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Rabbit Breeds. You need to take notes from your classmates! This only provides you with the pictures. French Lop. French Lop. France 1850 Cross of English Lop and Butterfly Rabbit Shorter ears than English Lop Very muscular/ massive thick body Bucks: 9 lbs Does: 10 lbs Various colors. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit Breeds

You need to take notes from your classmates! This only provides you with the pictures.French Lop

French LopFrance 1850Cross of English Lop and Butterfly RabbitShorter ears than English LopVery muscular/ massive thick bodyBucks: 9 lbsDoes: 10 lbsVarious colorsJersey Wooly

Jersey WoolyDeveloped in New JerseyCross of Netherland Dwarf and AngoraLess than 3.5 lbsEars 2-3 long5 colors: shaded, self, agouti, tan, and pointedHarlequin

HarlequinNorthern France and Belgium 1880sCross of Dutch and common domestic rabbitColors: each side is different colors and face is opposite colors2 main colors: orange and whiteDark brown eyesMedium sizeGiant Angora

Giant AngoraOrigin: TurkeyOldest domestic rabbitMade to maximize wool productionFirm body and unique coatBucks: 8.5 lbsDoes: 9 lbsRuby eyes with white fur/ blue eyes with white furPlayful and social3 types of wool: medium fine, delicately weaved and fluffMini Rex

Mini RexCross of Standard Rex and Netherland DwarfLess than 4.5 lbsDense plush fur (11 varieties)Comes in many colorsCheckered Giant

Checkered GiantFrom Germany 1904Cross of Rhenish Checkered and Flemish GiantAmerica 1910Long well arched bodyWhite with black or blue markingsStands well off groundColored butterfly nose and eye circlesCheek spots and spine markingsDistinct tail and side markingsBucks: 11 lbsDoes: 12 lbsSilver Martin

Silver Martin50 years ago in nest box of standard ChinchillaBlack predominant colorSilver lining of earsEye circles are silverBlack, Blue, Chocolate, and SableFur: 1 longBucks: 6-8.5 lbsDoes: 7-9.5 lbsHavana

HavanaMutation in 1898Chocolate colorEyes: dark brown with ruby glow4.5-6.5 lbsHotot

HototFrance 1912Cross of French rabbit and Giant PanpillonAmerica 1978White with black band around eyesBucks: 8-10 lbsDoes: 9-11 lbsCrme dArgent

Crme dArgentAmerica 1934Very popular for furFrom FranceColors: cream with bright orange under coatBucks: 8-10 lbsDoes: 8.5-11 lbs

Flemish Giant

Flemish GiantBelgiumCame to America 50 years agoComes in many different colorsLargest of all domestic breedsBucks: 12+ lbsDoes: 13+ lbsAverage weight: 15-18 lbsSable

SableMedium body lengthBucks: 7+ lbsDoes: 8+ lbsDeep sepia brownHead, ears and feet purple or shaded brown sheen 1919 from English Chinchilla rabbitsSatin

SatinBucks: 8.5-10.5 lbsDoes: 9-11 lbsComes in many different colorsOrigin: IndianaGlass clear sheath to guard hairMost popular commercial rabbitLong muscular body, long ears and wiggly noseAmerican

AmericanBucks: 9-11 lbsDoes: 10-12 lbsColor: blue and whiteAmerica 1917Popular during 1920s-1930sBack arches up more than other rabbitsEnglish Lop

English LopBucks: 9+ lbsDoes: 10+ lbsEars: 23-24 longBrown and blackUnknown originFirst seen 1885 in AfricaLongest ears: 28.5 Medium length and arched backCalifornian

CalifornianCross of Himalyan and Chinchilla and the crossed with White New ZealandMost popular breedsColors: white with black nose, feet tail and earsBucks: 8-10 lbsDoes: 8.5-10.5 lbsPolish

PolishDeveloped and albino Dutch rabbitShort rounded body with short limbs and fine bonesLarge eyesColors: black, blue, chocolate and 2 kinds of white


DutchOrigin: HollandBrought to EnglandUnique colors: color patches on each side of head with white stripe in middle3.5-5 lbs averageColors: black, blue, chocolate, steel gray, grayShorthaired Rex

Shorthaired RexOrigin: 1919Came from mutation in litters in common grey rabbits that produced short haired littersThey have a short hair coat with guard hairs the same length as the underfurFur stands to a right angle to the skinVery softColors: Blue, black, Californian, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, lilac, lynx, opal, red, sable, seal white, brokenBucks: 7.5 lbs; Does: 8-10.5 lbsHolland Lop

Holland LopOrigin: NetherlandsSmall sizeColors: white, black, brown, solid or broken patternsApple shaped headShort, broad eyesBroad muzzleBody resembles a French lop, but smallerLess than 4 lbsCross between Netherland Dwarf, French Lop and English LopRhinelander

RhinelanderOrigin: GermanyUnknown ancestoryCross between English Butterfly rabbit and Japanese/Flemish GiantButterfly marking on nose, cheek spots, and eyeringBody is white with herringbone pattern or unbroken stripe from neck to tip of tailColor markings on hip and flankComes in tricolors: blue, black, whiteBuck: 6.5-9.5 lbs; Does: 7-10 lbsSilver Fox

Silver FoxBucks: 9-11 lbs; Does: 10-12 lbsSilver tipped furFur is like fox furOriginal name: American Silver GiantOriginated 1920s in OhioName Given in 1929Fur is 1-1.5 in lengthNew Zealand

New ZealandCross between Belgian Hare and common white rabbit9 lbsOrigin: California and IndianaColors: white, red, black, greyMostly used for meat productionLeading choice for commercial rabbit production in the U.S.


CinnamonMedium lengthMeaty bodyColor: Rust or cinnamon with thick smoke gray across back; underfur is orangeBucks 8-10.5 lbsDoes: 9-11 lbs