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  • Project subject: Managing System


    Project subject: Managing System


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  • Content Content Introduction Explanation Implementation Summary

  • Introduction Introduction Welcome to Linux command Line and Shell Scripting, Linux is a open source operating

    system (OS) that allow the people who has the skill of using these OS to writ scripts and programs which perform many actions with out interfere of the user and also in This project you will learn some administrative action.

    In this project we wrote tow scrips, one of them executed in client station to send a file trough the network into server then the second script does some operations (sending information about server to the client ).

    In this script redirect information about the system in a file and also check the user, take screen shot of memory and CPU info and check all connected and unconnected users in network then direct them to the files finally this created files moved trough the network into client.

  • Explanation of ScriptExplanation of Script

    First we wrote two scripts one of then run in client and other run in server The first one sent the script from client to the server.

    Second we bridge and choose the same interface adapter for both virtual systems and set IP address to them for communication finally ping them for testing.

    Third we run the first scrip on client and this scrip does their responsibility and we remotely login to the server by SSH command then run the received script on it finally the required result provided by these scripts.

  • Implementation

    All actions which are implemented shown by figures step by step in next pages.

    And also we well do it live practically

  • Sender scriptScript 1: This script send the script to the sever computer

  • Script1: This script send the script to the sever computer

    Script 2: This is the sent script which run in the server and sent back the result of this script.

  • Step1: we bridged and choose same interface for both systems to synchronize them

  • Step2: set IP to the both systems and ping them for testing

  • Step3: Now we execute the sender script to send script to the server

  • Step4: We remotely login by the SSH command in the server and execute the received file from client.

  • Step5: After the execution of script in the server the files (pc_info.txt, system-info.html, error.txt) created and sent back from server to the client.

  • Summary

    Scrips are created communications stablished between virtual systems Client sent the script to the server Sever received the script We login from client to the server by SSH command and run the script The script does their responsibility (sent back the result of

    script )

  • Thanks from your attention

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