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  1. 1. Lead Generation with SMS Engagement SMS Intelligence 2013 - All Rights Reserved DID YOU KNOW: 80% of cell phone owners text, up from 58% in 2007 (Pew Research, Dec. 2012) In Canada, 75% send text messages, 49% use apps and 49% browse internet (ComScore, 2012) 49% of those who use social media prefer texting to calling (Performics, Jan 2012)) Studies indicate 97% read SMS (text) within 15 minutes; 84 % within 1 hour (Nielsen, 2012)
  2. 2. Incentives Work By Calling Prospects into Action Giving an incentive is a great conversation starter and can really warm up a new prospect..Consumers always appreciate something of value no matter how little R/E offices can use incentives to call new prospects into action and provide a fun & unobtrusive way to engage. SMS Intelligence 2013 - All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Redeemable Coupons Work and Creating is a Snap A recent study by Borrell Associates shows mobile coupons have a 10x higher redemption rate than their printed counterparts. Agents can use this advantage to engage. Creating a reusable auto-pilot incentives is exceedingly easy and offers a compelling competitive advantage. - Capture warm leads using simple methods - Each business card given out = potential warm prospect - Prospect receive $2 in FREE CALLING CARD - Offer is printed at back of your business card - To redeem prospect texts your assigned keyword to 74111 or scan QR code - A link is sent out automatically via text to prospects cell phone SMS Intelligence 2013 - All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Sending Targeted Messages is Easy! Clients will appreciate the speed, efficiency, and personalization of the home listings they receive from you. - Once a prospect redeems their FREE calling card , you are immiedately notified via SMS or Email. -Lead generation is on Auto-Pilot , sit back and watch how your business card will generate leads for you. -Monthly reporting to track usage -Use KEYWORD in all other advertising and promotion SMS Intelligence 2013 - All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. SMS for Real Estate is Affordable & Easy SMS Lead generating offers a low-cost investment with high value rewards. $149.99+Tax , Includes 1000 custom designed business card with your existing branding & Logo. One unique Keyword listings - Monthly reporting - 3-5 business days set up - Sms marketing available CALL US TODAY : 647-764-9704