1 common u.s. breeds of pigs swine production. 2 breeds of pigs l white-line breeds and crosses --...

Download 1 Common U.S. Breeds of Pigs Swine Production. 2 Breeds of Pigs l White-line breeds and crosses -- Traditionally maternal breeds l Dark-colored breeds

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1 Common U.S. Breeds of Pigs Swine Production Slide 2 2 Breeds of Pigs l White-line breeds and crosses -- Traditionally maternal breeds l Dark-colored breeds -- Traditionally meat breeds l Today: Color does not matter since the color genes have been identified and manipulated Slide 3 3 Breed Numbers Slide 4 4 Common Breeds -Yorkshire -Landrace -Chester White -Duroc -Hampshire -Poland China -Berkshire -Spot Slide 5 5 Yorkshire -The mother breed -All white -Erect ears -Large and long -Fertile -Produce large litters -Boars known for early sexual maturity and sire fast-growing offspring -Most litters registered in the U.S. Slide 6 6 Landrace -Large, droopy ears -All white -Maternal breed -Heavy birthweights -Long bodied -Ease of breeding -Originated from Danish and Norwegian Landrace -Thought to have the highest # weaned of any breed. Slide 7 7 Duroc -Noted for feed efficiency and muscle quality (marbling) -Low PSE and DFD -Solid red in color -Droopy ears -Excellent terminal sire -High average daily gain -Hair can be a problem at packing plants (deep-rooted hairs) -Require less feed to make a pound of muscle than other breeds. Slide 8 8 Hampshire -Terminal sire breed -Erect ears -Black with white belt -Lean and heavy muscled -Napole (RN) gene Slide 9 9 Berkshire -Black with six white points -Erect ears -Has a short dished snout -Noted for excellent marbling and loin muscle quality -Early maturing -Backfat -Small framed -Slow growth -Some markets pay a premium for Berkshire breeding (Berkshire Gold Program). Slide 10 10 Spot -High growth rate -Lacks advantage in meat quality -Black and white spotted -Drooping ears -Boars are aggressive Slide 11 11 Poland China -Black with six white points -Drooping ears -Developed in Ohio -Not very adaptable to intensive systems -Large loineye areas -Meaty carcasses Slide 12 12 Chester White -White -Semi-lop eared -Durable breed -Good for both indoor and outdoor systems -Was a popular lard pig -Large litters at birth and weaning -Sows milk well, good mothering ability -Boars are aggressive Slide 13 13 Extremes: Meishan and Pietran -Halothane gene -extremely lean and heavy muscled -prolific (20+ pigs per litter) -very fat! Slide 14 14 Common Commercial Crossbred Pigs Monsanto Choice Genetics (formerly DeKalb Swine Breeders) PIC, USA Slide 15 15 PIC, USA l Has the largest share of U.S. commercial pig market l Camborough females are most popular sow line: 15 or 22 Large White x Landrace x Duroc Slide 16 16 Pigs at TTU Farm l Newsham sows l PIC USA gilts and young sows