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Ross Lab - Biophysics. 10  m. Cytoskeleton: Rich Biological System of Interest Microtubules Shape the Cell Motor Proteins Move Objects and Microtubules Microtubule regulation through modifications and motor proteins Microtubule Motors Traffic Problems Dynein, Kinesin, Eg5, MAPs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ross Lab - BiophysicsCytoskeleton: Rich Biological System of InterestMicrotubules Shape the CellMotor Proteins Move Objects and MicrotubulesMicrotubule regulation through modifications and motor proteinsMicrotubule Motors Traffic ProblemsDynein, Kinesin, Eg5, MAPsUsing Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy Optical trapping of motors to measure forceMicrotubule Severing EnzymesKatanin, Spastin, FidgetinUsing TIRF microscopyMarch of Dimes FundedMicrotubule MechanicsStability, Flexibility, Structural StudiesNSF fundedRoss, et. al., Biophysical Journal 2008Green = MicrotubulesBlue = DNAWebsite: [email protected]

  • Ross Lab - BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular Biology:Protein Design, Purification, and CharacterizationMicroscopy:Epi-fluorescence, TIRF, electron microscopy, AFMAnalysis:Image analysis, MATLAB analysis, measure velocity, intensity, Fourier modesBioBootCamp 2010