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Project A.G.R.i (Automated Ground Resource Informant)Seeking to provide research and development of beneficial unmanned systems. This is an all-encompassing approach to include unmanned aircraft, ground vehicles, as well as automated protective devices. Utilizing the rapid advances in available technology to improve quality of life

What started as an endeavor to produce a general unmanned aerial system for video work soon took another direction. We noticed a large gap in UAV capabilities within the agricultural community. Currently these uses are limited to aerial scanning and crop treatment. Leaving the brunt of the cost and work literally in the dirt. What is missing is the ability to provide on location soil analysis mid-crop growth cycle. At this point in time farmers are required to hire large teams of personnel in order to physically pull soil samples only to send them off to a lab for analysis, which can take several thousands of dollars and weeks to receive results. With the right funding we are looking to provide these exact capabilities on site for a fraction of the cost, results within days, and requiring at minimum only one operator.

Contact Information:Rocky H. PridemorePhone: (931) 624-7406

e-mail: rocky@remotely.rocksWebsite: www.remotely.rocksFunding:

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