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Roderick D. Scott L & R Resources, LLC Mandeville, LA/Ocean City, NJ Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Elevation preserves resources every 1,000 square foot of wood frame house = 250 trees Elevation preserves diversity of population at the shore by preserving more affordable buildings Elevation preserves the memories people are attached to the buildings through their family memories Elevation is cheaper that demolition and new build and it preserves rateables/revenues for communities Slide 5 For the fist time in this country the elevation industry undertook a public education program for flood disaster impacted communities. Hazard Mitigation Elevation 101 Slide 6 +15 communities to date in person = 4,000 Slide 7 4 - You Tube postings of presentation now over 11,000 viewings Slide 8 Property owners need to be educated and encouraged to flood hazard mitigate/elevate Slide 9 Hazard Mitigation Elevation 101 This program is still available for your community - FREE Slide 10 +300,000 FLOODED STRUCTURES Slide 11 ?# NON-COMPLIANT TO NEW FLOOD MAP ELEVATIONS ?50%, ?75%, ?90% Slide 12 NFIP COVERED AVERAGE OF > 20% OF FLOODED STRUCTURES Slide 13 NJ COMMUNITIES BY-PASS ORDINANCES REQUIRING SUB-DAM PROPERTIES TO MITIGATE WITH REBUILDING Slide 14 BRICK TOWNSHIP DATA Arcadis Corporation collected 8424 Homes flooded and in impact area 8307 Homes evaluated by on the ground engineers 3549 Potential elevation projects 1,000 + Voluntary Participation Forms for HMGP program filled out Slide 15 ELEVATION INDUSTRY Slide 16 PRE SANDY(est) > 20 ELEVATION COMPANIES/JACKING MACHINES Slide 17 Slide 18 PRE SANDY > 200 ELEVATED PER YEAR, est. Slide 19 POST SANDY < 50 ELEVATION COMPANIES/JACKING MACHINES Slide 20 This flood hazard mitigation/elevation cycle will be the largest in History due to changes in the flood insurance laws Slide 21 To date around 1,000 NJ elevations with private funding. Unknown how many used NFIP/ICC Slide 22 $100 million HMGP = +3,000 elevations RREM Phase 1 = around 1,500 elevations RREM Phase 2 = ??? elevations Slide 23 +400,000 buildings need elevation in NJ rough estimate Slide 24 FEMA estimates 88,000 NJ-NFIP buildings need elevation Slide 25 At this rate of elevation it will take 80 years to just elevate NFIP buildings that are non-compliant and 400 years at 1,000/elevated per year Slide 26 NJ FLOOD HAZARD MITIGATION ISSUES: Lack of good solid requirements for contractor registration same as in gulf states has resulted in many newcomers claiming to be elevation experts has resulted in multiple houses dropped and three injured to date. Lack of home elevation education/training which is required to build elevation industry capacity to meet ultimate demand Lack of New Jersey based elevation contractors Slide 27 Slide 28 THE FLOOD HAZARD MITIGATION/ELEVATION INDUSTRY IS DEDICATED TO REBUILDING NEW JERSEY SAFER AND STRONGER