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<p>Radial Brand Mapping</p> <p>Radial Landscape MappingAn Innovation in brand perceptual mapping &amp; brand positioning</p> <p>The Destination</p> <p>The DilemmaPerceptual or correspondence mapping is a market research visual tool enabling companies to help understand differences in image and perceptions among customers or consumers, across competitive brands.While the information and insights from this visual tool are significant and deep, traditional means for displaying this information has been problematicMaps tend to be cluttered and messy.Difficult to understand by non-technical audienceSuffers from trying to crowd multi-dimensional data onto 2 dimensional spaceLacks clarity and is not intuitiveUsually requires a highly technical person to interpretHas a high propensity for confusion</p> <p>Lack of consistency or clarity from brand maps</p> <p>Radial landscape mapping is based on a statistical data reduction technique* designed to measure the extent to which a set of brand personality attributes are associated with a set of known brands. Analysis results are illustrated using a Radial Landscape Map where brand personality attributes are positioned out around the perimeter depending on their mutual association/correlation. Individual brands are positioned inside the map.IntroducingRadial Landscape Maps (A revolution in brand mapping)</p> <p>* Adapted statistical correspondence analysis</p> <p>Brand personality attribute</p> <p>Fun</p> <p>Family Values</p> <p>Modern</p> <p>Brand X</p> <p>Brand Y</p> <p>Caring</p> <p>Brand Z</p> <p>Boring</p> <p>Basic</p> <p>Consistent</p> <p>Tired</p> <p>Brand W</p> <p>In some cases, the brand attributes start to cluster together representing an underlying theme or latent construct.Brand W: Close to the centre - it is almost equally associated with all the personality attributes, but has a marginally higher association with vibrancy, expert and fun. This brand has little distinctivenessBrand X: Has a significantly higher association with fun and modernBrand Y: has a strong identity of being wholesome, caring and aligned with family valuesBrand Z: Is regarded as a basic, tired and boring brand.</p> <p>VibrantWholesome</p> <p>Conventional Cases using ATU survey trackersHow Mexican restaurants are positioned relative to KPIs Food Quality, Menu, Service &amp; Delivery, Value and ConvenienceHow consumer perceptions of different detergent brands in the UK differ from each otherShows how leading beverage brands have changes or evolved in their core brand positions over timeFor a B to B firm, shows how different functional departments perceived their own company along key dimensions or drivers of innovation</p> <p>Authentic Mexican Food</p> <p>Great Tasting Food</p> <p>High Quality Ingredients</p> <p>Food from scratch</p> <p>Clean/comfortable atmosphere</p> <p>Personable. Friendly employees</p> <p>Treats you like a valued customerCrave Menu Items</p> <p>Variety of menu items</p> <p>Has drive-thru</p> <p>Healthy nutritious items</p> <p>Has large portions</p> <p>Food prepared how you want it</p> <p>Modern up to date</p> <p>Gets order right</p> <p>Simple menu</p> <p>Open late night/24 hours</p> <p>Food timely/fastConvenient nearby location</p> <p>Good value for money</p> <p>Low prices</p> <p>Mexican Fast Food. Total base (all respondents)The MenuConvenienceValueService DeliveryFood Quality</p> <p>Authentic and trustworthy</p> <p>Exciting and lively</p> <p>Dull and tiresome</p> <p>Eco-friendly and caring</p> <p>Brand Personality within a competitive context - DetergentsOver-priced</p> <p>NaturalEthical</p> <p>Caring</p> <p>Disappointing</p> <p>Over-promising</p> <p>Boring</p> <p>BasicTiredIrritating</p> <p>FunVibrant</p> <p>Efficient</p> <p>Reliable</p> <p>Genuine</p> <p>Helpful</p> <p>Expert</p> <p>Family</p> <p>Engaging</p> <p>Client: Household cleaning good manufacturer</p> <p>Alpha (2007)Alpha (2011)Alpha (2012)Beta (2007)</p> <p>Beta(2011)Beta (2012)Gamma (2011)Gamma (2007)Gamma (2012)</p> <p>Is affordableIs genuine and authenticWorth what is costs</p> <p>Goes well with food</p> <p>Sophisticated drink</p> <p>Always doing new things</p> <p>Would like to be seen drinking</p> <p>For football fans</p> <p>Youthful brand</p> <p>Is very refreshingCool &amp; edgy</p> <p>Associate with music</p> <p>Inspires Optimism</p> <p>Good when having with friends</p> <p>Is an uplifting drink</p> <p>Makes moments fun</p> <p>Thirst quenching brand</p> <p>Great tastingComforting &amp; Relaxing</p> <p>For someone like me</p> <p>Has a premium qualityDelta (2007)Delta (2011/12)</p> <p>Value &amp; AffordabilityQuality Youthful &amp; Cool Social &amp; FunPersonal</p> <p>Base: Daily Drinkers of Alpha onlyAdapted Statistical Correspondence Analysis</p> <p>Case: Drinks brand (evolution in image through time)</p> <p>Senor Mgmt Encourages Innovation</p> <p>My Manager encourages innovation</p> <p>Budgets for Innovation</p> <p>Clear processes for Innovation</p> <p>Sr. Mgment Supports Innovation</p> <p>Sr. Mgment Invests in InnovationCulture of innovation</p> <p>Innovation Metrics</p> <p>Employees allowed to take Risk</p> <p>Innovation Success is Documented</p> <p>Mid Managers can budget innovation</p> <p>Team collaborations on Innovation</p> <p>Promoted for Innovation Ideas</p> <p>Innovation rewards &amp; incentivesEmployees empowered for Innovation</p> <p>Innovation Assessor Department Perceptual MapMetrics &amp; ToolsRewards InnovationBudgets for InnovationManagement Support</p> <p>Easy communicate company Vision</p> <p>Company Innovation Goals clear</p> <p>Org. Hires Innovators</p> <p>Company attracts innovative people</p> <p>Mktg InsightsBus. StrategyR&amp;DFinanceOperationsSales</p> <p>Executive OfficersClear criteria to eval. innovations</p> <p>Innovation Culture</p> <p>Open Communication</p> <p>Satisfied with Org Innovation</p> <p>Innovation Satisfaction</p> <p>Supports New Innovation Initiatives</p> <p>Employees empowered with tools to support innovation </p> <p>Hiring Practises Support Innovation </p> <p>Does not penalize new ideasCompany innovation goals understood</p> <p>Vision for Innovation</p> <p>What data can we use</p> <p>Structured survey questionsUnstructured social media dataAny two-way table will work to produce a Radial Landscape Map</p> <p>Our unique approach to measuring social engagement</p> <p>Note: Off the shelf sentiment metrics are based on automated word counting and volume of conversation.</p> <p>Our Approach:</p> <p>Is built upon a validated Linguistics based approach known as Stance Shift Analysis</p> <p>Uncovers the meaning of conversations.</p> <p>Generates a metric called the Semantic Engagement Index (SEITM)</p> <p>Closely maps hard sales data.</p> <p>Maps using Social Media DataHow competitive beverage retailers are defined in terms of customer perceptionsHow luxury-sports cars differ in terms of their customers association with attributes of safety, performance, prestige and designHow 4 leading facial cream brands differ and compare in terms of how consumers describe their brand experiences.</p> <p>Value and PriceCoolness, funky, style, DcorTaste and product quality</p> <p>In-store customer experienceGood valueCoffee PriceFood pricesTalking business &amp; school workSocial with FriendsStore ambianceRichnessLatteAmazing tasteLike no otherCool brandFunkyStylish brandArtwork/Decor</p> <p>Bubbles represent conversational clusters, whilst size indicates level of engagement.Brand VBrand X</p> <p>Brand YBrand Y is least differentiated by social conversations.</p> <p>Brand ZBrand Z stands out v. competitors for the taste &amp; rich flavour of its beveragesCase: Beverage chain (400K social media conversations)</p> <p>Brand WBrand W is distinctively seen as a great place to meet people &amp; socialize</p> <p>Luxury Sports Cars: Brand positioning using socially engaged chatter</p> <p>Classic</p> <p>Speed</p> <p>Gas MileageReliableSafety &amp;ReliabilityTo Be Seen DrivingGreat AccelerationPowerSafetyInterior DesignStylingCurb Appeal</p> <p>PerformanceEmotionalStyle &amp; Design</p> <p>Elegant Feeling</p> <p>Durable</p> <p>Audi and Jaguar are differentiated by social conversations around style and design.BMW is uniquely positioned on performance qualities.Acura is least differentiated by social chatter</p> <p>Note: Separate analysis - Adapted Statistical Correspondence AnalysisBubble size represents the buzz/volume of chatter (SEI Conversational Clusters)</p> <p>Facial Creams Competitive brand positioning using SEITM on topics</p> <p>#Texture Hair#Body Type#Quantity#Refreshing#Sensory variety#Diversity#Texture Skin#Skin Type#Skin Irritation#Baby Soft#Promotion/Discount#Affordability &amp; Price#Long Lasting#Fragrance</p> <p>Adapted statistical correspondence analysisRolled up Net SEI for last 52 weeksBubbles sized by comment volumeCentral position implies least differentiation</p> <p>For Neutrogena most of the engaged positive comment is around #baby soft, #texture skin and #texture hair.Engaged conversations around Olay are largely based around body type, texture of hair and skin.Garnier has the highest association with baby soft, but also a direct connection with affordability, quantity and promo activity.Engaged conversation for LOreal is centred around long lasting, sensory variety and even skin irritation.Nivea is weakest in terms of engaged chatter across topics, although its score for texture hair is relatively higher than other brands.</p> <p>ValueTextureDiversitySensory</p>