Rapid reading—get ultimate help to boost reading speed with ios development

Download Rapid reading—get ultimate help to boost reading speed with ios development

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In this age of information, reading speed is important to absorb maximum information in the constraints of time and space so RapidReading is an ultimate solution to get such skills effectively and on reasonable rates. This creation of iOS developers at Peerbits is exclusive for many readers.


  • 1. RapidReadingGet Ultimate Help to Boost Reading Speed with iOS Development Today we are living in an information age where tons of information showered on us daily from various media and the most consumable media is text on web and print. Therefore, if you want to get an edge over your competitions you have to have enough skills and speeds to consume maximum information and use them in favor of you. The same equation is true for the students and scholars. Conclusively, we can say our reading speed is matter more in our success so there are plenty of options available on the web to improve your reading speed. Among these all options mobile apps for reading speed practices is the best choice for the fast pace modern society. RapidReading has created exclusively keeping this thing in mind that anyone can use it in any situation without wasting much time and money on enhance reading skills for long-term. Ryan Whiteside is a scrappy entrepreneur with a talent to offer something extraordinary that would be helpful for the seasoned as well as average readers who craving for speed-reading. His brilliant ideas for speed-reading make him stand out from the crowd of endless numbers of books and $300+ training seminars on speed-reading as none of them teach you faster and more efficiently than RapidReading. Recognizing the complexities involved in his concept, he prefers to go to a reputed mobile app development company, which should be capable to create a quality product with latest technologies with the price tag worth to its quality and within affordability. Thus, he put stamp of his choice on Peerbits. Since this project needs custom approach, iPhone programmers and iPad developers at Peerbits have to create user interface for each screen as well as for pop-up notifications of various styles so that need vetting approach for graphics, UI designing, and UX designing. Inclusion of clock timer, highlighting of texts, pop-up notifications, multiple reading formats, etc. needs a knack of coding and iOS developers at Peerbits have done this job beautifully. Therefore, client has witnessed good deal of downloading of his apps of previous versions as well as latest version with iPhone 5 compatibility.


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