requires the use of the d20 modern roleplaying game ... variants/d20 modern... · will need the d20

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  • Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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    Welcome to Ronin Arts Future: Starship 15 The Taurus, the 15th installment in our ongoingseries of PDFs for use with futuristic D20 Systemcampaigns. This series makes some assumptionsabout your campaign; the starship designs in thisseries will be most useful in campaigns in whichthe following statements are true:

    The campaign is not a hard science setting.Campaigns that are more spaceopera/adventure movie are the intendedtarget for this series.

    Starships are not rare or unusual. All of thestarships in this series assume that spacetravel is a standard and common occurrence individuals either fly their own ships orride on passenger ships. Starships and spacetravel are as common for characters as aplane ride is for people of our reality.

    Space combat is not uncommon. Its justanother exciting adventure when the playercharacters have to engage the enemy whilefleeing from some world or other.

    The campaign is packed with action. Ifthings arent exploding, how much fun canthe game really be?


    In order to use Future: Starship 15 withoutminiatures (see below for miniatures usage) youwill need the D20 Modern roleplaying game, pub-lished by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., and the officialfuture supplement, also published by Wizards ofthe Coast, Inc.. You can find both at your favoritelocal game store or online at any number of role-playing game vendors. No other Ronin Arts prod-ucts are required to use this book.

    To use the Taurus with miniatures, you will needa complete set of SkeletonKey Games e-Future

    Tiles: Star Freighter and e-Future Tiles: StarChasers tile sets. The only tiles you will need thatare not available in those two e-Future Tiles setsare the wings and cockpit which have beenthoughtfully included at the end of this PDF.

    To learn more about SkeletonKey Games pleasevisit the official websites at and www.starbaseprime,com.

    FUTURE: DATASTREAMAs of the time of publication, Ronin Arts

    Future: Datastream subscription service is run-ning, introducing new material for futuristic cam-paigns five times each week. For more informationon the Future: Datastream, including subscrip-tion information, please visit the official forums

    OPEN GAME CONTENTAll of the text of this PDF is presented as open

    game content. While this means absolutely noth-ing to your campaign it does give other publisherspermission to use this material as long as they fol-low the open game license (see the end of thisPDF).

    ABOUT THE AUTHORMichael Hammes has been freelancing in the

    role-playing industry since 2001. Starting small, hehas steadily built his repertoire, and reputation, byworking for such companies as Ronin Arts, GreenRonin, Alderac Entertainment Group, Dark QuestGames, and E.N.Publishing.He is currently trying tobalance his writing schedule with his role as stay-at-home father. To catch the latest from MichaelsImagination, please visit


  • THE HUNTER CAMPAIGNHarkening back to the heyday of safaris on

    Earth is this campaign concept. In it the Taurus andits crew are a group of modern-day big gamehunters who fulfill contracts for the capture of livexenomorphs. Note the emphasis on the term live.Anyone can send in the military or mercenaries tolay waste to an area and bring back carcasses, but ittakes someone with specialized skills and knowl-edge to capture xenomorphs alive and keep themthat way for the oftentimes-long journey back tothe buyer.

    And just who buys living xenomorphs? Well, noone poor, because capturing live xenomorphs is anexpensive game. But beyond that:

    Scientific Community this can meananything from government bio-weaponsdivisions to not-for-profit health organiza-tions to large zoos. These organizations buyxenomorph specimens in order to studythem, both to learn their behavior and to seewhat kind of benefit (i.e. a new drug, genet-ic advantage, cure of disease, rabid killingmachine clones, etc.) they can derive fromtheir biological natures.

    Private Individuals lets face it, there arealways individuals with too much moneylooking for a way to distinguish themselvesfrom other individuals with the same prob-lem. What better way to stand out from thecrowd of everyday billionaires than to haveyour own xenomorph (or better yet,xenomorphs)? To such individuals theirxenomorphs are a status symbol, nothingmore.

    Business/Entertainment this segmentis distinguished from the scientific commu-nity, which is most often also a business or atleast business-driven, in the fact that they

    are looking to exploit the xenomorph direct-ly rather than to study it or derive some formof benefit from its biology. Thus you haveentertainers who make use of the uniqueappearance and talents of a xenomorph toimprove their acts as well as individuals onremote worlds that run Roman-style circus-es where xenomorphs battle each other andgladiators (which may be free or slave).

    Not only does a hunter campaign give the PCsan excuse to go hunting the most dangerous ofxenophiles all over the universe, it also puts themin contact with some very interesting charactersand organizations that can lead to, or even be,adventures in their own right. But thats not all.Thecampaign can also put the PCs in some interestingmoral predicaments.

    The first issue is that their occupation in and ofitself is a source of controversy. Even if the PCs onlywork for above-board zoological organizationsthey will undoubtedly run afoul of whateverxenomorph rights organizations there are. Andthen there is the question of whether to take anassignment from a morally questionable organiza-tion or individual. Sure, the bioweapons job payswell, but do they really want to put a living exam-ple of that warrior-xenomorph in the hands ofthose that might use it to subject worlds to theirwhim? And if the PCs dont do it, you can bet someother less scrupulous hunters will.

    TRANQUILIZERSMuch like in todays world, the crew of the

    Taurus relies on tranquilizers to subdue targetedxenomorphs for capture. Producing tranquilizers isa use of either the Craft (chemical) or Craft (phar-maceutical) skill.

    Tranquilizers are essentially poisons with thegoal to induce unconsciousness rather than death.



    new rules and ideasnew rules and ideas

  • Tranquilizers are usually injected via a tranquilizerdart (basically, a syringe that can be shot from aweapon).

    While it would be easy to list one or two tran-quilizers here, the fact is that tranquilizers require avery specific dose. Too little and the tranquilizerdoes not have an effect.Too much and a tranquiliz-er can kill. As a result, the dose of a tranquilizer hasto be carefully measured for each application (andthats before taking into consideration the prob-lems inherent in dealing with xenomorph physi-ologies).

    While it would be impossible, and is in factimpractical, to create rules for all the factorsinvolved in creating the proper type and dose oftranquilizer for a given xenomorph, the followingsystem does add a little more variation andthought into the creation of tranquilizers.

    TranquilizerType: Injury

    Save DC: 10+

    Initial Damage: 1d2 Dex (Save DC 10-12), 1d3Dex (Save DC 13-15), 1d4 Dex (Save DC 16-18), 1d6Dex (Save DC 19+)

    Secondary Damage: Unconsciousness 1d3hours

    Purchase DC: Base 6 +1 per every point ofSave DC above 10

    Craft DC: Base 20 + 1 per every point of SaveDC above 10

    Time: 8 hours

    The individual crafting the tranquilizer deter-mines the Save DC for a given dose (to representthe strength). The Save DC in turn determines theInitial Damage, Purchase DC, and Craft DC.

    For example, a dose with a Save DC of 14 (10 +4) would have an Initial Damage of 1d3 Dex, aPurchase DC of 10 (6 + 4), and a Craft DC of 24 (20+4). A dose with a Save DC of 18 would have InitialDamage of 1d4 Dex and Purchase and Craft DCs of14 and 28 respectively.

    Overdose: Any creature (xenomorph or other-wise) that fails either of its Fortitude save against atranquilizer by 10 or more has received an overdosedies (the creatures Constitution drops to 0).

    TRANQUILIZER GUNSThe crew of the Taurus has a number of tranquil-

    izer guns at their disposal.

    CrossbowDamage: Special (tranquilizer)


    Damage Type:

    Range Increment: 20 ft.

    Rate of Fire: 1

    Magazine: 1 int.

    Size: Large

    Weight: 7 lb.

    Purchase DC: 9


    The ultimate in retro technology, this modifiedcrossbow fires tranquilizer darts instead of bolts; it ishighly reliable and, thanks to modern materials,totally silent in its operation (although the bolt stillmakes noise going through the air).

    Airdart Tranquilizer Rifle Damage: Special (tranquilizer)


    Damage Type:

    Range Increment: 30 ft.

    Rate of Fire: 1

    Magazine: 1 int. (breech loaded)

    Size: Large

    Weight: 8 lb.

    Purchase DC: 17


    The Airdart is almost unchanged from the tran-quilizer rifles of 21st century Earth. Simple in con-struction and ruggedly reliable, the Airdart uses CO2cartridges to deliver its disposable .50 caliber dart(one cartride/dart per shot) making it very silent(+10 to the DC of Listen checks to hear the weaponfiring).Loading the Airdart rifle is a full-round action.

    Airdart Tranquilizer Pistol Damage: Special (tranquilizer)


    Damage Type: