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Rivington Against Greenbelt Exploitation RAGE. Public Meeting March 22 nd 2011. Agenda. Introductions Thank You What is this Quarry stuff all about? - The Grand Plan Situation update What do we want? What can we do? We need your help!. Introductions. Armstrongs representatives ?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Rivington Against Greenbelt ExploitationRAGE

    Public Meeting March 22nd 2011

  • IntroductionsThank YouWhat is this Quarry stuff all about? - The Grand PlanSituation updateWhat do we want?What can we do?We need your help!Agenda

  • Armstrongs representatives ??PressCouncil OfficialsBHEAG - Blackrod & Horwich Environmental Action GroupRAGE - Rivington Against Greenbelt ExploitationIntroductionswww.RivingtonRage.org

  • All for attending & RMI for hosting - drinksBHEAG , Montcliffe RA, Arcon RA, Horwich Moor RATheir work so farHelpersMany people who delivered almost 10,000 leafletsDan for organising the leaflet dropLizz for all the email updatesRich for setting up websiteConrad for printing 5,000 of the leaflets & helping with designWarren for setting up the charitable statusOthers who have provided information, put up the poster, written to Bolton Council, talked to council officials, done questionnaires, spread the word etc..

    Thank You

  • Where are the Quarries?

  • Montcliffe & Pilkington QuarriesRivington PikeGeorges LaneChorley Old RoadAPPROVED Pilkington Quarry ExtensionM 61Chorley New Road

  • The Grand PlanMontcliffe and Pilkington Quarries are both operated by ArmstrongsObvious concerns (fires, smells, fines) not relevant to planningRecent Environmental conviction IS relevant to planning (appeal)Create a huge recycling and waste tip facilityKnock through between Montcliffe & Pilkington creates mega quarryThe mega quarry may create the very special circumstances required for Greenbelt developmentCannot be achieved in one planning permission Over-development in green beltSmaller step by step planning applications used instead

  • ArmstrongsWe are NOT fighting Armstrongs, we ARE seeking a planning process that considers planning law, the environment and local residents. Its true that we wouldnt choose him as a neighbour - as his companies do seem to excel at upsetting people!

    Bolton News reported in Jan 2011 - Armstrongs found guilty of:Breaching environmental permit Failing to comply with an enforcement notice

    Two day trial at Bolton Magistrates Court - the court heard Waste on Armstrongs land had not been correctly storedCould pollute water or cause a smell

    Armstrongs pleaded Not Guilty to two charges and said:The Environment Agency official liedThere was no smell!We understand that Armstrongs intend to appeal this decisions

  • Stone to be removed between 2 quarriesContaminated & Unstable Buttress APPROVED extension to PilkingtonMontcliffe to be used for HUGE recycling facilityPilkington to be used for dumping material that cant be recycled

  • Evidence for Stone & AggregatesGreater Manchester Joint Minerals Development PlanSubmission from Armstrongs Representatives (MPG Minerals Planning Group) 18th Dec 2009We would like to nominate Pilkington Quarry extension area and possible land between Montcliffe and Pilkington Quarries as specific sites for consideration.NOTE Since then Pilkington Extension has been approved but we are seeking a Judicial Review (JR)Any big hole made by quarrying can then be filled up again by waste. Both quarries operated by a waste managment company.

  • Evidence Waste 1Greater Manchester Joint Waste Development PlanMPG submission - 22nd Dec 2009 Please find enclosed two potential waste sites [Montcliffe Quarry & Pilkington Quarry] to be considered in your production of the Greater Manchester Waste Development PlanBoth rejected - No NEW greenbelt facilities consideredHowever if planning permission is given by Bolton Council for a waste facility it can then be considered by Greater Manchester Waste

  • Evidence Waste 2Potential Facility State of the art materials recovery park waste recycling stationCapacity Potential to recycle over 1 million tonnes of material p.a. Based on traffic numbers of 200 in and 200 out per day= 400 HGV movements ON TOP of Pilkington Quarry lorries!!!! Environment Agency state Chorley New Road recycled 70 thousand tonnes in 2008 14 times less than this proposal!400 HGV movements also assumes no vehicles leave empty very unlikely, so the actual figure could potentially double[Bolton] council have already been approached with the concept of this recycling facility which was considered to potentially have merit. (Dec 2009)

  • Evidence Waste 3Proposed potential waste types:Construction & demolition wasteDust, noiseGreen plant matter compostingSmell, dustMetalNoiseCardboardDust, fire hazardCo-mingled materials Plastic & metal bottles, cans, containersCarsPollution, fire, noiseTimberFire

  • Security, Weighbridge & Transport OfficeMain Offices & Welfare!Fuel farm & pumpsTimber RecyclingVisitor Centre !Vehicle workshop, & Lorry WashGreen plant matter compostingGreen plant matter storeLorry ParkContainer storage & Car ParkingCar RecyclingWaste Transfer StationCo-mingled materialsMetal & Cardboard

  • Evidence Waste 4The restoration of this site [Pilkington Quarry] offers an infill opportunity. If approval can be granted for an extension to the quarry this would increase the void and capacity of the site.Shows importance of blocking current planning consent (JR)

    Capacity 2.5 million cubic metre void space (including extension area), which would hold ~4.5 million tonnes of inert C&D [construction & demolition inert only] material.

  • Planning Permissions

  • Planning Applications Update80931/08 Rejected Oct 2009 Appeal withdrawn Jan 201183299/09 Granted Oct 2010 Judicial Review Quashed 83999/09 Granted Oct 2010 Judicial Review - Quashed84065/10 Granted Jan 2011 Judicial ReviewQuestion Do we have the support & funds to continue ?

  • Judicial Review (JR)Legal review of planning decisions in the courtsPlus Objective, only planning issues relevant, gives us a voiceMinus Expensive, so we do need your financial supportThis only cancels the decision - the applicant can re applyBuxtons Solicitors Environmental & Public Law SpecialistsThreat of JR and strength of case led to 2 planning permissions being quashedSolicitor funded by some local residents & bheagDonations pleaseJR against Pilkington Extension is currently being contested by Bolton Council

  • Judicial Review (JR)Why are we having go through this process? Is it because ...Bolton Council would receive revenue from the quarries?The same organisation that advises Bolton Council on locations for waste, also advises on whether mineral permissions should be approved? (Urban Vision)The Council would really like Armstrong to move away from the Loco works so the 1600 homes can be built?They are already spending large sums on the Chorley Old Road retaining wall in preparation for all the HGVs?

    Stears - change here

  • Montcliffe QuarryWas run well by Hansons and ARC and due to close in 2011Low level restoration to commence after closureConsent was only awarded after applicant stated they would not ask for a further extension.Operation transferred from Hanson to GCN LTDRegistered at Armstrongs on Chorley New Road Extraction end date is 21st September 2011Armstrongs have indicated they will apply for extension for extracting for up to 10 yearsWe want current end date & restoration plans to be honoured

  • The Fence!

    Minor point compared to major planning issues!Current sighting & colour shows contempt of the visual environment & concerns of residentsArmstrongs have verbally committed to move sighting of fence & paint green!No statement so far on planned extent of fencing

  • Our Action

  • What do we want?We want to stop the Quarries in Rivington Greenbelt becoming a giant waste processing centre and waste dump!We want planning applications to receive proper, lawful & fair assessmentWe want the voice of local residents to be properly heardWe dont want hundreds of HGVs every day:Through the centre of Horwich & local road networkPast a school, church, leisure centre and housesWe want Bolton Council & Armstrongs come clean about their long term plans for Montcliffe & Pilkington quarries

  • More Public Support Please

  • What can we do? - Inspiration

  • Quarry row firm warns people not to trespass - Bolton News - 1st February 2011

    Bosses at Armstrongs Environmental Services say they have had reports that two men trespassed on the firms land on January 20 and took photographs of the site. [Presume Montcliffe Quarry but not specified]. A spokesman claims one of the men was aggressive to a disabled member of staff when he was confronted.

    Company chiefs have insisted trespassing will not be tolerated and have sent a solicitors letter to local organisations warning them of the consequences.

    Not only is there an extreme risk of injury to those persons trespassing, it is also against the law. The quarries are monitored by 24-hour security and any such persons found on the site without authority will be reported to the police and a prosecution will be sought. In addition, if our client suffers any damage as a result of those persons trespassing on site, our client may take action through the civil courts for sufficient recompense to be made.

    We would be grateful if you could inform your members that any unauthorised persons found on site will be reported immediately to the relevant authorities.

    What can we do? - Nothing Illegal!

  • What can we do? - VisibilityRaise the profile showing supportSTOP the QUARRY - Window PosterRAGE Badge (min 10 donation)Other ideas / contributions welcome e.g.Garden / field postersHats, t-shirts etc EventsVolunteers

  • What can we do? Gaining SupportGetting OrganisedCharita