Instrument Air Compressor LCP Local Control Panel MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker MSP Motor Starter Panel PC Personal Computer PLC Programmable Logic Controller PSL Prudent Solutions WLL PS Power Supply RA Rockwell Automation S/W Software

    1.2. Compressor Sequencing Control

    Compressor sequencing control of both the IAC Trains A & B is performed

    by Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller. The control system has been

    designed to perform continuous unattended operation all around the year. The

    automatic sequencing program ensures that the pressure in the instrument air

    header is maintained at optimum levels. Although primarily designed for

    autonomous operation, the control system is provided with utilities for manual

    control of equipment as and when required for routine maintenance and


  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    The softwares used for this project are as follows:

    1. RSLogix 5000 (PLC Programming Software)

    2. RS Linx Enterprise (Communication Software)

    3. Factory Talk View Site Edition (SCADA software)

    4. Factory Talk View Studio

    5. Factory Talk View SE Client

    The detailed description of the above software has been explained below.

    2.1. RSLogix 5000

    RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software is an IEC 61131-3 compliant software

    package that offers relay ladder, structured text, function block diagram, and

    sequential function chart editors for one to develop application programs. It

    allows one to create their instructions by encapsulating a section of logic in any

    programming language into an Add-On Instruction.

    RSLogix 5000 programming package is compatible with programs created with

    Rockwell Software DOS-based programming packages for the SoftLogix 58xx

    Virtual Backplane and MicroLogix families of processors.

    In addition, RSLogix 5000 benefits include:

    Scalable and flexible solutions - Use modular code to simplify your


    Efficient project design- Write code, organize it, test it, and duplicate it

    Effective content management - Create content, store it, share it, and

    reuse it

    Quicker downtime recovery - Logically find what you need to quickly

    troubleshoot code

    Collaborative engineering - Enable multiple people to code, then

    compare and merge

    Support for more complex motion systems - Provide multiple update


  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    2.2. RS Linx Enterprise

    RSLinx Enterprise provides unparalleled connectivity between FactoryTalk

    products and Rockwell Automation networks and controllers. RSLinx Enterprise

    is optimized for Logix 5000 controllers. RSLinx Enterprise is the data server for

    FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk View ME, FactoryTalk Transaction Manager,

    FactoryTalk Historian and FactoryTalk Metrics applications. It also provides

    connectivity for FactoryTalk Alarms and Events and PanelView Plus and

    VersaView hardware platforms.

    RSLinx Enterprise is a FactoryTalk Live Data server and FactoryTalk Alarms and

    Events server. RSLinx Enterprise configurations, which you create and modify

    using the Communication Setup editor, are used by your applications to

    communicate with devices (such as controllers and I/O scanners) on the plant

    floor. This enables you to see values, such as sensor readings and other

    controller data from your plant floor devices, on your desktop computer or

    dedicated PanelView Plus terminal.

    An RSLinx Enterprise configuration consists of:

    A list of communication devices and their settings.

    Device drivers and their associated properties.

    A list of potential target devices

    Shortcuts. A shortcut is a name that stands for the device you want to

    connect to and the data that device contains. The communication path

    associated with the shortcut tells the application where to find that data.

    2.3. Factory Talk View Site Edition

    FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) is a supervisory-level HMI software for

    monitoring and controlling distributed-server/multi-user applications. It

    provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of operations, meeting the

    demands of multiple stakeholders including engineering, maintenance,

    operations, and production Information Technology (IT). Factory Talk View Site

    Edition provides graphics, run-time user management, language switching and

    faster commissioning time through a common development environment.

  • PLC based Air Compressor Control Systems Project

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    2.4. FactoryTalk View Studio

    FactoryTalk View Studio is configuration software for developing and testing

    FactoryTalk View SE applications. FactoryTalk View Studio contains editors for

    creating complete applications, and includes client and server software for

    testing the applications you create. Use the editors to create applications that

    are as simple or as complex as you need.

    2.5. FactoryTalk View SE Client

    FactoryTalk View SE Client is a complete runtime operating environment for

    viewing and interacting with FactoryTalk View SE local and network

    applications. To set up a FactoryTalk View SE Client, you need to create a

    configuration file using the FactoryTalk View SE Client wizard. The HMI Server

    does not have to be running when you configure a FactoryTalk View SE Client.

    With the FactoryTalk View SE Client you can:

    Load, view, and interact with multiple graphic displays at a time from

    multiple servers

    Perform alarm management

    View real-time and historical trends

    Adjust set points

    Start and stop components on any server

    Provide a secure operator environment