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    Reliance Business Services

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    Resources CommunicationsFinancialServices

    Media andEntertainment Infrastructure

    RelianceBusiness Services


    Presence in high growth sectorsNet worth in excess of US$ 16.5 billion

    Pan-India, next generation, integrated (wireless and wireline), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network capable of supporting best-of-class services spanning the entire communications value chain.

    Owns and operates the world's largest next generation IP enabled connectivity infrastructure in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

    Reliance Group

    Reliance Group


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    We believe technology is meant to

    make life easy, not complicated.

    That's why be it individual to

    individual, individual to machine or

    machine to machine,

    we make the art of communication

    secure, reliable and easy.

    Mission Statement


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    Business Leadership Among the top telecom companies

    in the world by number of customers in a single country

    Serving over 850 of the top 1000 Indian Enterprises

    Over 45000 Enterprise customers in India

    No. 1 in India in terms of Data Center saleable space

    Carrying over 20 billion minutes of traffic

    2.5 million customers for voice in 14 countries

    Pioneer in Ethernet network capable of carrying 6 Tbps of traffic. Thats about 75% of Indias estimated total Internet traffic in 2017.


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    Global Cable Network Footprint

    Over 285,000 kms of fiber optic cabling in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region

    With 73,000 km of subsea fibre, our submarine cable network can encircle the earth 7 times

    Points of Presence in 66 countries across 6 continents

    Metropolitan networks across 45 cities in 25 countries

    FLAG - 65,000 Kms undersea OFC network

    PoPs in 66 countries across

    6 continentsLeadership in MEA and Asia

    Largest scalable and restorable global NGN footprint


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    Indias largest Integrated Telecom Operator


    Largest Integrated Operator

    Carrier, Enterprise

    and Consumer Businesses

    Largest Pan-India

    Private Fiber Network


    MENand SDH


    Largest Carrier Neutral

    Data Center Provider

    Dedicated Backbones for

    Internet and VPN Services

    Widest Choice of Access

    Technologies and Media:

    Ethernet, SDH, Wireless


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    India Network CoverageIndia Tier 1 Ethernet POPsIndia 90+ Tier-3 POPs (Total 120+ Cities)Global POPs 34+Reliance USA 30+ POPs

    200,000 route kilometers of fibre

    40,000 kilometers of fibre network in the access or last mile

    More than 50,000 CDMA & GSM base stations


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    Pan-India, next generation, integrated (wireless and wireline), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network

    Service coverage in over 24,000 towns and 600,000 villages

    Highly Resilient Backbone, Metro & Building Access, Ring Architecture

    Fiber to the Building: Over 1.1 million buildings directly connected

    Largest Metro Ethernet Network deployed in India

    NMS,OSS,BSS Suite

    Domestic Footprint


    Backbone& Meshed Core


    PacificNOC & DR NOC

    Access TechnologiesMetro Ethernet,TDM,LMDS,UBR, WiMax


    Separate Core Network for MPLS and Internet Traffic

    Diverse routes for Intl connectivity

    IPv6 enabled dedicated Internet backbone within India with 6 Tbps capacity to meet present and growing demand with 100G capable routers

    Reliance National NOC 24x7x365 Network Monitoring for faster restoration and quick provisioning of networks including complex multi-location solutions


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    Powering technology empowered business strategies

    Product Portfolio

    Voice Solutions

    Data Connectivity

    Collaboration Services

    Data Center


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    Voice SolutionsE1 DID Similar Board Number Toll free Services

    Smart Office Centrex One Office Duo Hosted Contact Center


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    Digital Trunk solution of 2 Mbps capacity with 30 B-channels and 1 D-channel

    Reliance E1 DID

    Key benefits: A direct line for every user

    DID Number Presentation

    Hassle-free Installation & Maintenance

    Single bill for all intra-office calls

    Cross-product pooling

    USPs Superior Reliance Network

    PBX bundling

    National Pooling

    Routing of calls possible on On-Net number

    Single Bill and Payment


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    Carrier-grade reliability and scalability without any investment in equipment or maintenance

    Reliance Smart Office Centrex

    Key benefits: Zero Capex solution-Pay per use Freedom from annual maintenance contract (AMC) Unmatched Scalability Freedom from Obsolescence High-end digital PBX functionalities like DID, free

    Intercom calling, Voice Mail and Attendant Console DID Number Presentation

    Key differentiators: Short digit dialing facility across multiple offices with in

    India Instant Conferencing up to 10 peoples Attendant Console to manage call management features Authorisation code for STD & ISD calling Free calling between close user group (CUG)


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    Identical access numbers across the country

    Similar Board Number

    Key benefits: Single number identity for the organization Easy to remember Local access for customers Origin dependent termination

    Key differentiators: SBN can be delivered through MCN. Delivery is possible in 2-3 digits SDCA

    locations across the country Provide better customer experience Low cost Marketing Tool


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    Key benefits: Private numbering plan

    User convenience (Same short digit number for Landline & Mobile. e.g., #52345 (Fixed), #62345 (Mobile)

    Cost optimization & Easy management

    Convenience of short digit dialing

    Self-Service portal for unified administration

    Single bill for all VPN calls

    Single bill for CUG calls across landlines and mobiles

    One Office DuoUnparalleled nationwide converged Voice CUG across mobile phones and landlines

    Key differentiators: Multi location office networking at zero CAPEX Integrate wireless & wireline voice services in one seamless VPN Complete investment protection no change require in existing setup Uniform experience across multiple offices


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    Key benefits: Easy access for customers, prospects,

    partners and even employees Call routing options Local access for customers Services offered in India as well as

    100+countries across the globe Unanswered call details Origin & Time based routing Self care portal for the customers Authentication of caller through PIN

    Toll Free Services (Domestic & International)Facilitates free calls to a unique number

    Key differentiators: Countrywide single number No more charges for callers Optimum utilisation of resources Extensive reach across the geography

    without physical presence


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    Key benefits: Eliminates the need for contact center systems and

    network infrastructure

    Faster, less expensive and more flexible than premise-based Contact Centers

    Multi-site routing, load balancing, and Intelligent Network (IN) capabilities

    Administrative ease with single ownership for Hosted CC solution

    Single ownership for Hosted CC solution (Genesys CC solution, PRI, L3VPN, TF, SBN, etc)

    Hosted Contact Center Solution (HCCS)A cloud-based solution capable of supporting multi-location global contact center operations

    Key differentiators: Genesys SIP platform enabled

    No License fees for agents & recording applications

    Customised agents reports

    Work from home

    Easy Open and standards based integration, to 3rd party components


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    Data ConnectivityEnterprise Internet Ethernet WAN MPLS-VPN

    Leased Line IPLC Managed Services

    Ethernet Leased Line


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    Reliance Enterprise InternetHigh capacity, high availability and superior performance Internet service

    Key benefits: Wide coverage across the country including remote locations

    Fast content delivery by the high capacity, low packet-loss, low latency global MPLS/IP Network

    Unparalleled surfing experience (about 50% of India content hosted in Reliance Data Centers, extensive peering with more than 700 global Tier I ISPs, IDCs & Content providers)

    SLA covering Service Availability inclusive of the last mile, Network Latency, Network Packet Loss, and Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)

    Key differentiators: Flexible billing options including Flat fee and Usage based

    Large bouquet of Access Solutions:TDM/SDH, MEN, Microwave/UBR/LMDS, Connect DIA

    IPv4 and IPv6 supported

    Strong Peering and Caching arrangement with ISPs and Content providers for better customer experience


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    Reliance MPLS-VPN

    Key benefits: Highly resilient


    Extensive reach (Indias largest MPLS network)

    Near 100% uptime (self-healing architecture) & highly secure

    Impact to internet services will not affect VPN services and vice versa

    Cost effective and Predictable performance management

    Indias one of the largest & dedicated MPLS enabled core network

    Key differentiators: Hierarchical network design with self-healing ring based access

    Heavily meshed network with dual plane architecture in each location connected using separate physical connectivity of multiple10G links.

    Core Data Network includes: 26 Primary & 26 Secondary 124 collector PoPs; 34 exclusive owned Global PoPs

    Large bouquet of access solutions:SDH, MEN, UBR, ADSL, Connect Prime, ISDN, SSL-VPN, WD-VPN, etc.

    Traffic prioritization using separate control and forwarding planes for VPN Services


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    Worlds one of the largest Metro Ethernet Network deployment

    Reliance Ethernet Leased Line (ELL)

    Key benefits: Resiliency Architectural flexibility Protocol agnostic Lowest cost per bit Scalability Cost effective

    Key differentiators: Pioneer in ring based topology E-LAN and E-Line Services offered using same Hybrid network Better operational control over routing protocols Sufficient bandwidth on parallel backup path Standards based implementation Bandwidth granularity


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    Reliance EWAN Layer 2 VPNELAN Service : Multipoint

    Key differentiators: MEF Complaint Jumbo Frames support Full Mesh & Hub & Spoke Extended LAN 40 K Switches deployed 1 Mn ports with 6+ Tbps capacity 120 + Cities

    Protected service

    Bandwidth Granularity

    Stringent SLAs

    UBB(95th percentile)

    P2P, 2MP, any-to-any

    Online Performance Management

    Global Reach

    Traffic prioritizationKey benefits:

    Secured, Deterministic and Dynamic Future proof investment and network Legacy applications User friendly - simplified Scalable & Reliable


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    Traditional version as well as advanced variants

    Reliance Leased Line

    Benefits: Extensive reach Better scalability Transparent client signals Highly resilient

    Key differentiators: 200,000 router kms of fiber connecting

    24,000 towns and 6,00,000 villages 40,000 Kms of access network 1.7 Million connected buildings 100 G enabled network Self healing ring architecture 2 Cut not out


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    Reliance Managed Services provide solutions that let you outsource many of your management tasks while letting you retain visibility and control over those processes. From managing the entire IT infrastructure or just specific elements, we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

    Managed Services

    Key benefits: Single Point of Contact

    Frees up internal IT resources for key business tasks

    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    More predictable IT budgets by reducing complexity & risks

    24x7x365 days support

    Eliminates avoidable downtime

    Key benefits: Business Service Management / Service (QoS/SLA)

    Enhanced Productivity - ITIL Best Practices

    Reduced Noise Levels - Root Cause Analysis

    Event Reduction: Mediation & Alarm Filtration

    Performance & Management Tools


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    Reliance IPLC offers a dedicated, leased P2P digital circuit for bulk transport of data, voice and video. It allows simultaneous two-way transmissions of digital signals at speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps.

    International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

    Key benefits: High QoS (Quality of Service) since

    Reliance uses an integrated network end-to-end

    World-class services at highly competitive and affordable prices

    No barriers for upgrading the capacity of circuits or provisioning multiple circuits

    Complete redundancy through diverse paths on the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific routes

    Key differentiators Wholly-owned global sub-sea cable network with a presence in over 27

    countries Tie-ups with top international carriers Highly scalable


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    Collaboration ServicesAudio Conferencing

    Video Conferencing


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    Key benefits: Fosters employee collaboration across geographies

    Reduces travel & related overheads

    Toll free and tolled access across the globe (even for the India Bridge)

    Web conferencing option available

    Zero Capex and Pay per Use model, no upfront cost

    Reliance Audio ConferencingIndia Bridge: Ideal option when most conference participants are within India. Global Bridge: (New York): Ideal option when participants are in different parts of the world

    Key differentiators: Reach: Toll free access in 65 countries & Toll access

    from 18 cities in India

    Dashboard Based: Easy-to-use interface accessible over public internet

    Reach: Toll free & Toll access across the globe.

    Reliability: Use of own, proven Global, Carrier-class network platform


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    End-to-end Managed Video Conferencing including QoS-based VC-VPN, Video Bridging, Virtual Meeting Rooms, VC Management and Endpoint Management

    Reliance Video Conferencing

    Key benefits: Lifelike experience, almost like a real meeting

    Makes VC simple to use, fostering better adoption across the Enterprise

    Reduces travel & related overheads

    Frees IT resources from non-core tasks

    Flexible: Works over IP or ISDN networks including standard definition, high definition & Telepresence endpoints

    Key differentiators: Hosted bridge Full HD Interoperable with most of the end points Wide range of end points


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    Largest footprint of Data Centers across India with over 6,50,000 sq.ft of gross data center space (Nine data centers with level 3 + accreditation Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad)

    Hosting 7000+ servers racks, 300+ firewalls and 1600+ terabytes of storage capacity

    IDC V, one of Asias largest data center, being constructed in Navi Mumbai and will be operational soon

    Indias largest Data Center Service Provider


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    Data Center ServicesCo-Location

    Managed Hosting

    IT Infrastructure

    Managed Security

    Cloud Computing


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    Reliance Data Center delivers secure, reliable, scalable hosting, network, application and consulting services to the customer.

    Co-location Service

    Key benefits:

    Superior resilience


    Consultative approach

    Unrivalled connectivity


    Key differentiators: Best Physical Infrastructure & Highest

    Physical Security No restriction on type of server hardware Multiple service options to suite

    requirements Stringent SLAs on service deliverables


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    Reliance Managed hosting solutions provides comprehensive suits of services to host and manage mission critical infrastructure and application.

    Managed Hosting Service

    Key benefits: Customized hosting solution

    Infrastructure on lease model to eliminate up front Capex

    Choice of managed services i.e. system admin, monitoring, managed security, RHEs etc.

    Redundant Network connectivity

    24X7 technical support

    Key differentiators: Broad Product Offering Best of breed technologies Highly available and Secure environment Cost effective Skilled managed IT services staff


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    Reliance IDC provides specialized support & response infrastructure and software & reporting tools to deliver the IT Managed Services.

    IT Infrastructure Services

    Key benefits:

    Management of end to end critical IT Infrastructure

    Risk Management

    Stringent SLA

    Infrastructure on lease/ rental basis

    24X7 technical support by experts

    Key differentiators: Faster implementation of IT resources Higher levels of reliability within the IT

    environment Proactive monitoring and management Less downtime and better customer



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    Managed Security Service provides a cost effective security solution for multilayer detection and protection against both network and application layer attacks

    Managed Security Services

    Key benefits:

    Ensure end to end data security

    World class security tools

    Certified security expert to implement and monitor security tool

    Saving of cost and reputation by taking best in class security measure

    Real time security updates

    24X7 support by security experts

    Key differentiators: Augmented Security Services Trained and dedicated professionals Threat intelligence and event correlation


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    Cloud Computing services help reduce the input costs further and pass benefits of both Virtualization Technology and Cloud Computing to customers.

    Cloud Services

    Key benefits:

    Eliminate CAPEX and reduces OPEX

    High return on investment

    Lower hardware & software maintenance

    Access from anywhere

    Pay-Per-Use model

    Key differentiators: Best of breed technologies Reliable and highly secure Cost effective and scalable Faster time to market 24X7 support by experts


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    A few of our Customers







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