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1. Reggae MagazinesAnalysisJeppe Laursen 2. Cover PageThis is a close upshot, where only hisface is shownIt is from a slightlyhigh angleVery dark lighting anda dark background,this helps put mostattention towards theimageHe looks to be in astate of thought,looking at his eyeslooking into thedistance. This isindirect accessVery little text andtitles on the cover,attention is lead tothe artist onceagainFestivalnamesArtist namesDate and issuenumberMagazine nameand logo 3. Contents PageUsualreggaecolorsBlackyellow andgreencolorscheme, 3Rastafarian colorsWellorganizedwith textboxes inline. VeryGrid like,whichmakes iteasier forthe readertonavigatearoundMagazinename andlogo includedagainQuotes from artists, alsopage numbers of theirinterviewsBlack andwhite image,this shows theage of thegenreSummary paragraph on themagazine talking about where isits from. This educates the readerabout themPortraits of all theinterviewees within themagazineGenerallyblackbackgroundsets themood 4. Double Spread PageA lot of wellorganizedtextNon realsub imagesall relatingto thearticlesPaper isedited tolook old,works withmise ensceneRule of third applied,each page has roughly 3articles on itEach article is split upby the red dotted line Many shortbutinformativearticlesArticle headings arehighlighted in bold and largerwritingThere is no majorimage, so most focusis towards the textsWith thelargeamounts oftexts thisshows thatprobably themagazine istargettowards olderpeople whothrive moreon readingand notvisuals 5. Cover PageTraditional reggae colorsTitle withrelease dateand issuenumberOrganized boxesdisplayingseriousnessColor schemeis very low keysets a seriousmoodSunglassesmakes himmysteriousmaking thereader want tofind out moreabout himMedium shoton a straightangle to displayhis upper bodyStrong emphasison this sub titleVery littlesecondaryheadlines, a lotof focus on theshotFuzzy writingout of shape 6. Contents PageMajor subtitles, highlightedwith bold and larger writingVery lively colors, goingwith the Rastafarian colorschemeHeadlineswithin themagazinehighlightedOrganizedlayout, withlittleinformation.This makes iteasier tonavigatearoundLittleintroduction tothe magazineand how toread moreSmall articleabout BobMarleysummarizingthe influenceof reggaeOne subimage relatingto articleunder 7. Double Spread PageLooking through the magazine, for eachsection these colors changed from red toyellow to green. Following the Rasta colorschemeWhitebackgroundmaking it morelight andattractive to thereaderA lot of images used, less texts whichmakes it more visual for the readerImages areactionshots, notset up onesArticle titleshave differentfont colors,stands outwellShort boldintroductionof thearticlesNo pagenumbers 8. Cover PageTraditionalreggaecolorsMagazine issueand releasedateQuote fromartistCostume isveryRastafarianMedium shot,displays hiswhole upperbodyHe has beendressed forthis shotVery littlesubtitlesFadedbackgroundputting the focuson the artist in themiddleNo opposing colors, stickingwith the traditional Rastafarianscheme 9. Contents PageEdited to lookoldBlack andwhiteimageWellorganized,line for linewith a pagenumber at theend of eachsubtitle,makes it veryeasy for thereader tonavigateShortsummaryaboutreggae trendSlight faded colors, redgreen and yellow in thebackgroundHeadlines are in boldhighlighted with a starnext to themInformationlooks verycrammed in 10. Double Spread PageSubtitles arein bold andlarger sizetext All articlesPaperedited tolook old anddirty, thisgoes withthe mise enscene ofreggaeBack groundcolor schemeof yellow redAll pictures related greenMost text is very hard tosee because ofbackgroundOne articlehas whitebackground,really standsoutare relatedto reggaeBecausethere are nolargerimages onthis page,most focusis leadtowards thetextPictures aren't real, theyhave been created. Theylook like album covers